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We all ask ourselves, “How does she do it?” when we see a woman who somehow manages to look classy and perfect. These women definitely know how to always look great no matter what they’re wearing. And if you also want to be one of these women who have an innate sense of style, then don’t worry; it’s not that difficult. And after you’ve read our list of things a stylish woman knows, you’re going to unlock the next level of your own fashion.

They know their colors: Stylish women find the best colors that go with their hair and skin tone. And believe us, you’ll be surprised with how much of a difference this will make on your appearance once you find your own colors! This can make shopping a lot easier.

They go with the classics: Trends may be fun, but not every time. You can keep up with the latest trends to some extent, but you should also stick with the classics. This way you always look timeless and can wear the same cute outfit 10 years down the road.

They wear accessory: Accessories are beautiful; they have the power to turn your simple shirt-and-jean combination into a chic and elegant outfit. Stylish women always make sure they wear at least one accessory depending on their outfit.

Age is not important for stylish women: When it comes to fashion, age is no more than a number. Stylish women are never afraid of trying something new that catches their eye. Who says you can’t wear ripped blue jeans at the age of 60?

They have quality pieces: Do you think stylish women always wear branded clothes like Gucci, Chanel, or Valentino? Well, that’s definitely not the case. They find quality classic pieces that always make them look incredible, but without the huge price tag.

They have the right haircut: Speaking of knowing your body, what do you think is the best haircut for your face? Sometimes, we see a beautiful haircut on a model, but the results may be disappointing on someone else. Every face shape can wear different haircuts, and stylish women know that. They always go for the right haircut for their face shape.

They plan their clothes: If you’re one of those women who spend hours in front of their wardrobe thinking about what to wear each day, you need to quit that habit. Stylish women know what to wear before going out because they plan their outfits ahead of time. It’s not very hard to do and life is much easier when you live it planned.

They have a good choice of fabric: Sometimes, it’s all about wearing the right fabrics. Heavy fabrics can’t move easily, but you probably won’t want to show every curve and detail on your body by wearing a very thin fabric. Beautiful fabrics don’t move so easily and are thick enough to cover you up. Cotton blended with silk, wool crepe, or wool microfiber blends can be good fabrics for you.

If you love fashion and want to create your own style like these women, then definitely follow these tips and let us know how it goes!

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