7 Habits of People Who Always Have Money for Travel

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Traveling to the cities or countries we want to visit can seem like a far off dream, especially when we don’t have the money to make it a reality. But the incredible thing is that there are people all the time who are flying off to places like Barcelona or Bangkok. And the reason why they’re able to do this is that they’ve learned some awesome habits and hacks that allow them to travel on a budget. 

So go ahead and check out these ideas out, and let us know what you think!

They Have a Good Habit of Setting Goals

Frequent budget travelers set a goal for their excursions. They see how much airfare, accommodations, and site seeing are, then plan out a way to save money to make it happen. They take the money that they could have spent on a Starbucks drink and save it towards drinking an incredible cup of coffee in Venice.

They Prioritize

These kinds of travelers will make sure to look at what they actually want to do in that city or country and stick to it. Then they can stay away from the tourist traps or clubs that will drain the rest of their travel money.

They Choose Cities & Countries Intelligently

Many people think that traveling to countries is extremely expensive. But that’s only true if you’re going to countries like France or New Zealand.

Savvy travelers will go to countries like Thailand, where they can eat incredible food, see beautiful beaches, meet friendly people, tour temples, and all for a super low cost.

They Find the Best Deals

Budget travelers are always on the lookout for incredible deals, whether it’s checking out multiple sites like Skyscanner for flights (and even being flexible for the dates), or pricing out an affordable Airbnb. They don’t just stick to the hotels and airlines that most tourists go with; they know that they can get the most out of their money by taking a bit more time to search.

They Join Facebook Groups

Savvy travelers join Facebook groups that help them find great deals with flights. That way they’re always on alert for an incredible deal. We got a ticket to Paris for $300 by joining one!

They Download the Right Apps

Having the right apps like Uber (or the local version of that ride-sharing service) will save you so much money (and a headache). That way you can avoid expenses like taxi drivers trying to rip you off. 

They’re Adventurous

Whether it’s trying out the tasty street food (and not solely sticking to sit-down restaurants) or taking the public transit, they’re happy to find ways to live like a local and save money. That way they have more money to save on incredible day trips around the country.

You honestly don’t have to have a ton of money to go see different parts of your country or the world. All it takes is a bit of planning and the right tips to go see incredible sites. So try these ideas out and let us know what you think!

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