7 Habits of Women Who Are Attractive (It's Not What You Think)

Written by Grace & Silas

You should always remember that you’re beautiful just the way you are and there is no one like you. Ever. End of story.

And the tips down below are meant to accentuate who you are. Trust me, not everything on the outside is what makes a girl attractive; much of it comes from the inside.

So give these tips a read and let us know what you think!


Nourish the Real You

Don’t be afraid to show your real self. Being unique and different makes you stand out from the crowd. Know who you are and nourish it. Don’t try to be someone you’re not or hate on the person you are.

Instead, use positive self-talk to change how you see yourself.


There are so many books out there that will help give you a better life. It’s so important to keep on learning how to heal from childhood trauma, become better at your finances, and SO MUCH MORE!

So make sure to not just hit the young adult section for books. Go ahead and buy those books that’ll make your life better.


Mindfulness develops character and helps you appreciate the small things in life. You also become more grateful for the things you have.

So even if you’re not eating a 5-star meal or have the most expensive clothing, you can still appreciate and pay attention to the good thing.


Yeah, you probably weren’t expecting this one. I love following encouraging people on Instagram that help with mental health, happiness, and growth. Here are just a few of my favorites. 🙂

Know Your Worth

Be aware that you are exceedingly important as a human being. Self-love is one of the keys to having a happy life.

If you know your worth, you’ll never allow toxic people into your life. You’ll know they only cause dysfunction and stress and you’ll love yourself enough to keep them far away.

Don’t Feel Pressure to Always Be Happy

Know that it’s ok to have a hard day or not always want to be around people.

It’s ok to have a day to yourself to do some mental/emotional/spiritual self-care.

It’s ok to tell yourself that, “Hey, life is hard, but I’m pretty tough. I’m going to get through this. This moment will pass.”

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Connect with People

Value your friendships and connect with people; pour into them. Be a helping hand and be there for those who need you; this will help people see the true you.

These are some basic habits that can help every woman be more beautiful and attractive. People think it’s just makeup or a good skincare routine, but it’s so much more than that.

So put some effort into loving yourself and those around you and you’ll start to see a big change.


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