How We Got Tickets to Paris for $300

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Traveling is such a hassle. First you have to decide on a location, decide when you want to go, decide how long you want to stay there, and then… find a ticket that’s not going to be more than what you get paid in a month. Yeah, that’s always the deal killer.

My husband Silas and I had been wanting to travel to Europe for quite some time now and some of the prices for the countries were ridiculous. We’d have to pay a high price for a ticket just to stay in a country that was already expensive.

Now you might or might not be like us. Maybe you do want to go to Paris, or maybe you want to go to Southeast Asia instead (which is a heck of alot more affordable), but either way, you can benefit from just this one tip! And no, I’m not talking about using credit card travel miles (although you can do that!).

What I’m talking about are mistake fares. These are tickets sold at a much lower price than what they usually go for… and they’re a mistake made by the airlines themselves. So how do you take advantage of such a thing? Well it’s simple and free!

There are groups out there on Facebook that will give you an hourly update on mistake fares that have just come up. The tickets that Silas and I got for Paris, which only cost $300, were found from a group called Secret Flying. And you want to know the crazy thing about it? We had seen that mistake fare and were able to take advantage of it not even two hours after joining the group. Just goes to show you that you need to go after things right away so you don’t miss out on an opportunity!

Now here are some tips for taking advantage of that mistake fare!

Check and Check Up Fast!

Once you apply, do whatever you can to make sure that you check up on these mistakes fares frequently. Set up alarms or notifications on your phone to go off once every hour (as an example). 


If you can, then definitely try to have the flexibility to go with any time, date, and/or location. Yes you might not have thought about Prague before, but if you’re looking for a cheap plane ticket to a beautiful European city, then go for it! Other people would kill to go to places like that!

Sign Up for it Fast!

Once you see a ticket that’s just right for you, then don’t hesitate! Go in for the kill right then and there! When Silas and I got our tickets for Paris, I checked up on it two minutes after selecting and purchasing the tickets just to find that the cost had been corrected to a higher price.

Have Patience and Don’t Give Up!

If you’re not seeing a time, date, and/or location that’s desirable for you, continue to check up on it! Don’t give up, because soon enough you might just get the opportunity of a lifetime! Something so many other people that you know wouldn’t be able to have!

Now some of these mistake fares could be the cause of a computer glitch or a mistake made when converting the price into a different currency. But either way, don’t worry about them trying to change your price; they can’t and they won’t.

Other Mistake Fare Sites and Pages

Secret Flying is probably the best place to start looking for mistake fares, but if you’d like more options, then check out The Flight Deal, Fly4Free, and Airfare Watchdog.

How to Travel Full-Time

Now if you’re curious about how we were able to have the flexibility to buy a ticket like that instantly without a second thought, then I’ll tell you how we did it. Down below are a few post that will actually give you REAL tips and guidance on being able to start a side hustle and quit the 9-5.

WARNING: These posts are not meant to be cliche “how-to” posts! They’re meant to give you real value and a step-by-step process! Also… this info doesn’t cost a dime.
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Now if you know of any other price and travel hacks yourself, or if you have any question, just let us know in the comments down below! We’d love to hear about them!

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  1. Thank you! We have an invitation to join our son in Switzerland in December, 2017 while he is at a medical institute. I have begun to look at airfares and do not think we will be able to go. I will certainly try this!


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