9 Wonderful Things to Do in Bucharest, Romania

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My husband and I had wanted to visit Romania for YEARS and finally we were able to go (pre-pandemic of course 😊 ).  It was more beautiful than I was prepared for and we honestly can’t wait to go back!

Bucharest really was filled with such incredible architectures and beautiful sights. In fact, one our favorite things to do while there was to wake up early in the morning (right at sunrise) and walk the empty streets before it became crowded with tourists. 

It was beautiful to see the sun start to hit the copper and glass roofs of some of the old structures.

And if Bucharest has been on your mind as well, then we highly recommend it! Also, here are a few things you might want to do while there. 🙂

Grab a Coffee at the Carturesti Carusel

This is honestly a very cool place to grab a book and drink a hot cup of coffee or tea and just relax. Also, if you’re someone who loves to take great Instagram photos, then this is a spot you want to check out. Basically, it’s just a great place to take a break and unwind after a day of walking and exploring. 🙂

Visit the Palace of the Parliament

The Palace of the Parliament is something you’ll want on your to-do list when visiting Bucharest.  Built under the communist rule, it is an imposing and impressive edifice, but also with an infamous history.

Taking second place as one of the biggest administrative buildings in the world (first place going to the Pentagon), it has over 1,000 rooms. Also, there are tours you can take to explore this impressive building; definitely a location to check out.

Take a Walk on Victoriei Avenue

Victoriei Avenue is a great starting point to take a nice walk in the cool of the morning and especially since there are many landmarks you can easily cross off your list that are on or just a bit off of this road.

Here are some of the places you’ll spot while walking on Victoriei Avenue:

  • National Museum of History
  • Palace of the Deposits and Consignments
  • Revolution Square
  • Museum of Art Collections
  • Cantacuzino Palace
  • National Museum of Art Atheneum

Just make sure to map it out on Google so you’re not backtracking! 🙂

Dine at the Historic Restaurant Hanu’ lui Manuc

Yep, they’re using the well as a wine cooler. Pretty creative! 👌

We ate there multiple times and loved the beautiful atmosphere of the old inn. It has an incredible courtyard and some nights they have singing and dancing performances where all the locals join in, singing Romanian songs together. We really loved it and the food is very good!

Explore the Old Town

If you have to stay anywhere in the capital, it should definitely be the Old Town.

Filled with beautiful history, you’ll find incredible structures and cafes and wonderful sites. It really is a great place to get lost and stop for a cup of coffee and watch the people go by.

Also, the old town is filled with great Airbnb’s to choose from. I couldn’t personally recommend any one hotel since we only used Airbnb when we visited.

Some attractions to see while in the Old Town:

  • ‘Manuc Inn’ – one of Bucharest’s oldest churches. 
  • Stavropoleos Monastery
  • Palace of the Deposits
  • & old merchant streets

Visit the Old Churches

When we were in Bucharest, one of our favorite things to do was to look at the centuries-old churches they had. Their structures were so unique and beautiful and made you feel like you were stepping back in time. I honestly wouldn’t give up those memories for anything.

Here are some you might want to check out:

  • Stavropoleos, Bucur
  • Coltea
  • Sfantu Gheorghe
  • Antrim
  • Mihai Voda

The Local Parks

If you want to take a rest from all the walking and exploring, then having a picnic in the shade of one of their beautiful parks might not be a bad idea!

Here are some to try:

  • Carol Park
  • Herastrau
  • Cismigiu

Try the Pastries

We LOVED the pastries when we were in Bucharest. And while we might not have taken the best photo of them up above, we’ll gladly let you know that you should stuff your face full of them while there. And having a hot cup of something to go along with it is quite nice too!

Also, their pretzels are a local favorite and come in sweet and salty varieties (and different shapes and sizes). But lastly, don’t forget to try the Romanian cheese pie and apple strudel; it comes highly recommended!

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