8 of the Best Things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Visiting the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, will allow you to immerse yourself in centuries of history, art, and Scottish culture. So if you’re planning to go to the United Kingdom this year, then definitely check out these eight amazing things to do in Edinburg.

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Edinburg Castle

It’s hard to ignore the Edinburg Castle which towers over the capital city and is an important part of the Edinburg skyline. Having housed famous historical figures and celebrities, including Mary, Queen of Scots, Edinburg Castle is ideal for history buffs. With the admission into the castle, you will also be able to visit the National War Museum and the Scottish National War Memorial.

Arthur’s Seat

Perfect for outdoorsy folks, hiking up to the top is a must-do since Arthur’s Seat provides amazing views of Edinburg and is also an extremely important historical destination. Once atop this dormant volcano, you can see the hill forts and remains of other structures. It’s also close by to Holyrood Park.

Palace of Holyrood House

The official residence of Scottish queen and host to many other royal historical figures throughout Scotland’s history, the Palace of Holyrood House is a must-visit. Unfortunately you won’t be able to visit while the Queen is home, which is usually during Holyrood Week, but you can tour the property when she’s not there. You’ll be able to see the State Apartments and the Throne room.

Camera Obscura

This spot is a fantastic experience for the entire family. And being one of the oldest tourist attractions in Edinburg, Camera Obscura focuses on optical illusions and features lots of hands-on activities that will provide fun for you and your family. The rooftop towers offer stunning views of the city and the Edinburg Castle.

Mary King’s Close

Take a tour through underground passages called “closes” and you will find a fascinating piece of old Edinburg filled with the amazing history that took place in this once popular spot in the capital city. 

Scottish National Gallery

Recognized worldwide for its art culture and history, Edinburg is home to the Scottish National Gallery which is perfect for art aficionados. But, it’s not only what is inside the Scottish National Gallery that is to be admired; the building itself is constructed and designed with neoclassical architecture.

St. Giles’ Cathedral

This 14th century cathedral is perfect for fans of architecture as it features a beautiful gothic style architecture and is another important piece contributing to Edinburg’s impressive history. This cathedral also hosts coat of arms and shields of British Kings who once ruled over Scotland.

Craigmillar Castle

Still standing and in immaculate condition, the Craigmillar Castle is a 15th century castle so well-preserved that you can enjoy what life was like for Mary, Queen of Scots, who lived at the castle. You will have the opportunity to view the living chambers and climb the castle’s tower.

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Whether you’re going for a short visit or a couple week vacation, there is so much to do in Edinburgh! So enjoy your time there and let us know how it goes!

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