8 Ways to Get Cheap Flights During the Holidays

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Airfare is easily the largest expense of your vacation, so it is only logical to spend less on travel and more on the actual vacation.

If you’re looking to reduce your travel expense this holiday season, then follow these 8 simple tips.

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1. Early bookings

This one is a no brainer, but its absence makes any cheap airfare tips list incomplete.

Booking your flight at least three weeks before the actual holiday dates will ensure cheaper ticket prices. If you want to get the lowest airfares, then book at least two months in advance.

2. Booking a connecting flight

If you are not in a hurry to reach your destination, booking a connecting flight may make your ticket price much cheaper than a non-stop flight.

The search engines at many websites will let you filter between options for no stops, one-stop and two stops flights.

3. Shop for tickets in a private browser

It has never been proved but it is assumed that airlines use cookies on their sites to see your history and if you have searched for the same flights before. If you have, they assume you are serious and jack up the prices.

Using a private browser will not have any of this information for the cookies to pick up.

4. Check fares at nearby airports

Check for fares at alternate arrival departure points. Just because an airport is larger doesn’t mean it is cheaper. Other airports close by can have cheaper options available for you.

5. Fly budget carriers

It is easier to find flights from traditional airline companies, but recently new companies have emerged who can give you amazing deals on longer travels.

Finding these budget carriers can be tiresome but the deals they have are worth it.

6. Take advantage of student discounts

If you are a student, then you must take advantage of the 20-30% student discount that many airlines offer.

You may need to provide proof of being a student at the check-in through either a student card or through a form signed by the institution.

7. Weekdays and holidays

Flying on weekdays is much cheaper than flying on a weekend and thus you should plan your travels accordingly. Booking a ticket for a Tuesday or a Thursday can be much cheaper than flying on a Friday.

Also, flying on the holidays itself (Christmas, thanksgiving, etc.) is going to cost much less than flying earlier than the holiday as no one likes to travel on the holiday itself.

8. Build a relationship with the airline

If you fly regularly then building a relationship and having an airline’s customer/credit card can get you lots of other discounts and free miles as well.

If you follow these great tips then you’ll be sure to get reasonable if not cheap flights for your vacation. But don’t celebrate just yet, as it’s up to the weather to let you travel cheaply now!

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