7 Beauty Habits from Models Every Girl Should Read

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If you’ve ever wondered what the tips and secrets from models are, then check these out down below! They’re great beauty tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. So check them out and let us know what you think!

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Drink a Lot of Water: There are plenty of good reasons to drink water. Water is not only important for our health but can do wonders for our body and appearance. It not only helps increase your metabolic rate but also keeps your skin fresh and radiant. Carolyn Murphey says, “My beauty secret is drinking a lot of water.“

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Eating Healthy: The diet we have affects our whole body. Kendall Jenner says in a beauty blog, “ Eating healthy is a huge part of my beauty habits. I can feel it in my workouts when I’m not eating right… I usually start my day with eggs, avocado, and oatmeal. I just feel better if I eat better.” So we need to fuel our body with real healthy food.

Hot water with lemon: Water and lemon both have individual benefits but together they are considered really great for your beauty; it makes your skin glow. Miranda Ker says, “Hot water with lemon to start the day, it’s really good and it stimulates the digestive systems.

Apply Tree Tea Oil: Some models like to apply natural products on their face rather than one full of chemicals. And tree tea oil is one of them; it’s considered a natural cleanser for the face. Adriana Lima says, “Just use tea tree oil twice a day on pimples. You can dab it on with a cotton ball. Pretty darn simple!”

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Exercise: Along with diet, exercise is really important for human health. It is most commonly thought of as something beneficial for the body only but it’s worth acknowledging that it has many beauty benefits also. Naomi Campbell says, “I’m even more active when I’m juicing, doing both yoga and Pilates every day.”

Toothpaste: Obviously the main purpose of toothpaste is to maintain the health and cleanliness of our teeth, but it’s also used by many models and skin beauticians for skincare. If you apply toothpaste on pimples it helps to dry them out. Gigi Hadid says that she learned this from her mother, “My mom always taught me to put toothpaste on pimples to dry them out at night. I don’t use anything fancy when I get a pimple. I just put it on at night before I go to sleep.”

Vitamins: Vitamins are very essential for our human body. We can get these vitamins through our diet or through pills. Most of the models take in a lot of vitamins for a natural glow.

These are some basic beauty habits from actual models which are accessible to almost everyone. So follow these tips and stay fresh like Gigi Hadid.

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