10 Clothing Tips and Hacks That Will Save You A Lot of Money

Written by Grace & Silas

You know how your mom always had that sweater or dress that she never got rid of and you always wondered how she kept it all those years (or maybe why she kept it)? Well she probably knew a few clothing tips and hacks that you didn’t.

It’s hard to throw away some of our favorite pieces, and it’s especially hard to figure out whether it can be repurposed or not. But thankfully there are some ways you can save your favorite top or shoes. And with just a few clothing tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep those pieces around a lot longer.

Now I really like finding some of the best hacks from amazing lists, but I also include a link to the list that I found them in at the end of each hack. It gives you guys some more options if you choose to click through. So I hope you like the clothing tips I found and let me know if you have any in the comments below!

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31 Clothing Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know


Having a broken zipper sucks (or jeans that are too tight), but you don’t have to throw them away! Just attach a key chain ring to your zipper and loop it around your button and the problem is solved.

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33 Clever Ways to Refashion Your Clothes


You bought that plain white shirt with the good intention of doing some wall painting or for lazy days, but those sweats are just too comfy and you probably won’t get around to painting anytime soon. So try out this no-sew shirt hack and get a new top you can have fun in! (get the tutorial here)

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37 Sewing Hacks


If you don’t want to lose the buttons on your top anymore (since sowing over and over again can be frustrating), just put some clear nail polish over it to keep the threads from coming out or breaking.

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41 Insanely Easy Ways to Transform Your Shirts for Summer


Thinking of getting rid of that old tee? Well repurpose it into an adorable top with a unique cutout design!

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18 Clothing Hacks & Wardrobe Fixes Every Girl Should Know


Hold up, don’t throw out that awesome dress just because it has an old oil stain that won’t come out. With just some peroxide and baking soda, you can get that stain out and wear it like new. (check out the tutorial here)

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20 Ways to Use Worn Out Clothes That You’ve Never Thought Of


Alright so sometimes you won’t always be able to save that one clothing piece you like so much. But you can definitely repurpose it. Try turning an old sweater into a pretty lampshade and let the memory of your favorite sweater live on (sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it?).

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21 Genius Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes


I don’t know how many times I had one of my favorite tops get those unsightly armpit stains after wearing them repeatedly all summer. Well it turns out that just some lemon juice and water (or baking soda and water for stronger stains) can take those right out. Just make sure you do it right before a wash.

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19 Clever Ways to Refashion Your Clothes


Have an old shirt that’s a bit stretched out and too old to save? Great. All you have to do is turn it into a Celtic knot headband with this simple tutorial.

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19 Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes


Your favorite leather kicks might have some scratches or look pretty dull but a great way to fix that is by scrubbing them down with some lotion. It’s as simple as that.

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22 Life-Changing Shoe Hacks

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Now if you have some shoes that are a bit too tight, don’t throw them away or replace them. Just put a bag of water inside of them, pop them in the freezer, and let the water freeze and expand It’ll stretch your shoes out so they aren’t so tight anymore. Super simple!

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Bonus Tip!

How to Repair Common Clothing Problems


This infographic found by LifeHacker is great to save if you need some awesome reminders on how to fix certain pieces in your wardrobe so things last a lot longer.

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Whether you want to save one of your favorite outfits or repurpose them, that’s up to you. It’s all about finding the right clothing tips and tricks to get the result you want. Because saving your favorite top that you’ve had for five years is just worth it.

Now if you have any clothing tips yourself, just let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about them!


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