10 Road Trip Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Last Year

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Taking a road trip, instead of a plane, will give you the chance to explore all kinds of landmarks along the way. And while the idea of spending time in a car with others for hours might scare you, there are always some awesome tips and tricks that’ll help you out. So check them out and let us know how it goes!

Prepare a Sickness Kit

Long drives can be fun, but there’s also a possibility of an emergency situation. Therefore, you should always have supplies for car sickness and other emergencies. Make sure you include painkillers, healing ointments, a trash bag, wipes, and napkins.

Remember Where You Parked Your Car with a Map App

One of the great things about a road trip is you can see many exciting spots along the way. However, there’s also a possibility you could forget where you parked your car. Being lost in an unfamiliar place is not something you want, so try using a map app and pin the area you left your car before going off.

Create Road-Trip Playlists

A road trip without music? Sounds boring. Playing music will fill the silence of long stretches. So don’t forget to make playlists before you leave!

Switch Drivers

Safety should be the most important factor you consider while on a road trip, and it would be better if you switched drivers from time to time. And if you’re the driver, change seats when you feel tired, but if no one is able to drive other than you, park your car at the nearest spot and get some rest.

Try Camping

Hotels are good, but you can also think of camping if you want to try something new and save money. Check the campsites along the way and enjoy a good night’s sleep under the stars.

Bring an Inflatable Pool Raft

If you’re going to sleep in your car, using an inflatable pool raft in your back seat will give you more comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Buy a Multi-Use Car Charger

Buying a USB car charger will allow you to charge everyone’s devices at once and you can enjoy your trip without any battery problems.

Bring Light Food

Eating during your road trip is definitely fun. But you should be careful about your snack choices; certain foods will create a strong smell in the car (and that’s not always so great for others who are driving with you). So make sure to pick foods that don’t have a strong smell.

Use Your Tablet as a TV Monitor

If you don’t want to hold your tablet in your hands all the time, try hanging it over the headrest, and enjoy your new TV monitor while you’re on the road!

Use Phone Apps for Everything!

There are all kinds of apps for road trips to make it more comfortable. Check these apps for maps, clean bathrooms, best stops, discounts, tickets, and many more! It will make your trip much easier.

If you love the idea of taking a road trip this year, then definitely don’t forget these awesome tips. They’ll make your life so much easier!

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