9 Genius Shoe Hacks You’ll Definitely Want to Try

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Shoes are probably the first things to get thrown out of our wardrobe. We wear them day after day, they get destroyed by the weather and hard cement, and into the trash they go. And for many of us,  this is pretty sad, especially when they’re our favorite pair of shoes. But thankfully, there are plenty of hacks to keep them around longer, to revamp them, and to even break them in.

Down below I found some awesome tips from great bloggers that I had to share with you guys. They’re all easy to do, nothing complicated, and they look pretty fun as well. So check them out then scroll to the very bottom to click through to the tutorial or the shoe hack list that they came from.

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Super Simple Kate Spade Look


Found from Buzzfeed: See Source Below

If you like the Kate Spade look, then this is an easy look to accomplish. Plus, polka dots are just plain cute; can’t go wrong there.

Clean Stains on White Shoes with Nail Polish Remover


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady: See Source Below

If you’re tempted to buy those white shoes, but afraid they’ll get stained, then don’t worry. Nail polish remover is a great way to get rid of those dust and dirt spots.

Prevent Sweat with Dry Shampoo


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady: See Source Below

You can’t wear socks with flats, it just looks weird. But the bad part about that is the fact that your feet aren’t going to smell so good. But thankfully spraying dry shampoo is a great way to make sure sweat doesn’t ruin your super cute shoes.

Polish with Cooking Oil


Found from One Crazy House: See Source Below

Whether it’s canola or olive oil, you can polish your shoes and keep them shiny. Just make sure you don’t use them on leather shoes as they tend to stain.

Loosen Your Shoes with Thick Socks and  Blow Dryer


Found from Buzzfeed: See Source Below

If you have a super cute pair of shoes that don’t quite fit, no worries! Just put on an extra thick pair of socks, then your shoes, and heat them up with a blow dryer. The heat will help them expand to where the socks are. An easy way to make them cute and comfortable.

How to Clean Suede Shoes


Found from Apartment Therapy: See Source Below

If you look at a pair of suede shoes, but feel too intimidated because you’re not sure how to keep them clean, then don’t fret. With an Emory board, a white rubber eraser, and a manicure brush, you can get them to look as good as new. See the tutorial below!

Try These Nutcracker Inspired Flats


Found from Nadyana: See Source Below

If you want some flats that go for a more formal occasion, then this is a super easy DIY shoe upgrade.

Lace-Back Pumps


Found from Buzzfeed: See Source Below

Lace is a super easy way to class up any outfit (or just make it look really cute). And this is a great tutorial for adding some simple lace to your heals (or any shoes really).

Hang Flats for Easy Organization


Found from Cosmopolitan: See Source Below

If your flats are getting everywhere and you want them up and out of the way, then try using some clipsand hangers to keep them neatly organized.

Now whether you want to revamp your old shoes (or even new ones), or keep them from falling apart, there are plenty of hacks to help keep your favorite kicks around. Shoes can get expensive, so finding the best ways to make them last longer is only going to do good for your budget.

Now if you have any shoes hacks yourself, let me know about them in the comments below! I’d love to hear about them!


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