9 Clever Sewing Hacks That’ll Save You a Headache

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Sewing is a hobby, and like most hobbies it can get lost while you juggle between family, work, and friends. But, using these nine simple hacks, you can make your hobby less time consuming and easier to perform.

Safety pin

The easiest hack if you don’t have a bodkin and want to slide the elastic through the casing.

Rubber band

Place a rubber band around the arm of your sewing machine and you’ll be sewing a straight line in no time.

Crooked seams can be a huge pain but by applying this hack, the straight lines will be easier to make. It’s an easy hack and can be easily moved for new projects.

Desk Grommet

Working with threads and wires can be messy and thus we recommend you use desk grommets to keep those pesky wires away so that you work more quickly.

Hairspray and threads

Use hairspray and spray the end of the thread. This will help keep the thread straight and it can then easily pass through the needle.

Pill trays for buttons

Store buttons in pill trays or plastic containers from the hardware store. If you use a plastic container, make sure to get the containers with different compartments so that you can store different sizes or quantities of buttons.

Dab buttons with clear nail polish

Buttons can come loose quite easily, so a bit of clear nail polish goes a long way.

And to do this hack, you just need to dab the top of the button (once sewn on) with a bit of clear nail polish. This will give it a seamless finish and extra security.


When sewing, it is easy to hurt yourself with pins, so it’s a good idea to walk in shoes and keep a magnet around. The magnet can pick up any needles and create a safe workspace.

Sharpen with foil

You can sharpen your scissors at home by just cutting through aluminum foil. Do it a few times and this will sharpen any pair of scissors quite easily.

Replacing straight pins with clothespins or binder clips

Sometimes you are working with a fabric you don’t want to ruin or the fabric is so thick that it can’t be held with straight pins.

So we recommend using clothespins or binder clips instead of buying those clips that sewing shops sell. They will do the job and save you money.

Make sure to try these hacks for an improved sewing experience and have fun!

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