8 Habits of Girls Who Have Incredible Hair

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Healthy and shiny hair adds to the beauty of a girl’s look.

Beautiful hair is always attractive, but healthy hair needs a healthy lifestyle and a lot of care.

Hair should be prioritized to avoid damage and to achieve this goal, we need to adopt some helpful habits!

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1. Avoid an Itching Scalp

Continuous itching, scratching, and dryness can cause a weakening of the hair and pores.

To avoid this, use a shampoo that suits your hair type. (Girls with incredible hair use hair products according to their type and they take proper care.)

Here’s a helpful article on how to determine your hair type.

2. Give Your Hair a Rest

Our hair has a lot to endure in our daily routines.

In order to avoid damage, we need to give our hair a rest.

  • Rest from heat styling appliances.
  • Air dry more often instead of using blow dryers. (Or if you do blow dry, go 50/50 on hot air to cold air.)
  • Stay away from using styling tools too frequently.

3. Regular Haircuts

Good hair needs to be trimmed every six to eight weeks.

Why? Because dry and split ends stop hair from growing properly. (Seriously, split ends are a HUGE hindrance to long, flowing hair.)

4. Hair Protecting Serums & Sprays

I know it can seem like more hassle, but girls who have good hair take special steps to avoid damage and dryness caused by heating.

They use heat protecting sprays and serums before using straighteners, curlers, or hair dryers.

5. Breakfast, Water & Vitamins

A healthy diet plays a big role in attractive hair.

Girls maintaining a balanced diet intake vitamins, eat plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits, and drink lots of water (approximately 1.5 to 2 liters per day.)

They also never miss out on the complex carbs and proteins that breakfast provides first thing in the morning. (Your body uses energy to form hair cells and its usually lowest in the morning.)

6. Over-Brushing

Brushing hair is a good habit but brushing over and over can cause damage to the hair.

So the habit of gentle brushing should be adopted instead of brushing harshly.

7. Moisturizing Properly

Moisturizing throughout the week is a crucial step in having incredible hair (especially if you live in dry or windy climates.)

8. Avoid Hot Water

Taking a super-hot shower is not good for the skin, but it’s also not great for your hair either.

Hot water can dry out your hair making roots weak and fragile.

So make sure your shower is warm, but not overly heated.

Girls with great hair follow many of these methods to keep their hair strong and shiny. So make sure to adopt these habits yourself and let us know how it goes!

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