8 Capsule Wardrobe Hacks and Tips That’ll Save You Time

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Many people are shifting to capsule wardrobes these days as the culture of minimalism is taking over. This form of wardrobe helps you discover the advantages of dressing up and not hoarding things without thinking. Capsule wardrobes will help you create a closet that is customized for you. So give it a try, it’ll make your life a lot easier!

Pick favorites: its time you accept that you won’t wear everything in your closet. Let go of things to focus on your style. If you haven’t worn those jeans for a year, chances are you won’t in the future, so let it be of use to somebody else.

Build a structure: plan how you want to organize your closet and list down all the items and the quantities you want and be specific about it. When you go shopping, stick to that list only.

Be creative: experiment with your clothes, try out new color combinations and don’t shy away from coordinating things however you want. You can also get inspiration from some fashion bloggers at the same time.

Be open to changes: you need to be okay with all sorts of changes; be it in your taste, seasons, or mood. Don’t let your capsule wardrobe become boring and monotonous.

Plan outfits: planning ahead of your events and meetings is always a good idea. You can also arrange your closet according to the days of the week or maybe according to your schedule in general. It depends on how you like it.

Comfort comes first: it’s not worth wearing a dress or a pair of heels if it’s not comfortable, trust me. You would want to take it off before even wearing it out.

Make quick decisions: when cleaning out your closet, it’s perfectly fine to reject an outfit just by looking at it once. If you didn’t like it at first glance, it’s probably not your taste anyway. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time and for someone indecisive, this tip is gold.

Don’t compare: everyone creates their capsule wardrobe according to their own taste. So don’t fall into the trap of making comparisons with your wardrobe because theirs might not suit you. Ignore the trends and don’t pay much attention to the advertisements.

These hacks will help you design the perfect capsule wardrobe! So try them out and let us know how it goes

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