8 Great Fashion Habits Parisian Women Always Do

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There is just something about the style of Parisian Women that tends to fascinate anyone who’s not from Paris. They’re always so well put together and definitely an inspiration to others.

And down below we’ll go over the different habit they have, that you can adopt too!

Classical rather than trendy.

Parisian women tend to invest in timeless pieces of clothing, jewelry, and footwear. They don’t follow the fast fashion trends and only adopt things that may add a twist to their existing wardrobe.

Pops of color from accessories.

Parisian Women style their outfits in very subtle colors. The pop is usually added to their outfits from bright colored scarfs, earrings, handbags, or shoes. The rest of their outfit is usually in neutral colors that are suitable for all environments.

Comfort comes first.

Style does not necessarily come from sky-high heels. Parisian women prefer their comfort so a heel that keeps their feet comfortable is always chosen over high heels.

Trench coat.

If there is one thing Parisian women can’t get enough of, it’s the trench coat. They know that layering and topping it off with a trench coat is the perfect way to complete their fall outfit!

Semi-Formal may have been their creation.

Parisian women are always ready! Whether you have a quick meeting or errand to run. These women will dress in such a way that they’ll always be presentable yet comfortable. Their effortless look is a little more sophisticated for casual and just enough for formal.

Minimalistic accessories.

A way to subtly portray your good taste in jewelry is accessorizing minimally. Let the necklace, earrings or whatever you are wearing make an impact on your look.

It’s all about the fitting.

Clothes that complement their body type and curves are the ones they love! They honor their bodies by finding the best garments and then getting a good tailor in town. These custom made clothes enhance their overall look to a great extent.

They are not a walking advertisement.

A luxury that speaks for itself by the way it looks is what French women love. For them, branded clothing is not important, what matters is the way they look and the impression they leave.

If you’d like to dress like a Parisian woman, then a great place to start is to look at her habits. And I hope these ones inspired you to get started soon!

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