How to Travel the World Without Spending a Fortune

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At some point, we’ve all wanted to up and leave. And whether that’s for a fresh start or to see all the sights this world has to offer, that’s up to you.

And it’s common knowledge that travel, particularly across the globe, can be very pricey. However, the keyword here is CAN. And thankfully, there are ways in which you can increase the likelihood of getting to travel without having to win the jackpot. And if this interests you, then definitely keep on reading!

For airfare, you’ll want to join Facebook groups like Secret Flying (and download their app too!), which will alert people if there are tickets to a certain location for a CRAZY discount. These are what we call “mistake fares” because they’re exactly that: mistakes made by the airlines. We did this ourselves and were able to get tickets to Paris for $300 which you can read about here.

Just know that you have to be flexible for the dates and times you want to go!

“But what about food and accommodations?” I hear you say. Well, we’ve got you covered. Backpacking jobs are your friend. Throughout the world, it’s actually possible to get temporary, seasonal jobs with accommodations included. This may be something as simple and mundane like picking and packing fruit, but it will also give you a place to sleep, food, and a bit of extra cash to go exploring. By using both of these, you can actually be GAINING money while traveling.

You can find potential jobs abroad here!

Look for offers too. At certain points of the year, travel companies may offer deals on visiting tourist destinations. It may mean doing research prior to traveling, but this way you won’t be paying extra for the exact same experience.

Looking for free activities is also a good plan as well. There are a variety of sights across the world that you don’t have to pay for, such as visiting the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin Castle, Ireland. Here you can explore the incredibly large collection of art and forms of literature that span centuries. By spending your time doing free activities, you will find yourself less worried about penny-pinching and may also discover something that you might not have taken the time to enjoy otherwise, as many do with this Library.

Utilize friends as well, but don’t use people. If you have a friend in a certain city  and/or country you want to visit, you could potentially arrange to stay with them. But in return, you would help out around the house and contribute to groceries and the things you use. If you use your connections, like most of us have thanks to the internet, you may find you have more opportunities to go traveling than you thought.

Now you have five simple but good tips that sound very basic but are so very useful!

So let us know if you’ve tried any of these, and how successful they were, or if you have any tips that others may benefit from. Happy traveling!

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