10 Fashion Hacks Parisian Women Always Do

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Parisian girls always seem so fashionable, and they make it look so easy! But that’s because they have a certain set of rules and habits they live by. And they’re not hard! So if you want to look as fashionable as a French girl, then definitely check these style tips out! 

Ditch the Flashy Logos

Parisian women don’t flaunt flashy logos that scream “look at how expensive this outfit is!” Instead, they focus on a discreet sense of luxury fashion. Choose pieces, not logos, that make a statement.

Jeans & Heels

If you are going to wear jeans, then try to wear heels. It’s the easiest and quickest way to change your outfit from casual to French fashion.

Develop a Signature Look

Parisians women are infamous for creating a timeless signature look and keeping it for years. Developing your own signature look will help you keep your aesthetic in check and will help make your shopping list more refined and catered to your look.

Ignore Trends

Parisian women don’t flock to buy the latest fashion trend like the rest of the world.  They instead focus on classic pieces that are timeless and long-lasting. Fast fashion is here one season and out the next which makes it hard to develop looks that are timeless and classic.


French women aren’t afraid to get their clothes tailored, and neither should you. If an item doesn’t fit you correctly, then don’t hesitate in finding a good tailor who will help you create a custom wardrobe. Having properly fitted clothing is critical to achieving the style of Parisian fashion.

Love Neutrals

The one thing you will never see a Parisian woman wearing is a lot of bright colors. Parisian women appreciate a neutral color palette. And if you’d like to add a bit more color to your palette, then opt for a navy blue or white.

Avoid Heels Too High

Parisian women won’t be found in extremely tall heels that are usually found in the American fashion scene. Also, kitten heels are a great way to go if you want something a bit more casual but put together!

Don’t Dress to Impress

Many women tend to dress to look good for others, but what you should be doing is dressing for yourself. Parisian women dress for themselves and to feel good, and not for others.

No Fear of Breaking Fashion Rules

Despite many women who fear breaking the rules of what magazines say they should be wearing, Parisian women aren’t afraid to go outside of the fashion rulebook. They are willing to break the rules of their own unique style.

Don’t Boast About Effort

Many women tend to brag or elaborate on how much work it took to create a look. Parisian women do not. Instead, they make it look effortless.

Looking fashionable doesn’t have to be a hard task; in fact, the French girls make it quite easy! So give these fashion tips a try and let us know how it goes!

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