6 Fashion Habits Italian Women Always Do

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There are so many ways to look fashionable, but Italian women are incredible at it. And down below are some of the habits they have that you’ll want to read. So check them out and give them a try yourself!

Beauty comes from within.

Italian women care about what they wear under their clothes. Part of becoming a fashionista is wearing the right undergarments that work with your clothes. The right bra or underwear won’t only make your look more put together, but also make you feel good about yourself!

An inviolable rule to wear sunglasses.

Italian supermodels make the perfect statement with their sunglasses. Designer handbags are never enough to make you completely stand out; you need some flat top sunglasses to compliment that handbag.

They don’t forget their heels.

Italian women are never afraid of wearing heels. And they make it look so easy! Whether if it’s a sharp pencil heel or a kitten heel they will rock it no matter where they are!

Handbags are as important as clothes.

Italian women know that their outfit isn’t complete without a handbag. It’s a great way to accent your clothing with a certain type of style and color.

Quality over quantity.

They like buying one piece of clothing that is expensive rather than buying three or four shirts with the same amount of money, but with cheaper quality. They know that these pieces will always last longer.

Colors, colors and more colors!

They love to wear bright colors and mix solid colors with some patterns. They know how to style even a simple shirt and make it look incredible. They really do have fun with their looks and aren’t afraid to stand out!

These 6 habits of Italian women make them the center of attention and drop-dead gorgeous. I’m sure if you add these tips to your daily fashion routine, you’ll be killing it just as much as them!

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