What I Wish I Had Told My 19 Year Old Self About Fear

Grace Moser

It’s been 10 years since I was 19, which actually feels strange to write out.

I didn’t realize how fast a decade could go until I reached my 20’s.

I think you don’t really process your teens coming and going, they almost feel like a transitional stage. But your 20’s feels different, like “Wow, that was quick.”

But I feel that if I could go back and tell my 19 year old self one thing that would have made her journey start off a whole lot better, it would be this:

Fear won’t protect you. Fear is an enemy.

I’ve found that, unlike others, fear doesn’t motivate me. In fact, it kind of just paralyzes me and makes me want to hide.

So instead of choosing fear, choose to know that you’re going to be ok, you’re safe, you’re going to be taken care of, and you can instead act out of a place of love.

Love for yourself, love for others in the situation, and love for your future self as well.

All fear does is stress you out and make you not think clearly. It doesn’t actually change anything.

So it’s safe to calm down, it’s safe to let go of what’s causing you anxiety, and it’s safe to walk out a life that you really love.

You don’t have to hide anymore.

PS – What do you wish you could have told your young adult self?

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