7 Important Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

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When ready to fly out, here are seven tips to do before going airborne. Traveling for the first time to any country that you’ve chosen can make you worried at first, but you don’t need to fret.

So first, take a deep breath, relax, and read some tips that’ll make your first trip easier. 

Make sure you have travel insurance: One of the first things you should do before going overseas is to apply for travel insurance. HERE’S WHY: There are SO many cases where a person got travel insurance, ended up having to go to the local doctor because of a sickness or injury, and saved themselves THOUSANDS of dollars (there are a lot of crooked doctors out there that will charge you crazy prices just for being a foreigner). So always make sure you apply before hopping on the plane.

The one we personally use when traveling is World NomadsThey’re beyond easy to sign up with (seriously, it takes minutes). So make sure to get travel insurance here with them and save yourself a lot of money.

Make copies of your passport: If your passport comes up missing because it was left somewhere or stolen, then making a copy is one of the smartest things you can do! Most victims of this circumstance, usually end up losing their rights in the country they visit, until a government official finally helps them out. So always keep some copies with you to save you from this headache.

Make sure you register with your embassy: If you’re planning on going to a country that has had turmoil in the past (especially recently), then it’s important to make sure you’re registered at the embassy so they can keep you updated. This will definitely keep anyone at ease.

Make sure you know the exchange rate: It’s always important to know the exchange rate when visiting a country. Because if you’re at a market and someone wants to charge you over $100 for an item that costs $10 (someone tried to do that to us) well… you get the idea.

Have local money with you always: You’ll have to be prepared to exchange in cash rather than a credit card. There are countries we’ve visited, like Kyoto, Japan, that we didn’t expect to be mostly cash-based.

Buy now for more options: By buying flight tickets now rather than later, you’ll have more options available for flights (with shorter hours in the sky and for a lower price).

Make sure to research events: Before leaving, always make sure to research events such as festivals and concerts that might be happening in the area you’re staying. That way you don’t miss out on anything.

In conclusion, traveling can either be fun or bad depending on how well you’ve prepared. If you made small preparations, there is a likely chance you’ll end up feeling tired and stressed out after your vacation (which is not what your vacation was intended for).

So always make sure you’re getting the best deals and you’re as prepared as you can be, for a very memorable trip.

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