8 More Fashion Habits of Parisian Women


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When it comes to fashion, Parisian girls definitely do it better than many others. The French are famous for carrying themselves perfectly and making their fashion look effortless. 

And you may think they are naturally good at styling and presenting themselves, but it actually takes certain habits and fashion rituals to pull off any look. And the following are some of the habits that make them look so good.

Find the perfect fit: whether it’s a gown for their college farewell or a casual shirt for a quick meet up with friends, you’ll always find that it fits the French girls perfectly. People underestimate the fitting of their clothes, but it can make their whole look go wrong if their clothes seem too lose or too tight.

Keeping it basic: you can never go wrong with a plain black shirt and a good pair of jeans. Simplicity is the key. Keep some basics in your wardrobe including neutral-colored sweaters and blouses.

Quality over quantity: this should apply in all aspects of life, but when it comes to fashion, it is undoubtedly the mantra to go by. Parisian women may shop only once in a while, but they go for good brands which don’t compromise on their quality.

Stay comfortable: Parisian women put their comfort over style when choosing a dress. You won’t be able to enjoy your dress if you feel it doesn’t fit you the right way.

Flaunt those heels: it’s never too casual for heels! Whether it’s a casual Sunday brunch or your best friend’s wedding, put on your heels to compliment your outfit.

Let it go: is your favorite dress worn out? Does it have a wine stain that won’t go away no matter how many times you wash it? Then maybe its time to give it away. French women don’t overuse clothes.

Add a little bling: wearing a delicate bracelet or your favorite necklace which holds sentimental value does no harm. Sometimes jewelry might be the only thing missing from your otherwise perfect look. So put on those long earrings you always thought were a little too extra. 

Have a signature look: you don’t need to follow every fashion trend that comes around just for the sake of fitting in. At least that is what Parisian women think. Develop your own style and stick to it. Own your fashion choices and follow it regardless of what people think. It helps in deciding what clothes to buy.

These fashion habits of Parisian women are what set them apart and make them stand out! So try them out yourself and let us know how you feel!

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