3 Online Spaces You Can Recycle Old Clothes

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I think that recycling your clothes is an incredible thing to do.

You’re giving to people who potentially can’t afford to buy new clothes and you’re creating less waste in the world.

Also, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt so grateful to someone that they didn’t just conveniently throw away a perfectly cute outfit. I was able to reuse it and someday when I’m finished with it, I want to pass it on.

And if you want to do the same, then here are some convenient places online where you can recycle your old clothing and give them new life. 🙂

Side Note:  There are plenty of different sites out there for giving away (or buying) recycled clothing, so test them out and see which ones you like best.


I really like Freecycle for the reason that you can list your pieces of clothing on the site, and people in your local area can message you.

It’s quick and easy, and a great way to get things off of your hands.

Also, if the person is willing, you don’t even have to leave your home.

Buy Nothing Facebook Groups

There are great Facebook groups that are popping up called “Buy Nothing.”

Essentially, people in your local community can create a Buy Nothing Facebook group, post their listings, and come pick them up.

It’s a great way to coordinate with people who also want to take care of the environment and reduce waste, while also receiving something in return.

All you have to do is just type in “Buy Nothing” and then finish with the name of your town, city, or county.


Helpsy is such a great option because not only do they provide you with recycling containers to send in your clothes, but they also provide you with free drop offs and pickups.

Only available in the Northeast US.

This is a VERY simple list, but I’m soon going to be updating it with a lot more options later on this week. Can’t wait to share more! 🙂

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