8 Ways to Trick People into Thinking You’re Stylish

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Whether you have a lot of money or not, there are plenty of ways to trick people into thinking that you’re stylish.

Seriously, you don’t have to have a huge budget to look great, just some simple tips and tricks. So give these great ones a try this week!

The half tuck-in

Whether you’re wearing a loose oversized sweater or a fitted skirt, the half tuck-in look is always nice and takes minimal effort. It looks casual yet super chic.

Button it up

You may find this old school or out of fashion, but buttoning your shirt up all the way to the top never loses its charm. Put a pretty necklace (a short one) on under the collar if you want to give it a fancy look.

Go wrinkle-free

Shop for wrinkle-resistant fabrics when buying any clothing pieces, like wool or polyester. It really is a great way to save time and make sure your clothing is always on point.

Sunglasses all the way

Sunglasses are always classy, be it the cat-eye look or fully round; pick the one that suits you. It’s such a simple way to dress up any look!

Don’t match

Most of us are under the assumption that our clothes have to match perfectly for us to look good; this is completely not true. As long as your clothing or accessory pieces are coordinated, then you’re good to go.

A big bag

Contrary to what women think, big bags don’t necessarily mean that you have a lot of stuff. Even if you leave it half-empty, it looks great! Also, if you do need to store things, then you’re covered.

Roll up your jeans

This works like magic on your outfits. Roll up the end of your jeans twice to give a finished look; it’s super cute, and especially if you’re wearing heels. It also makes your ankles look slim, so you honestly can’t go wrong with this one!

A light coat for layering

Your wardrobe must contain at least one coat that can be layered for winter; who says that all winter coats have to be super chunky? Pair it up with a knitted sweater or wear a warm dress underneath, it goes with everything!

If you’re in need of some good fashion tips and tricks, then these are really going to help you out! So give them a try this week.

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