Welcome to my resources page! Down below I created a list of tools and products that have helped me out greatly in blogging. These are services I’ve personally used and highly recommend because they’re great quality and are super easy to use.

I made this page because I get a lot of questions on what kind of hosting I used when first starting out and what courses I’ve taken. I wanted to list out everything to make it easy for my readers to look through them and make a decision.

Quick Note: Now if you have ANY questions on any of these tools, feel free to contact me! I will answer you back right away!

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here.

I also highly recommend this course to those who want to learn how to rank their articles highly on Google Search. Seriously, this has been such a help!

The creator of the course, Mike Pearson, has “earned over $200,000 with the Amazon Affiliate program with various niche sites” that he’s grown through SEO. People coming from Google are eager to read what you have to say and often ready to spend money. So having good SEO is essential for any blog, and this course will help you achieve that.

You can read my full review of the course here.

Try Stupid Simple SEO

This email list-building provider is kind of a lifesaver for me when it comes to building an audience of subscribers. I used to use Mailchimp, but because of their unprofessional service and not so easy to use site, I gave up on them and wouldn’t recommend them to my readers.

While Mailchimp is cheap, it can make things very complicated and even more complicated when switching mail providers. Normally ConvertKit costs $29.00/mo (the price of a few Starbucks drinks within a month), but if you purchase through my special link, you’ll get a FREE 1-month trial! Also, I have a quick tutorial on how to use ConvertKit which you can read here!

And if you have any questions about ConvertKit before or after using it, then definitely contact me!

Try ConvertKit

Now I have to say that PicMonkey is kind of my best friend when it comes to image creation. It’s a free site unless you want to use their Premium Membership which is only $12.99 a month or around $120 for just a year. I use Premium since it allows me more editing tools and fonts.

If you’re a beginner and not a Photoshop expert, then I’d definitely recommend PicMonkey!

Try PicMonkey