7 Things You Need to Do When Visiting Venice

Written by Grace & Silas

Welcome to one of the world’s most beautiful cities: Venice, the floating city! Located in northeastern Italy, ​Venice is shaped by 150 canals and is world-famous for its beauty and history. Here, transportation is either by water or on foot, which makes it charming to wander and explore.

And to start your journey off right, here are some great ideas for your trip to this Italian paradise.

Explore and Shop Along the Grand Canal

Sweeping through the heart of Venice, the Grand Canal is the main boulevard through the city. While there, don’t forget to tour Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, The Peggy Guggenheim Collection,  and so much more!

Explore and Attend Mass at Basilica Di San Marco

Venice’s best-known church, St. Mark’s Basilica is decorated with Byzantine art from the fall of Constantinople. And the faithful, don’t fail to take mass and for the curious, the rich heritage is worthy of exploration.

Take A Gondola Ride and Wade Through Acqua Alta

If you’re in Venice, then you need to be serenaded on a Gondola ride. These traditional boats have been used as transport for more than 10 centuries! It’s very romantic and a memorable way to experience Venice. Also, don’t forget to wade through the Acqua Alta, a phenomenon that occurs frequently in Venice during extremely high tides. These tides flood the city’s streets and squares and can be best experienced in Piazza San Marco.

Explore Piazza San Marco

If you want a place that is rich in history and sites and a great place to relax with a cup of espresso, then definitely head on over to Piazza San Marco. With the Doge’s Palace, Torre dell’Orologio, and Basilica di San Marco, you’re going to have a great afternoon of exploring.

Climb the Campanile

Head on over to Campanile. Being one of the oldest and tallest towers in all of Venice, you’ll get an amazing view (also, you can take the elevator to the top!).

Take A Ferry to Burano

If you want the beautiful canals and amazing buildings with a ton of color, then definitely head on over to Burano. Also, it’ll give you some time to escape the crowds of Venice.

Attend Carnevale

If you want to attend Venice’s Carnevale, then definitely book your tickets in February! You can dress with the Venetians in period outfits and masks as well as watch the parades on the water and eat amazing food!

Venice is an absolutely gorgeous and magical place to visit. So if you’re planning a stay in this city, then definitely try some of these places and let us know how it goes!


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