10 Self-Love Affirmations to Help You Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

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I know that whenever you mess up, it’s probably so easy to say horrible scripts repeatedly in your head.

“I’m such a mess up.”

“I can never get anything right.”

“I am such a failure.”

These are some horrible things I’ve spoken over myself so many time, and if you’re struggling with the same kind of thoughts, then just know that you’re not alone.

But because you’re not alone, that also means that I’m here with you and want to help you overcome any bad thought patterns you have.

I’m working on improving myself and doing things such as getting rid of bad beliefs and self-hate, and you can follow along and do the same as well!

Let’s do this together. ❤️

10 Self-Love Affirmations

1. Just because I made a mistake, doesn’t mean that I’m a failure.

2. I don’t have to wait for others to love me so that I can love myself.

3. I am lovable and worthy of good things in my life. I don’t have to reject or chase away good things.

4. I deserve to be loved and taken care of by myself and others.

5. I don’t deserve people who treat me poorly and like I don’t matter.

6. I am not defined by what my parents told me growing up. I am my own person and I am loved.

7. I am not defined by what other people told me growing up. I am my own person and I am loved.

8. It’s safe to love and take care of myself, nothing bad is going to happen.

9. I deserve to have people in my life that treat me well and show me love in their words and actions.

10. I am not defined by my past, I am defined by what I do now and how I treat myself and others.

Bonus: I can love myself and who I am becoming in this process.

I know that it can sometimes be so hard to overcome any negative thoughts and patterns we have, but I promise you, you’re gonna make it!

And if you ever need to talk, feel free to email me at contact@chasingfoxes.com. I’m here for you. 🙂

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