The 30-Day De-Stress Challenge

Silas & Grace

I really want to help make your life a bit better each and every month. 

And one of the best ways I can do that is to try a fun and simple 30-day challenge.

Now I don’t want you to feel intimidated! Some of these things you can keep around daily (like drinking 10 glasses of water), or not. It’s up to you!

They are simply just things you can do that will add up over time, and if you do choose to keep some of them around, then that’s wonderful!

This challenge is here to take care of you and make your life one you want to be in. To not let life just happen to you, but to take control and feel so much better in your own skin. ❤️

Side Note: Down below is a free 160+ page printable Stress-Free Planner! I hope you like it! 😊 

Day 1 – Drink 10 glasses of water and eat a tasty healthy meal that makes you feel good.

Day 2 – Journal for 5 minutes in the morning & at night.

Day 3 – Take a 30-minute walk in a park or around the neighborhood while listening to your favorite music!

Day 4 – Start putting a few extra healthy ingredients and foods into this week’s grocery list. 🙂

Day 5 – Have an at-home spa experience. Light a few candles, get some tea, use your favorite skin care products, and have fun with it! 

Day 6 – Write down 10 things you’re grateful for.

Day 7 – Write down 10 things you like about yourself.

Day 8 – Grab a hot cup of coffee (or tea), sit down in a cozy chair, and read a book you love!

Day 9 – Light a candle, listen to some music you love and just relax in any way you want.

Day 10 – Get rid of a toxic friend (or two).

Day 11 – Reach out and set a time to hang out with a life-giving friend.

Day 12 – Buy some tea that’s good for relaxing you.

Day 13 – Look over your daily and weekly schedules. What can you cut down on that’s stressing you out?

Day 14 – Think about a family member that’s stressing you out. Figure out if you need to set boundaries or see them less often.

Day 15 – Write down 5 things that stress you out in a week, then write some solutions for getting rid of these stressors.

Day 16 – Buy a plant, they’ve been shown in studies to help you de-stress!

Day 17 – Cuddle your pet, that’s also been shown in studies to help you de-stress. ❤️ 

Day 18 – Spend time with someone you love, let them know your frustrations, have them listen, and see if they potentially have solutions. Sometimes it just helps to get things out of your head. Then you can see things more clearly and know how to proceed. 🙂

Day 19 – Write down 10 negative thoughts you have about yourself. Then write down 10 positive thoughts you could replace it with.

Day 20 – Create a simple budget that will help take away some financial stressors.

Day 21 – Buy a candle with a calming scent (like lavender – it’s been shown to help with stress).

Day 22 – Reassess your work situation. Is there something you could do to cut down on your work stress? Someone you could talk to?

Day 23 – Do a social media detox for the evening.

Day 24 – Take a 20-minute nap.

Day 25 – Take that much-needed hot bath or shower.

Day 26 – Do a random act of kindness for someone. See a need and fill it! This is such a great way to de-stress (I kid you not!).

Day 27 – Do some stress cleaning if that’s something that works for you. 🙂

Day 28 – Hop on a video call with someone you love talking to! It could also be multiple people.

Day 29 – Go outside. You don’t have to walk, but sit or stand outside for a bit and get some fresh air!

Day 30 – Find a simple and easy hobby that you like doing. A good example: taking photos of things you find beautiful. ❤️ 

Here’s your FREE 160+ page printable Stress-Free Planner. Let’s start destroying the stress in your life! 🥳 🙌 
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