6 Fashion Mistakes Parisian Women Don’t Make

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When it comes to fashion, the French seem to do it better. Their beauty and style are admired all around the world; they live in one of the biggest capitals of fashion, after all. But how can they look gorgeous all the time? They must have their own secrets.

Now Parisian women definitely know how to dress well; they’re great at style. And if you want to know more about what fashion mistakes they avoid to look how they do, then definitely read on!

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Wearing Sweatpants

The new trend “athleisure” has started to make people wear sports clothes in their everyday lives, whether inside or outside the gym. They’re definitely comfortable, but not stylish. Wearing sweatpants is a big no-no for Parisian women.

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The simpler, the better; Parisian women believe that less is more. They think being stylish doesn’t mean you have to be extreme because it will only make your outfit eye-straining.

Following Trends

Parisian women don’t care about having the latest things; they believe that developing a signature look is the most important part of being stylish. They choose their clothes or makeup that makes them feel pretty and gorgeous instead of sticking to some trends that will be easily forgotten.

Buying Clothes that Don’t Fit Their Body

Speaking of trends, nowadays, wearing extra-sized clothes has become a big hit. But French designer Sophie Theallet says, wearing clothes that fit your body well is the first step to looking elegant. She suggests women wear body-fit clothes regardless of trends.

Wearing Flashy Logos

We talked about the fact that Parisian women don’t like extravagance, so you might guess they don’t like to wear clothes with the name of the brand shown explicitly. It’s not a French thing to do; Parisian women love minimalism.

Wearing Too-High Heels

Parisian women love to look pretty and feel comfortable at the same time, so they don’t really like sky-high heels. They think it doesn’t look natural which is the most important parts of their style.

Do you want to look as pretty and elegant as Parisian women? Well, the secret is to keep things simple, easy, and natural, and make sure to stay away from fleeting trends!

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