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You know those blogs where they tell you about the top 10 websites like 599Fashion or SHEIN to find cheap cute clothes?

Well, I don’t know what kind of budget they have, but I wish I had money like them.

I really find it strange when people tell me about clothing sites that I can’t afford. It makes me wonder how desperate they are for clicks.

Oh great, you got me to click on your site due to an over-promising title just so you can get views! You get a sticker!

Well I’m done with those kinds of websites, hence why I’m making my own post.

After trying and checking out many online clothing stores for the last couple of years, I’ve found a few clothing sites where you can actually find cheap awesome clothes you can feel good about.

So, whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck, a college student, or just love cheap clothing deals, here are the 7 best cheap clothing sites for you to check out.

1. ClothingUnder10

A merger company from Mod Deals and 10 Dollar Mall, when I first visited this clothing site, I was a bit skeptical that clothes under $10 (as their brand name suggests) would still be decent quality.

Luckily, it didn’t feel like searching for a needle in the haystack to find something I liked on this site and secondly, while some of their clothes are a little over $10, a lot are under.


I like to look at this when on inexpensive clothing sites because that’s usually where the catch is. They’ll give you a five-dollar skirt but charge you twenty bucks to get it to your house.

In this case, their shipping is on the expensive side but isn’t awful considering their prices: $7 for standard shipping.

Last Note on Shipping:

  • They will charge you $34.99 on next day shipping if you’re in a rush. So if you forgot to get a dress for your friend’s wedding that’s in two days, this really isn’t the place to get one quickly.
  • Use the discount code “welcome10” to get 10% off your first order.


You can return clothing for up to 30 days to gain a full refund or store credit.

If you go to the bottom of their site, you’ll see their return policy which you can click on and it will give you instructions on how to return it.

Last Note on Returns:

  • They only let you return if it still has the tags attached. Make sure you don’t cut the tags off when you first try on the outfit. If you find that it’s not a good fit, then you can return it.
  • They don’t pay for the packaging and shipping you send it back off in.

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2. Sammy Dress – Update: No Longer Available

I honestly love Sammy Dress (sometimes spelled Sammydress.)

Their prices are always great ranging from $5-$20, and they have an amazing selection of cute clothes.

I’ve bought from them multiple times and have never been disappointed. Even better, you can look at how the outfit fits and looks on people who send in pictures of themselves in the piece.

What You Should Know:

Sammy Dress is based out of China so there are two things you should take into account.

1. Shipping will take a bit longer due to the distance and going through customs.

2. If you’re a size seven, you should probably order a nine. The cuts and sizes are based on clothing sizes for Asian women. I’m 5’8 and fairly slim, so here’s where seeing the reviews and customer’s pictures come in handy. I’m able to see if that cute skirt will be too short for my long, long legs.


Their flat rate shipping is around four bucks (for a single item, it can go up from there), and their standard and expedited shipping is where it can get more expensive.

Last Note on Shipping:

  • For US shipping, the prices aren’t bad, but elsewhere the quicker shipping options are a bit more, so going with their flat rate shipping is probably best if you want to make that deal a deal.


You have 30 days to return the product if you find that it’s the wrong size, doesn’t look like how it does in the picture, something’s broken, or even if you just don’t like it.

Make sure that all the tags are still on and that you take clear pictures of the outfit and the SKU (product) number.

They have their warranty and returns policy at the bottom of the page and will give you a list of what you should do with each case (wrong size, wrong product, etc).

Last Note on Returns:

  • Depending on your case, they can give you a full refund or send you the correct item once you’ve contacted them within 30 days of receiving the item.
  • For a temporary time, they offer unconditional refunds or resends on products under $50. I doubt that’ll last forever though!

3. Rose Wholesale – Update: No Longer Available

Rosewholesale is very similar to Sammy Dress in that they have plenty of fashionable outfits for amazing prices.

I hardly ever see something higher than twenty bucks. They also allow customers to take pictures of the outfit on them so you can get a realistic idea of what the material and size actually looks like.

What You Should Know:

They’re also based out of China so remember that shipping will take longer and to look at the size description and other people’s pictures to get a better idea of whether it’ll fit.


Shipping is a bit more expensive than Sammy Dress, being around nine dollars for a single item. And if you want Standard or Expedited, it can cost you around twenty bucks. So make sure you’re not shopping for an item for a last-minute event.

Last Note on Shipping:

  • Shipping could take up to two weeks if you live in the US, Canada, or Australia and a bit longer if you live elsewhere.


Like Sammy Dress, Rosewholesale has a 30-day return policy. So if you realize you didn’t get the right item, don’t like it, or it doesn’t fit, send them a picture of it with tags still on and they’ll take care of it.

Last Note on Returns:

  • If you receive a faulty item, they have direct instructions on what to do (such as contacting their support center) on their website.
  • They’ve been known to only give a partial refund at times, so again, not as great of a deal as Sammy Dress.


I just want to quickly say that not all of Romwe’s clothing are a deal. BUT they do have amazing sales frequently that can cut the price in half.

Either that or they’re making the original price a lot bigger so it looks like you’re getting an amazing deal.

Whatever the case is, it really is a great place to check for steals on awesome and cute clothing.


Shipping is free anywhere with purchases over $50.00, but if you don’t spend that much, then that’s fine.

The standard shipping is four bucks if you live in the US, specific European countries can range from $7-$10, and anywhere else from $10-$16.

Last Note on Shipping:

  • Standard shipping can take 6-8 days in US, 7-10 in certain European countries, and everywhere else it will take 5-28 days.
  • If you’re in a bit of a rush, then their Express Delivery is a great way to go.
  • Check out their pricing page for Express Delivery, find your country, and see what range you fall under.


You must return the item within 30 days of receiving it. The site has an easy to read and detailed instructions on what to do if you’ve decided to return or exchange the item.

Last Note on Returns:

  • Refunds take around 5 days to process.
  • You will have to pay for shipping fees unless it was a mistake on their part.
  • You have to let them know in advance that you want your refund to go to your payment account, otherwise they’ll just refund you store credit.

5. Shop Priceless

Now not all pieces are going to be in the teens when it comes to pricing, but if you’re ok on spending twenty-something dollars on a dress or jeans, then this is a great place to shop.

You will see certain items in the thirty-range (and a few in the forty), but don’t worry, it’s not the majority.

This site offers a lot of variety and gives you great ideas of what to pair with the item you’re viewing.


For the US, shipping is $5 for orders $0-$24.99, $8.75 for orders $25-$49,99, and free for orders over $50. They usually take around 3-5 business days to ship and it will arrive around 3-10 business days after being shipped.

Last Note on Shipping:

  • International shipping is given a flat rate and will take a bit longer to get to you depending on your country.
  • They are not shipping to Brazil and surrounding countries at the moment due to unrest.
  • Asia is not specified as one of the continents that they are delivering clothing to at this time.


From the shipping day, they give you a whole 30 days to return the item back. As stated in their return policy, they also send clear instructions on how to return it with the item so you don’t have to bother looking them up.

Last Note on Returns:

  • You only get store credit refunds, no real money refunds.
  • Refunds should take 5-12 business days once they’ve received your package.
  • Returned shipping costs are on you (but you can also ship it in the same box it came in so you don’t spend money on a new one).
  • Take special note that shoes need to come in the same box they were sent in. Other than that, you should be good to go!

6. Nordstrom Rack

If you’ve ever been to the Nordstrom store in person, you might be asking why I’ve put them on this list since they are one of the higher-end retail stores.

Well, Nordstrom Rack actually offers some pretty awesome deals in their sales section. It’s worth checking out!


For the US, shipping is $7.95 for orders under $100 and that comes down to $5.95 if its just accessories. Furthermore, orders over $100 are free granted it weighs less than 5lbs.

Last Note on Shipping:

  • All of their items are shipped within 3-5 days.
  • Deliveries to Canada cost $10.95.
  • International deliveries carry a 20% additional charge.


You get a 45-day return policy with Nordstrom Rack. All you have to do is follow all their instructions displayed on their FAQ page.

Last Note on Returns:

  • Make sure not to take any of the tags off (including the price tag.)
  • Refunds can be credited to the payment card or a gift card.
  • Make sure to directly ask for the refund to go to your payment card if that is what you desire.
  • If you return the item after 45 days you may still be given a partial refund of 50%.

7. 599Fashion – Update: No Longer Available

I know it’s a bit weird to include this site since this list is meant to be a list of websites like 599Fashion worth checking out, but 599Fashion is changing and getting a much-needed makeover.

When they first appeared in 2012 you could easily find cute clothes on this site for as low as $5.99 (hence their name), but their quality dropped over time and they became outdated.

Now they seem to have taken recent criticism onboard and are improving and updating things.

In the spirit of giving second chances, let’s hope they return to their best very soon!

If you sign up with your email here, you’ll be told when their new launch date is and also be given a 15% discount coupon.

Other Sites like ROMWE To Check Out

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Now I hope I was able to provide value to you in this post. However, if there was something that wasn’t answered or another cheap cute clothing site I missed, email me or let me know in the comments below.

I’d love to hear you out and answer you as best I can!

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