6 Best Vitamins for Incredible Hair

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Almost all of us want incredible hair, and one of the best ways to get it is through the vitamins we take. And whether it’s through a pill or food, there are many we can try and start to see the results.

So check out the ones down below and see what works for you!

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Vitamin D

A study in 2012, done by Stem Cells Translation Medicine, revealed that exposure to vitamin D created new hair follicles leading to more new hair. This will improve your hair thickness which is what almost every girl wants.

Vitamin E

This vitamin stimulates blood flow in your scalp which means that you have a better foundation for growing more beautiful hair.
It also leaves your hair soft and smooth and is one of the reasons why many shampoos also contain some traces of vitamin E.


A common cause of hair loss in women is anemia which is caused by an iron deficiency. So you can include iron-rich foods in your diet or use over the counter iron supplements in order to fulfill your needs.

Vitamin C

It’s a powerful vitamin that helps to build collagen. And collagen helps to grow stronger and healthier hair among many other things.


B-Vitamins play a big role in maintaining healthy skin and hair. So make sure that you’re taking plenty of these or eating them in things like eggs, avocadoes, and legumes.

Vitamin A

It’s the perfect vitamin to promote a healthy and moisturized scalp which will, in turn, lead to healthy hair making you look incredible.

All of these vitamins and nutrients are naturally occurring and can be found in our everyday diet.

But if for some reason you have a deficiency, you may be able to counter it with supplements that offer the right amount of vitamins that our body needs.

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