7 Pantry Items to Stock Up On Incase of an Emergency

Silas & Grace

With most people being told to stay in their homes at the moment, it may be too late to start a stockpile now without leaving enough for other people. You could, however, start storing food away now (bit by bit) for future usage. So check out these pantry items that you might want to have.

Tinned Fish

Fresh fish won’t stay fresh for long in the event of an emergency and, depending on the type of emergency, frozen goods may not always be reliable. Oily, Omega-3 rich fish is good for you and canned goods keep for a lot longer. Therefore it would be wise to keep a stock of canned fish to ensure your health in an emergency lockdown situation.


While jerky may not be as healthy as normal meat, it does have its benefits. Jerky will keep for longer, meaning you will be able to feed your family for longer. And while it may be high in sodium, it’s still a source of vital protein.


I can hear some of you screaming that milk doesn’t keep for long but, fear not, we’ve already thought of that. By buying UHT milk, this will keep for months unopened and can be great for emergencies. Powdered milk can also be a great substitute that will keep for even longer. 


Rice can be great for your diet, particularly if using brown rice. It is very versatile and easy to prepare and cook alongside a variety of meats, vegetables, and spices. You can even have rice pudding for a sweet dessert.

Protein Bars & Protein Powder

Protein bars keep for a long time and also contain a lot of protein, given the name, as well as other essentials to keep you healthy. These can be great for an energy boost, or a light snack. Protein powder can also be included to make delicious drinks with nutritional benefits.

Don’t Forget Your Pets

Dried or tinned pet food can also be stocked up on in case of an emergency. Buying either in bulk packs or a few tins/packs here and there can quickly add up to a supply that will see them through the coming issue without having to either let them starve or have some of your rations.

Canned Soup

Canned soup is a great item to keep in your pantry. These can contain both proteins and vegetables and, due to the liquid, can help with your hydration too. Soup can be ingested both hot and cold, so it could be used regardless of the type of emergency, or whether or not you have power.

These pantry items don’t cost a lot or take up a great deal of space. And if you save just a little of it each week, soon you will have enough to get you through any emergency.


Silas & Grace

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