Why You Should Show Yourself Kindness

Silas & Grace

Do you have those moments where you say the wrong thing and annoy someone and think, “I wish I didn’t exist right now”?


It’s honestly moments where you want to disappear that self-hate starts to grow.

You start being unkind to yourself, and saying things like, “I’m such a messed up person.” Or, “I’ll never get anything right.”

And you repeat these things to yourself over and over again.

But can I ask you a question?

Would you say those exact same things to your friends?

Would you tell Sarah that she “Always messes up” or that Melissa “Just can’t get anything right”?

Nope, you would feel like a horrible person saying that to them. So why would you say that to yourself?

Plus, you start to really grow and change the things you don’t like about yourself when you choose to be kind to yourself. ❤️ 

How many times has being unkind to yourself helped you?

Probably none. 😉

In fact, I’ve found that when I’m kinder to myself, and I allow myself to be human, I’m able to move past emotions of shame and regret. I’m able to think more positively about myself and realize, “Hey, I can accomplish new things and do better; look at all the times I’ve done the right thing before.”

When you remove the negative, you allow the good to flow and help you see things in a new light.

It helps you to overcome the repeated patterns that you hate so much.

Anyways, I just wanted to leave you with a quick encouraging message before the end of the week. I hope it helps. ❤️ 

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