9 Zero Waste Products You Need for Travel

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You reduce, reuse, and recycle at home, school, and work. So why not do the same when you travel?

If you’re an environmentally conscious traveler, then you will love these 10 ZERO waste travel products! They’re a great way to be eco-friendly while on the move!

Bamboo, Eco-Friendly Toothbrush

We ALWAYS throw out those cheap plastic toothbrushes before we head back home. So instead of leaving behind those non-biodegradable plastic toothbrushes, try an organically made toothbrush that will help reduce our large plastic footprint. These alternatives are made using organic and BPA materials.

You can check them out here!

Reusable snack bags

Snack foods are always stored in a plastic and non-environmentally friendly container. Purchasing reusable snack bags will reduce the plastic bag waste when traveling and promote bringing fruits and snacks from home.

You can easily buy some here!

Yellow Bird Shampoo Bars

Drop the plastic travel sized shampoos and conditioners when traveling and use solid, plastic free, and economically friendly shampoo bars. These TSA friendly shampoo bars don’t need to be checked into your baggage, so it’s easy to pack in your carry on and affordable, too.

You can get some here.

NaturaBrasil Toiletries

NaturaBrasil has created a TSA friendly toiletry set that includes eco-friendly hair care products. These products are carried in a case made by women in Northeastern Brazil. Their packaging is composed of 100% recycled materials and the hair care bottles can be reused with refillable pods, so you don’t have to worry about throwing them out. The case itself can be reused for a clutch or purse for casual events.

You can quickly buy one here.

Reusable Soak It Up Cloths

These reusable cloths are 100% natural and biodegradable. By using these fast drying reusable cloths, you can reduce the use of 15 paper towels per use. They are easy to disinfect and can be used for cleaning faces, surfaces, or serving as reusable dryer sheets (to turn them into dryer sheets, just add some vinegar and essential oil).

You can find them here.

Senhai Reusable Straws

Most resorts and hotels are ditching those toxic plastic straws. And this reusable straw kit from Senhai is easy to clean and quick to store for traveling. An alternative to reusable straws are compostable BPA and plastic free straws.

You can get some here easily!

Solid Toothpaste

Toothpaste tablets are organic, vegan, portable, and are perfect for carry on travelers since they are TSA friendly. It’s a natural and fun alternative to the traditional toothpaste.

Find them here!

Bamboo Travel Utensils

Having a set of travel utensils reduces the need for non-biodegradable plastic silverware. These sets can be packed away and cleaned easily. They even come in a reusable bag for convenient portability.

You can get some here.

Bamboo Sunglasses

Buying biodegradable and naturally made sunglasses are a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint and protect your eyes from the sun. Bamboo sunglasses float, are lightweight, easy to carry, fashionable, and most importantly, eco-conscious.

Find a pair here!

Many of us love to go to new places, and if you’re an eco-conscious traveler, then definitely check out these ideas before you book your next ticket!

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