11 Clothing Fixes from Instagram that Actually Work

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If you think that Instagram is just great for showcasing travel pics and social outings, think again. This awesome app can offer a lot more.  Did you know that you can even find amazing clothing hacks here?  You can save your outfits and your money as well.

Below are some of the awesome clothing fixes that I found on Instagram. These are seriously easy and don’t take a lot of time.  So check them out and let me know what you think.

Use a Vinegar to Remove Water Stains


Make your shoes shine and look new again with this helpful trick.  Dip a clean toothbrush in white vinegar and gently scrub into the spot area.  Turns out it really works on leather shoes.

Keep Buttons on with Nail Polish

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When it seems like your clothes’ buttons start loosening up, why not apply some clear nail polish to fix it.

Avoid Creases from Wire Hangers

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If you’re thinking of a way to avoid crease from your wire hangers, then try this quick and easy trick!  Simply insert a pool noodle over your wire hanger to have a crease free hanger.  

Remove Pilling from Clothes Using a Razor


Any pilling on clothing can easily be removed with a sharp razor. Lay your garment on a flat surface and use a razor to simply shave the pills right off!  Easiest way to handle it by far!

Freeze and Stop Fuzz on Your Angora Sweater

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Save your awesome and cozy angora sweater from shedding fuzz by putting it in a ziplock bag, then placing it in the freezer.

DIY Denim Short


Give those old, boring pants a new look and turn them into stylish denim shorts. 

How to Fix Stuck Zipper

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Applying a cotton swab with Vaseline can easily unstick your zipper. It’s such an easy fix and it can also  help keep your zipper from rusting.

Take the Fuzz Off Your Coat with a Pumice Stone

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Another way to get rid of stubborn fuzz on your clothes is by using a pumice stone. This will de-fuzz your coats and make them look new again for the fall and winter seasons.

Shaving Cream for Makeup Smudge

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In case you got some makeup smudges around your neckline and you’re short on time, consider using shaving cream to easily fix the mess. In a little bit, you’ll ready to go out.

Repair Your Bra’s Underwire


If you find yourself getting stabbed in the chest by an annoying underwire, here’s a trick to quickly fix your favorite bra. This will save you from pain and make your bra to last a bit longer.

Break in Those Tight Shoes

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A hair dryer and some thick socks are all you need to make sure your new kicks are ready for a night on the town. These added layers will help to stretch out your shoes.


Sort Clothes

The Soap Box Laundry Service

To get the best results from your wash, it is important to separate your laundry into groups of similar fabric colors and types.

Whether you’re just checking for DIY clothes projects or you’re looking for possible clothes fixes, Instagram has it all! It turns out that you can still keep your old clothes looking nice for a long time with these quick and simple hacks.  On top of that, you’re saving money as well. So give it a try and let me know what you think.


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