8 Ways to Simplify Your Life in 2020

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If you found 2019 a more stressful year, full of rushing and not getting everything you wanted done, then 2020 might be the best time to slow down. And there are plenty of ways you can do this!

Down below I’ve gathered some tips that will help you simplify your life and make things easier on you. So check them out and see what you think!

Important Side Note:

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If you’re in debt, then I would definitely read Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover which you can check out here. He’s helped MILLIONS of people climb their way out of debt and have financial peace and security. So DEFINITELY check him out!

Also! He has another great book called the Legacy Journey which is a great read. Check it out here!

Maintain a To-Do List

Enough with the procrastination, it’s the main cause of a lot of problems.

So instead, make a to-do list before going to bed, BUT make sure to put the most important things at the very front so they get done.

Bid Adieu to Pessimism

When I decided to take 30 days to stop complaining, you have NO IDEA how many times I had to stop myself mid-sentence as I started to complain.

It made me aware of how I wasn’t being thankful for the good things in my life and how much I needed to change my view on things. Seriously, turning your complaints into thankfulness will relieve a lot of stress in your life.

Cut Down on Social Media

It sounds difficult, I know. But trust me, social media contributes a TON to your anxiety and depression.

There is so much negativity online, that cutting it down to a minimum will lower your stress levels AND give you more time in your life to do the important things.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary

We don’t realize how many unnecessary things and toxic relationships can add misery to our lives. If someone or something puts stress into your life, learn to put up some healthy boundaries to protect your own health.

Learn to Say NO

Say no, it’s as simple as that. If you find yourself being too kind and saying yes to too many things, then it’s time to set boundaries. You can still be kind, but let them know why you can’t come or help them with something.


I’m not trying to bore you, but reading is one of the best therapies It keeps us away from toxic people and a toxic lifestyle. Get your hands on inspiring motivational books. A single book might help you achieve a long-lost dream.

Sort All Debts

Reduce your debts and use a payoff plan like the Debt Snowball Method. It really will change your life and relieve so much stress.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

It sounds cliché, but your health does need to be one of your first priorities. The better you take care of yourself, the better you’re going to be and feel.

Working out has helped MANY people get more done and have more energy for their tasks.

Some talk about how they actually save more time doing a task after working out, then if they hadn’t taken that time to work out at all.

It’s not always easy to simplify your life, but thankfully there are plenty of tips out there that will help you do just that. So try these out and see how it goes!

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