7 Beauty Habits You Can Practice While Stuck at Home

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While you’re stuck at home due to a nationwide lock-down, it’s important to only go out for essentials. And sadly, beauty products are not deemed as such. So, what can you do from home, using things that would be found in the common household? Well, check these ideas out down below!

Quick Tip

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Drink Water

The more water you drink, the more hydrated your skin will be. This will give you a more youthful glow and help with fat burning. So, make sure you are getting your 8 glasses a day in!


Grab your washcloth and a body scrub (which you can make with equal parts of sugar or salt and an oil such as olive oil)  and hop in the shower. We tend to focus more on exfoliating our faces, but the whole body needs a good scrub down. Removing dead skin cells will help to prevent spots and blackheads from clogged pores, clean you up, and assist with a smoother shave!

Clean Your Makeup Utensils

We’ve all been guilty of leaving our brushes and sponges with yesterday’s makeup and applied more the next day, but have you thought about the hygiene aspects of doing this? Leaving the makeup for a prolonged period can start a breeding ground for bacteria. So make sure to clean them! 🙂

Cleanse Twice a Day

As we age, our skin requires more attention. Cleansing your face twice a day will help with any oily outbursts and prevent blackheads. Also, putting a thin anti-aging cream on after will also help your skin reach its optimum condition.

Use Sunscreen

Yes, we aren’t meant to be going out right now. However, this does not include your front or back yard or a walk around the block. So make sure to apply sunscreen to take care of your skin while out and about!

Find New Ways to Work Out

The gym is a no-go right now, so what can you do? Look for alternatives such as using your own stairs for a good workout.


Just because you’re not working or at school, doesn’t mean it’s okay to stay up late. Make sure you’re still getting your sleep, since this helps with weight loss, concentration, mood and, of course, to help you look your best.

There’s plenty of other ways you can start new beauty habits at home. Just remember not to ditch them after the lock-down ends and you’ll have successfully accomplished something from the comfort of your own home.

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