3 Helpful Tips from a Fashion Blogger on Building a Timeless Wardrobe

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Today we have an awesome guest post by Carolyn from My Chic Obsession. She’s an incredible fashion blogger and has some awesome tips to share with us. Enjoy! 🙂

Do you remember having that certain burning passion as a kid? Maybe you were really into dinosaurs, tea parties, or collecting rocks.

For me, it was fashion. My birthday parties would be red carpet themed where I would make (erm, encourage) my friends to act like they were at a runway show and walk the red carpet.

I would take my sister’s old fashion magazines, rip them up, and combine all the pieces to then make my own fashion magazine.

Despite not being able to sew or sketch to save my life, I thought I would end up as a fashion designer one day. I even had a name for my clothing line too- Simply Beautiful. Then Vera Wang came out with her “Simply” line. I like to think she got the idea from me. 🙂

Little did I know that I would end up in fashion somehow. No, I’m not a fashion designer. I still can’t sew or sketch to save my life. I still think Vera Wang stole my fashion line idea but I’m less bitter about it. 😉

But you know what? Fashion blogging is way better for me.

I’m Carolyn, the fashion blogger behind My Chic Obsession. 4 years ago I started this blog. I had dreamed it could turn into my job one day and I’m thankful to God that it has, but at the time, blogging was a way to not only enjoy my passion for fashion and live a life of being creative, but it was a way to take all of these outfit ideas, style tips, and answers to fashion questions I’ve been asked that were swimming around in my head and bring them to women on a larger scale.

In a world of fashion blogging, where we tend to always be told the latest thing we need to wear and buy, I saw a need for something that has always been on my heart: shopping less and using what you have more to maximize your wardrobe and develop a timeless, classic, and chic style…and life!

Though classic styles have become second nature to me now, I struggled a lot, in the beginning, to get there. Ever have an idea of how you want to look and dress yet have no clue on how to get there?

Yeah, me too!

Through finding the right inspiration, purging my closet, coming up with the right color palette and prints, I was able to find my personal style and come up with the timeless and classic style that was right for me.

If you’ve been wanting to transition into a timeless and classic styles yourself, here are 3 easy and quick style tips that will get you there!

Neutrals First

Color is not a bad thing and it definitely has its place in a well-rounded wardrobe, but if all you have are bold colors, then you’re going to struggle to find something to wear!

A colorful wardrobe tends not to mix and match that easily, however, neutrals are extremely versatile and you’ll find the matching potential through the roof when you have these simple yet tasteful colors in your wardrobe.

Black, white, brown, and gray are a given, but navy blue and army green are neutrals too. Is brown not your favorite color? Don’t worry- you’re not stuck wearing a color that reminds you of dirt! Search “brown palette” into Google and you’ll come up with tons of corresponding colors. Maybe camel or taupe are the colors you want to have in your wardrobe instead. Ask yourself, “Will this color match the majority of my wardrobe?”

Get Staple Pieces Before Anything Else

Shopping can be really fun. I get it! But before you get carried away with buying all the latest trendy items or filling up your wardrobe with statement pieces, make sure your wardrobe is stocked with the staple pieces first.

These staples are what’s going to make it feel like your wardrobe has endless potential. Items like well-fitting denim, basic tees, lightweight sweaters, flats or ankle boots, and a couple of good jackets (denim, moto, utility), are a good place to get you started.

Master Some Go-To Outfit Formulas

How do you look chic and timeless when you’re in a rush and have no idea what to wear? Easy! You throw on one of your tried and true go-to formulas that you already know work and look fabulous on you. This will vary from person to person, but here are 4 of my favorite outfit ideas to get your brain going!

  • Jeans + ankle boots + basic tee + blazer
  • Midi dress + sneakers + denim jacket
  • Chambray shirt + black jeans + leopard print shoes
  • Cropped flared jeans + turtleneck + cardigan + loafers

Style is a journey and you don’t have to be a fashion blogger to experiment and feel confident in the way you look. Whether you find yourself in the beginning or middle of your style journey (notice that it never ends!), I hope you use some or all 3 of these tips to cultivate a timeless wardrobe that you can always count on. 

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