Your Travel Guide to Tokyo: 10 Amazing Things You Need to Do

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Being the capital of Japan, Tokyo is a combination of modernity and tradition. And there are so many things you can do! But not all of them have to be main tourist attractions. So check these ideas out and let us know what you think!

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Watch the Morning Practice at a Sumo Stable in Tokyo

Watching Sumo in action is one of the best cultural moments you can have in Japan. And to experience this centuries’ old sport up close and personal, visit a stable, most of which are located in the Ryogoku district. Perhaps even get your photo taken with some of the sumo wrestlers after the practice is finished!

Robot Restaurants

The Robot Restaurant is a crazy experience that will have you eating under neon lights and watching robot dances…. need I say more?

Watch Sumo Wrestling

If you do end up going to watch the Sumo practice, then why not go to an actual tournament? Just make sure you go on the right months to catch one!

Tsukiji Fish Market

The Tsukiji Market, recently having moved to Toyosu Market, is definitely something to experience. And whether you shop or just watch the freshly caught fish being brought in, it’s something you need on your to-do list in Tokyo.

Virtual Reality

It is the latest technology. It takes you in to another world. You can be running across the jungle with lions moving right next to you or you can be on a roller coaster that is going straight into a volcano. You can experience all sort of stuff with Virtual reality. There are a lot of exciting places that has Virtual reality so don’t forget to go there.

Ramen Vending Machine

If you want to try out ramen that’s not instant, then definitely check out the ramen vending machines all throughout Tokyo. Just find one and choose the flavor you want.

Mario Go-Kart!

You can ride through the streets of Tokyo in a go-kart dressed as your favorite Mario character. Definitely something to put on Instagram!

Cherry Blossoms

If you get tired from all the rushing around, you can have some peaceful moments viewing cherry blossoms. So catch them during March and April.


You can buy cosplay costumes from Cospatio. Being one of the largest cosplay stores in Tokyo, it has a wide variety of costumes to offer. So now you can dress up as your favorite character and have fun at anime con.

Yoyogi Park

You can have a peaceful walk in the beautiful Yoyogi Park. The park holds historical significance and is perfect for a nice sunny day and picnic.

If you want a great experience in Tokyo that isn’t just the main attractions, then definitely try these ideas out and let us know what you think!

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