100+ Dollar Store Hacks That Are SO Clever


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Do you ever just hate how easily your house gets disorganized that you kinda just wanna burn the WHOLE thing down?

LOL, yeah. So been there.

Oh also, I’m betting that you’ve tried TONS of ways to keep the home clean and organized (and spent money on it too), but failed.

And that wan’t your fault. Nope. It was whoever showed you that method.

They didn’t give you the help you needed.

Which is why you need better ideas that aren’t gonna destroy your budget and get your home looking 👌 🤌.

Like, picture this; your friends come over and they’re kind jealous and amazed at how perfectly clean and organized your home is and it’s NOT because you’re hiding things in drawers.

Nope. 100% real.

No more random book and magazines on the dining table.

No more clutter in your fridge that’s got you shuffling things around every day and getting. you ready to pull your hair out.

Yep. Done. You’ve got this and these Dollar Store hacks have got you.

So let’s get your home looking like the picture on the front cover of a Martha Stewart magazine! ❤️

Table of Contents

1. Dollar Store Organization Hacks:



—Other Rooms

2. Dollar Store Decorating Hacks:



—Other Rooms

3. Themed Dollar Store Decor Ideas:





4. Dollar Store Hacks for Parents

5. Things to Buy at the Dollar Store

Dollar Store Organization Hacks


1. Paint Pen Kitchen Organization

Mason jars labeled with a paint pen.
Found from A Beautiful Mess

If you’re looking to organize your kitchen, look no further! You’ll only need a paint pen with your preferred color and voila, things just got cute and organized!

Side Note: Wanna get some really tasty recipes and helpful life tips and tricks? If you do, then you can check out Chasing Foxes on MSN here to get more good ideas! 🙂

2. Towel Bar to Hang Pans

Pots and pans hanging on a towel bar.
Found from The 2 Seasons – Link gone. Site has been marked as not secure.

Towel bars at the dollar store cost next to nothing, so that’s why I really love this idea of attaching a towel bar to the side of a counter (or elsewhere) and hanging your pots and pans from it.

Pans and pots already take up so much space in cupboards, so this design is practical, so chic and makes things way more accessible.

3. Measurement Conversion Chart

Inside drawer door decorated with a measurement table and hanging measurement cups.
Found from Infarrantly Creative

A cute way to decorate your kitchen is this awesome measuring command center (that’s at least what I’m calling it anyway.)

It goes on the back of one of your cabinet doors but can be put on the wall too if preferred.

Check out the tutorial here.

4. Pipe Fittings to Keep Kitchen Utensils Together

Utensils hung up on a door using pipe fittings.
Found from BHG

Are you pretty tired of rummaging through your drawers trying to find the right kitchen utensil?

If so, then get a couple of thin painted planks, add some pipe fittings to them and then attach the planks to the back of your kitchen door to help organize your kitchen utensils!

5. Cork Board Cabinet Organization

A cork board cabinet door with hooks hanging up measurement cups.
Found from Good Housekeeping

Alternatively, a hanging corkboard is an awesome idea for keeping kitchen utensils organized, out of the way, and easy to grab.

Just attach a cork board to your cabinet door and use some push pins to hang up your utensils.

Wherever you decide to attach this corkboard, it’s definitely a cute addition to your kitchen!

Just be sure your alignment is right so that your cabinet door can still close properly.

6. Cutting Board Storage

Cutting boards stored in a wire basket attached to a cabinet door.
Found from Country Living

Another little hack for your cabinet door.

Simply attach a wire holder to your cabinet door and your cutting boards will be thin enough to store in this wire basket.

It opens up a whole lot of space for bulkier items.

Likewise, make sure to attach your wire holder in a way that won’t block your cabinet door from closing.

7. Trays & Boards Storage Basket

Cutting boards and wire trays stored in a wicker basket.
Found from The Kitchn

If that last cabinet door hack was a little too complex for you, then simply pick up a cute wicker basket like this one to store your prepping and baking ware. It’s super cute!

8. Baking Cabinet Organization

A baking cabinet filled with jars, tins and boxes organized with labels.
If you love to bake like me, then some organization is in order. Seriously, baking supplies and goods can get messy, so some tips and hacks on how to keep things neat are much needed.

For starters, labeling your baking jars and boxes will help with that.

Also, be sure to use jars and lids that make the most sense for each ingredient. E.g. for fine white sugar, a mason jar with a screw-on lid works best.

The next step? Keep all your main baking ingredients, appliances and utensils in one cabinet as seen in the photo above. Not only will that make baking simpler, but it’ll keep you from making a mess rummaging through lots of drawers.

9. Kitchen Drawer Organization

$1 Drawer Makeover from So the Cook Said.
Found from So The Cook Said

Here’s a great tutorial I found from So The Cook Said on giving your kitchen drawer a $1 makeover.

Spicing up your drawers will help you stay motivated to keep your drawers clean and organized.

Check out the tutorial here if you’re interested. (Though I’d recommend laminating the paper to make it more durable.)

10. Chest Freezer Organization

An open freezer organized with plastic baskets.
Found from Practically Functional

If you have trouble keeping things in your freezer/fridge decluttered and organized, then definitely think about buying simple baskets from the dollar store to hold like-items.

Put like things together in one bin and store everything into categories so that you can keep things clutter-free and find what you want fast.

You could go a step further and organize what you need for meals and then just pull out the basket when it’s time to cook. This is perfect for busy days when you don’t have much time to make meals.

11. Trays to Organize Space Under the Sink

A plastic basket underneath a kitchen sink holding kitchen objects.
Found from Neat House Sweet Home

If you want to maximize all your kitchen space, consider the area under your sink.

Unfortunately, most people let things get pretty messy down there, but to keep all your cleaning supplies in place, simply use plastic trays and boxes.

And consider getting a common hook and/or a tension rod from the dollar store for hanging your bottles, cloths, and rubber gloves.

Neat House Sweet Home explores this topic more and gives some great advice.

12. DIY Spice Labels

Spice bottles lined up in a row with custom labels on them.
Found from The Social Home

If you want your kitchen countertops to stand out, then definitely try this DIY spice tray hack.

I really like this one because I don’t like how mismatched my spices are. If there’s a deal on spices, I’m going to buy it. I’m not thinking about how they’ll match each other.

With this spice DIY project, you get the spice jars from dollar store dirt cheap and the labels you can either buy or make yourself.

This gives me hope that my spice cupboard will be uniform someday too!

Check out the tutorial here.

13. More Spice Organization Ideas

How To Organize Your Spices.
Found from A Cultivated Nest

If you were pretty inspired by that last spice DIY project, why not go a step further and organize your spices even more?

A Cultivated Nest has some awesome spice organization ideas that also include cheap printables for labeling found in their store.

To check out A Cultivated Nest’s other spice organization ideas, click here.

14. Dollar Store Pantry Makeover

Pantry Makeover Using Dollar Store Supplies.
Found from How to Nest for Less

I love this whole pantry makeover that was done with dollar store bins. Baskets and bins are such a great way to keep things organized in your cupboards and pantries!

Organizing your pantry might be overwhelming, but just remember that dollar store baskets are your friend.

If you’re looking to do a more extensive DIY project, this tutorial has got you covered.


15. Bathroom Basket

Wire basket filled with electrical appliances hanging to a bathroom counter.
Found from Dream Green DIY

Ever worried about your hair straighteners catching fire while away from your house?

If you’re like me, then you’ll appreciate bathroom storage ideas like this one.

This will not only save space in your bathroom and keep things organized, but it will also force you to unplug your electrical devices before leaving your home by returning them to this file box.

All you’ll need is a couple of command hooks on the side of your sink to hang your wire container. Et voila!

This has got to be one of my favorite dollar store hacks because although it can look pretty complicated, all of the items needed to make it can be easily found in dollar stores.

And click here to read the tutorial on how to create this DIY bathroom basket.

Popular Now

16. File Sorter for Towels

File sorters with towels rolled up inside.
Found from House Beautiful

Your bathroom can be the smallest room in your home, which means it needs all the storage help it can get…Enter this simple bathroom DIY idea!

A great way to utilize a narrow space in a bathroom or a cupboard is to use some office supplies to help stack rolled-up towels.

17. Plastic Baskets to Organize Bathroom Drawers

Open bathroom drawers organized with plastic trays.
Found from House Beautiful

These plastic baskets are super cheap and handy for when you need to organize all your makeup, cosmetics, and other bathroom essentials.

You can find plastic baskets like these in most dollar stores.

18. Kitchen Utensil Tray to Organize Toiletries

A kitchen utensil tray holding bathroom objects in an open drawer.
Found from Cosmopolitan

Similar to the dollar store hack just above it, why not also use kitchen utensil trays to keep your more frequently used toiletries in place in smaller drawers?

19. Shower Organizer

A wire frame hanging on a cabinet door holding toiletry bottles.
Found from 320 Sycamore

Yes, you need two shower organizers—one for the actual shower and one hanging on the inside of your cabinet door.

It‘s a wonderful way to create some space, plus it makes it easier to find that hairspray or lotion you keep misplacing.

20. DIY Bottle Holders

Toiletries attached to the bathroom wall with bands and suction cups.
Found from Dollar Store Crafts

You won’t believe how convenient these bottle holders made with suction cups and hair ties are. No more cluttered shower ledges!

Check out the full tutorial on how to make these here.

21. Magnetic Makeup Board

A magnetic board holding lots of makeup products.
Found from JaNicki Photography

Do you do your makeup in your bathroom or bedroom? Whatever…I’ll place this hack next to the other bathroom dollar store hacks!

If you’re one of those who has eye shadows, brushes, lip glosses, and other products sprawled out everywhere, it probably sometimes makes you want to tear your hair out when you can’t find something!

However, this cute DIY project, using items from the dollar store, will solve these organizational issues and make your morning routine so much easier!

Read more about how to set up the magnetic makeup board here. Link is gone because the site no longer exists.

22. Shoe Organizer for Brushes & Products

A show organizer hanging on a door holding bathroom objects.
Found from Cosmopolitan

Have more cosmetic products than sneakers? Toss those shoes from your shoe organizer and use it to store stuff in your bathroom.

It’s perfect for hairbrushes and curlers, lotions, shampoos, and other beauty products that come in larger bottles.

23. Hooks to Organize Your Bathroom

Command hooks on a shower rail holding up bathroom objects.
Found from Muji

The dollar store has plenty of hooks! So try storing and organizing your bathroom and beauty products with them! It’s another great way to save space on your counters.

—Other Rooms

24. DIY Sunglass Holder

Sunglasses hung up on string inside a frame.
Found from Golden-Strokes

Okay, this is such a great way to keep things organized and make your room look super stylish! It’s such a nice way to display your sunglasses and keep everything in place!

It uses a picture frame, hot glue, and wires/ropes to hang the glasses on. Not too complicated!

To learn how to make this DIY sunglass holder, click here.

25. DIY Dollar Tree Mail Organizer

Two wire frames on a wall organizing mail.
Found from House Full of Sunshine

Never let your counters and desks become cluttered with mail again with this simple trick. It’s seriously a great way to keep important (and not so important) mail easily accessible.

All it takes is a plastic wire-caddy from the dollar store that is large enough to fit letters, black spray paint, and a hot glue gun to attach a chalkboard frame…simple!

To read the whole tutorial on making this DIY mail basket, click here.

26. Cereal Containers to Store Craft Supplies

Cereal containers holding and organizing stationery desk objects.
Found from Apartment Therapy

If you have plenty of cereal containers in your home, then you can easily create storage in your drawers with them.

To learn how to create these, click here.

27. Store Tights with Clothespins

Clothespins glued to a wall holding up clothes.
Found from Lanared Studio

Closets can get super messy and having plenty of tights doesn’t help, but a simple fix for that is to hang all your tights up together using clothespins.

All it really takes is a glue gun to glue your clothespins to your closet or wall.

To read the full tutorial, click here.

28. Dollar Store Eyeglass Cases to Organize Cords

Get some cheap eyeglass cases from Dollar Tree, and you have a bunch of options for cord storage! Put your cords in them and notice how they barely (if at all) get tangled.

29. Ice Cube Trays to Store Office Supplies

Get small little items that go missing or roll around inside your drawers? Put them in an ice cube tray, pop them in a drawer, and never lose them again.

30. Makeup Drawer Wire Mesh Organizers

It can be such a pain fishing for your mascara or lip liner in a messy drawer full of makeup. The fix?

Buy some small wire mesh containers from Dollar Tree and put your makeup inside.

31. Place Jewelry in a Medicine Organizer

Pill organizers are handy for small things around the home such as jewelry. And this dollar store hack works especially well when traveling!

32. Carabiners to Keep Hair Ties in One Place

Carabiners can be used to organize so many things. All you have to do is just attach your hair ties to it, and you have them all in one spot!

Dollar Store Decorating Hacks


33. DIY Mail Center

A shower caddy on a kitchen wall with two plants and mail resting on it.
Found from Country Living

Spray paint guys, that’s all it takes to make this shower caddy become your new mail holder so that your mail doesn’t become piled up on your counters.

Also, with a few small hanging plants added to it, it’ll make your kitchen that little bit greener.

34. Cake Stand Sink Organization

A cake stand on a kitchen countertop with dish soap and a sponge sat on it.
Found from My Home Look Book
Link re-directed to their site’s homepage. Tutorial no longer exists.

I think this $1 cake stand is a great way to optimize space on your counter as well as make it look super cute and…dare I say it? Fancy.

From a cleanliness point of view, moving your dish soap away from your kitchen sink will also stop any excess water from building up. And adding a dishcloth or small towel to your stand will only help keep things clean.

Quickly get some dish soap here to avoid going to the store.

35. DIY Mason Jar Organizers

Four colorful mason jars with kitchen utensils stored inside.
Found from PopSugar

You can get mason jars anywhere, including the dollar store. So head on down and get some labels and colorful mason jars to store your kitchen utensils!

36. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

decoupage soap dispenser from CherylStyle.com
Found from Everyday Dishes

But wait, there’s more! Screw a dispenser lid on a mason jar and you can also use it for your dish and hand soap.

These are easy to make and look great…Just because it came from the dollar store, doesn’t mean it has to look like it came from the dollar store!

For help in making these, check out the tutorial here.


37. Hanging Baskets for Small Spaces

A 3-tiered hanging basket against a bathroom wall filled with bathroom objects.
Found from Be Different Act Normal

Baskets are a great way to organize your stuff and make it look neat. But what if you don’t have any space for them? Hang them up the wall instead!

Not only does it declutter the space but it’ll make your room look cozier too.

38. Wicker Bathroom Towel Shelves

Two wicker baskets hung to a bathroom wall with towels and tissue inside.
Found from Good Housekeeping

Another awesome way to keep your bathroom uncluttered is to attach the bottom of some dollar store wicker baskets to your wall to hold towels, toilet paper, or whatever the heck you want to store.

It’s a space-saving storage idea that also adds decoration to your tiny bathroom. Now that’s definitely convenient!

Try to use at least 2 different sizes of wicker baskets to keep it from looking too boxy.

39. Hang Rustic Crates on the Wall

Three crates attached to a bathroom wall holding bathroom objects.
Found from House Beautiful

If you want a more sturdy look that can hold smaller items, hanging a row of rustic crates on the wall instead can become a stylish and quirky set of shelves.

The great thing is that they’re more customizable than a static shelf—you can shift their alignment to fit any awkward space.

Paint them in gold and white if you’re not a fan of the rustic look.

40. Glass Jars & Pallet Wood Bathroom Organizer

Three glass jars stuck to a wooden plank on a bathroom wall.
Found from Saved By Love Creations

This dollar store craft will not only make your bathroom more organized, but it also looks super cute.

You will need a 15-inch long pallet wood plank, a hammer, 3 glass jars, chalkboard paint, a small paintbrush, a tape measurer, and a marker or pencil.

You can find the full instructions here.

41. Decanter Decoration

A decanter filled with a light blue liquid sat on a bathroom countertop.
Found from Blair (product is no longer available)

I really love this bathroom decor idea. You can get very basic decanters (or similar glass-wares) at the dollar store, and it’s a great way to add some glamor to your bathroom counters.

Fill them up with mouthwash for a practical yet stylish purpose.

—Other Rooms

42. Hide Internet Router in Bookcase

An internet router surrounded and hidden by an old green book cover.

Internet routers kind of tend to make a room look less classy (no joke). So if you’re up for destroying a book, then definitely try this dollar store decor hack out.

The good news is that the router shouldn’t overheat because (as you can see) the sides and back are left open to breathe.

To learn how to achieve this effect, click here. Link goes to homepage since the blog post is no longer around.

43. Honeycomb Wall

A bedroom wall with wooden sticks making a honeycomb pattern on it.
Found from Vintage Revivals

Sticks guys! Sticks! Wooden sticks to create a pattern on your wall…I’m a creative person but I would never have thought of this.

Now take in mind that you don’t have to do this all across your wall. You can do it on part of your room or on a shorter wall to add some nice accents to your room.

So next time you’re in the dollar store, make sure to pick up some sticks!

Click here to read more about this awesome dollar store decor idea for your bedroom.

44. DIY Rope Basket

A before and after shot of an empty basket to a rope basket.
Found from iHeart OrganizingLink gone: site no longer exists.

Instead of spending $50-$70 on a rope basket, you can make your own using dollar store supplies. You’ll need some rope, a basket, spray paint, and a glue gun.

It’s a great way to keep the clutter off your floors while giving your room some awesome style!

This project doesn’t require any sewing and is made easier by the fact that you can find a lot of baskets or galvanized cans, glue sticks, and coiled rope from Dollar Tree.

A red colored rope basket.
Found from Lydi Out Loud

Alternatively, if you prefer the look of this one, you can check out its tutorial here!

45. DIY Animal Bookends

Two turquoise elephant animal bookends.
Found from Love Grows Wild

Why have plain old bookends when you can have fun animal bookends that are also kind on the budget? I suspect kids will love these too!

Two turquoise labrador animal bookends.
Found from Pottery Barn TeenLink sent to their homepage; tutorial no longer exists.

These labrador bookends are also pretty cute! Perfect for dog lovers.

46. DIY Gold Succulent Vases

Three golden homemade succulent vases sat on a wooden surface.
Found from We Lived Happily Ever After

This dollar store DIY project is adorable and not to mention cheap!

All you need are some juice glasses bought from the dollar store, newspaper, and spray paint.

Simply wrap the outside of your glasses in newspaper and spray paint the inside (doing it this way will make them look shinier and minimize scratch damage on the outside.)

Then simply add your succulents, also adding in some pebbles and rocks at the bottom of the glasses for better drainage.

You can read the tutorial here if you’re interested!

47. Painted Terracotta Pots

A green plant in a white painted terracotta pot. A green plant in a gold painted terracotta pot. Two green plants in white painted, gold leaf terracotta pots.
Found from Kenarry, Listotic, and The 36th Avenue

Painting terracotta pots is an easy way to add some style to your rooms. You can paint them plain white for a simple and clean look, or add some metallic paint for a sophisticated and modern effect.

48. Enamel Painted Vases

Three enamel painted vases of different colors sat on a dark wood surface.
Found from Sugar and Charm

So we’ve looked at painting glasses and terra cotta pots, but what about vases?

You have probably seen a lot of vases at the dollar store. Why not buy a few cheap transparent vases and make some beautiful enamel-painted vases of your own? It’s not very difficult!

To get painting some vases, click here.

49. Topiary Trees

Two homemade topiary trees.
Found from Home Made Lovely

Instead of buying an artificial topiary tree why not create one? You can make your own using dollar store supplies and it’s more inexpensive.

It’s a little more complex than the other DIY decor ideas listed: you’ll need items such as faux greenery balls, floral foam, terra cotta or bamboo pots, modeling clay, moss, skewers, and more.

But the result is well worth it!

Read the full tutorial here if you like what you see.

50. Clipboard Wall Art with Free Printables

Clipboards nailed to the wall with printable word art on them.
Found in Craft-O Maniac Site no longer available.

If you want customizable wall art decor that can be done in a minute, then try this clipboard printable project—it comes with free printables too!

To make these, just buy a clipboard from the dollar store, tape over all of it apart from the metal, paint the metal part gold, after drying remove all the tape, and then attach the clipboard to the wall with nails.

51. DIY Faux Stained Glass for Door

A door in a living room with faux stained glass.
Found from Lovely Indeed

Who would have thought that with just some colored window film from the dollar store, you could have faux stained glass at home?

You’ll need a few extra items such as a squeegee, baby shampoo (believe it or not), a spray bottle, a scraper and a razor blade, but this is a pretty easy DIY project all things considered!

To learn how to pull this effect off, click here.

52. Anthropologie Plate Art Knockoff

Anthropologie knock off plates stuck to a wall with an art pattern on them.
Found from While They Snooze

The original plate art sold at Anthropologie costs $7,500, but you can recreate your own DIY version for about $50.

You’ll need thirty plates, something to hang the plates with, a sharpie, and a projector. This will make your dining room wall look striking!

Learn how to create these Anthropologie plate knockoffs here.

53. Trashcan Garbage Nightstand

A trash can turned upside down and painted blue to use as a side table.
Found from House of Turquoise

I love this idea of turning a simple trashcan into a cute and trendy stand! It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do…the color definitely makes the room pop!

54. Starburst Mirror

Two homemade, gold-colored starburst mirrors hung to a wall.
Found from Hand Madera

Who could have thought that some bamboo skewers and golden spray paint could transform a regular mirror into a trendy masterpiece?

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for an already-made version, you can make your own for as little as ten bucks!

To learn how to make this DIY sunglass holder, click here.

55. Captain Mirror From a $1 Burner Cover

A round mirror hung by a rope and nail to a white wall.
Found from Little House Of Four

Using a 10-inch metal burner cover, a mirror and a few other supplies you can create this lovely wall decoration that will add character to any room.

To learn how to make this captain mirror, click here.

56. Industrial Farmhouse Storage Drawers

Plastic storage drawers painted in an industrial farmhouse style.
Found from Little House Of Four

With a little help of paint and other supplies, you can renovate regular dollar store drawers by giving them that awesome farmhouse-style look.

A few steps are involved but the overall transformation is remarkable!

To learn how to transform regular dollar store drawers into this, click here.

57. Dollar Store Bins to Stylish Storage

Dollar Store Bins to Stylish Storage
Found from Lemons Lavender & Laundry

I’ve shown you quite a number of dollar store bin hacks, so I thought it was about time that I shared with you some more ideas on how to transform your bins into something stylish.

This particular post is useful since it brings together quite a number of ways different people have made their dollar store bins look great.

You can check out the post here.

58. DIY Serving Tray

A makeshift storage tray made from a frame holding a candle and remote controls.
Found from Cutefetti

Using a frame and a placemat from a dollar store, you can create this beautiful serving tray for about $4. Place some candles and flowers on it to make it even more beautiful.

To learn how to make this DIY serving tray, click here.

59. Hula Hoop Chandelier

A homemade hula hoop chandelier wrapped in garlands and LED lights.
Found from The Knot

This chandelier made using a hula hoop, leaves, and light garland create a very romantic look.

60. Upholstered Drawers

Drawers with three of the front panels upholstered with dotty children designs.
Found from Wall FrySite no longer available.

With just some fabric and other supplies, you can turn your ordinary drawers into something super cute! This is definitely perfect for your kid’s room.

61. Clothespin Trivets

Colorful clothespins stuck together to form a circle shape.
Found from Dream a Little Bigger

Repurpose your clothespins into colorful trivets that will give your dining table a fancy and fab look.

Place your skillets on top and dinner is ready. Serve hot for an eye-catching meal for the family.

Here’s how to make them (video included.)

62. DIY Kate Spade Rose Bowl

A rose bowl decorated with golden dots sat on a green cake stand.
Found from Vintage Romance StyleLink gone: site no longer available.

You can make a bowl like this in the photo simply using items from Dollar Tree!

Who’d have thought that a metallic gold paint pen could make a Kate Spade-inspired rose bowl? It really looks chic, stylish, and elegant—perfect for a centerpiece.

You can check out the tutorial here.

63. Floral Mouse Pad

A mouse sat on a mousepad with a homemade floral design.
Found from The Crafted Life

Within 30 minutes, you can create a nifty and stylish mouse pad. Much cheaper and better than the store-bought mouse pad, don’t you think?

You just need some round cork, fabric, fabric mod podge, and a sponge brush (oh, and some scissors!)

Read the tutorial here if you like this idea.

64. DIY Accordion Marble Rack

Flowers, a handbag and a shawl hanging on a marble-colored accordion rack attached to the wall.
Found from Drawn to DIY

Boring accordion racks can get a totally different look if you decorate them with some marble contact paper from your dollar store.

This will make your entryway feel a little more luxurious without spending too much.

65. Succulent Planters

A three-tiered dollar store bowl planter with succulents inside.
Found from Craftberry Bush

If you’re into succulents (who isn’t?) then definitely try out this easy dollar store DIY project. I mean how nice does this DIY terrarium look?

The main trick of this is to glue transparent dollar store glasses in between dollar store ceramic bowls.

To learn how to make this, click here.

66. DIY Jewelry Storage

A three-tiered dollar store bowl jewelry stand.
Found from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer

Similar to the idea just above it, with a little effort you can transform a few dollar store bowls and candle holders into this beautiful tiered storage for your jewelry.

Feel free to get creative with colors to match your own room interior.

To learn how to make this, click here.

67. DIY Memo Animal Holders

A bronze-colored elephant and rhino figurine holding two memos on attached sharp points.
Found from Sugar and Cloth

These fun and simple DIY animal memo holders make the perfect functional desk (or party) accessory! Such a great way to be reminded of your notes with these cute animals and bright colors!

But how do you make them yourself? Here’s the quick version!

  1. Get a plastic animal and drill a hole in the top middle of it
  2. Squirt some super glue into the hole and plant your dowel rod in
  3. Super glue an alligator clip on the top of your dowel rod
  4. Spray paint it and then seal it with a glossy finish
For the full tutorial, click here.

68. DIY Geometric Planters

Geometrically-shaped straws encasing small succulents.
Found from Homemade Ginger

I really like these geometric planters! They have a little bit of a post-modern vibe to them.

All you need are some straws, metallic spray paint, pliers, and floral wire.

To learn how to make these planters, click here.

69. Floral Wall Clock

A DIY floral-design clock attached to a wall.
Found from Lovely Indeed

A cute and simple way to decorate your home is with this DIY project.

With a little effort, a wire wreath frame, a bunch of flowers, greenery, and a few other bits and bobs you can have this beautiful wall clock. Totally easy right?

To learn how to make this floral clock, click here.

70. Puff Lampshade

A lamp and lamp shade that has a pluffy design made from lots of pieces of heavy linen.
Found from The Pinto Pony

I’m totally loving this DIY Anthropologie-inspired lamp and I think it would look great in the bedroom!

You start off with a bare lampshade, and then you use lots of 4-inch square pieces of heavy linen cut into circles to create the puffy effect.

Lots of cutting and gluing needed, but I think you’ll agree the result looks fantastic!

To learn how to make this lamp, click here.

71. DIY Masking Tape Wall Art

Turquoise strips of masking tape on a wall making a geometric pattern.
Found from Be Frenchie

If you want to decorate your room but you don’t want to hassle with paint, then try using masking tape to create designs. What I really love about this is that you can personalize your design and remove it easily.

72. DIY Tassel Garlands

Found from Pizzazzerie

Whether you’re throwing a party or you just want to add some cute decor at home, these tassel garlands will give everything a pop of color!

All you need is tissue, scissors, a glue gun, and ribbon (or cord.)

To learn how to make these tassel garlands, click here.

Themed Dollar Store Decor Ideas


73. DIY Leaf Streamers Centerpiece

A table with orange leaves on a string as its centerpiece.
By Layla Palmer but found from HGTV

Skipping the centerpiece means there’s nothing at eye level to block your view of the other guests. And adding these Fall leaf streamers on the table can give the setting a cute Autumnal feel.

74. DIY Pumpkin Candleholders

Five small hollowed out pumpkins holding candles.
Found from Southern Living

These DIY mini pumpkin candle holders are so simple and only take about five minutes to make.

You just need to cut a 1-inch-wide circle into each pumpkin, scoop out the centers and insert the votive candles. You can also size these candle holders to fit any tea light, pillar, or taper candle!

75. DIY Mini Pumpkin Florals

Three hollowed out small pumpkins with floral decorations inside them.
Found from Fish and Bull

Here’s another cute and chic Fall decoration involving pumpkins.

These DIY pumpkin vases are an easy way to WOW your guests for dinner parties, look great for Thanksgiving, and awesome for Fall weddings!

You’ll just need a knife, spoon, flower bouquet, floral foam, and a small candle votive (a shot glass works fine too.)

Click here to read how to make this.

76. DIY Fall Pillow

A DIY pillow with the words “Fall…you get me” written on it.
Found from 2 Bees in a Pod

If you’re thinking of an easy way to add personality to your room, then this DIY pillowcase might interest you. It totally looks cozy, stylish and, inexpensive (in fact, it only costs about $5 to make!)

To read the tutorial on making this Fall pillow, click here.

77. Fall Chalkboard

A chalkboard hung to the wall with the words “GATHER with a GRATEFUL heart” written on it.
Found from Lolly Jane

A quote on a chalkboard is a perfect greeting for anyone entering your home. It looks very artsy and is easy to make!

You don’t need to even chalk it yourself but can just download a chalked image and frame it in a shabby chic frame.

To get the quote on the chalkboard, click here.

78. Fun Serving Pieces

Three large pumpkins being used as platter servers.
Found from Southern Living

Pale gray and green pumpkins add interesting height and fun to your buffet.

So what’s this dollar store hack advising you to do? Place serving plates on differently sized pumpkins. Simple. Boom.

79. Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights

Autumnal leaves wrapped around fairy lights running across a window pane.
Found from Wall Flower Kitchen

Fall leaves play a big part in bringing color into your home. Put them together with some fairy lights, and you’ll have a great Autumnal glow.

Here’s how to make it.

80. DIY Fall Wreath

An orange-colored DIY wreath attached to a front door.
Found from 2 Bees in a Pod

This wreath display makes a colorful and cute statement at your front door. Best of all, it doesn’t take much time to make!

You’ll need some wire cutters, floral stems, a craft foam ring, and a pen to make this beauty.

Want to make this wreath? Click here to learn how.

81. White & Metallic Pumpkin

White and metallic gold pumpkins scattered around decoratively in front of a front door.
Found from Taryn White Aker

It’s simple to decorate pumpkins with just a few supplies from the dollar or craft store. Create stylish seasonal decor with some gold and white paint and place them all around the house.

And see the cornstalk in this pic? These were actually planted to help keep them alive in the shade.

To learn more about this look, click here.


82. DIY Spider Web

A paper-made spider web with faux spider on a window.
Found from BHG

I really like this super easy and simple tip. This can transform your window into a spooky spider web. Even if you don’t have the spider, it would still look pretty cool.

To make this, all you have to do is:

  1. Use 2 long strips of black craft tape to create an X shape (make sure it’s off-center!)
  2. Use a 3rd strip to cross the middle of the X creating 6 sections in your window
  3. Starting from the center, use strips to create pentagons that grow as they go out
  4. Hot glue a suction cup to a faux spider and stick it on the window!

83. DIY Witch Broom

Mini homemade witch brooms tucked inside a glass mason jar.
Found from Craftholics Anonymous

Need a last-minute Halloween decoration? You have to try these easy paper straw witch brooms! They are a breeze to make and use only a handful of supplies.

To read the tutorial, click here.

84. Blood Dripped Candles

Four candles with red wax dripped on them to mimic blood.
Found from Lily Shop

Now this is creepy! This craft is not only brilliant but is SO easy.

All you need is a red taper candle, white pillar candles, wax paper, and a lighter.

  1. Place some white pillar candles on some wax paper to avoid spillage.
  2. Light your red taper candle and wait for a puddle of wax to form in it.
  3. Pour the red wax over the edge of your white candles moving it around so the drips look like blood.

85. Skeleton Hands Halloween Wreath

Plastic skeleton hands stuck together in a circle creating a Halloween wreath.
Found from Tried and True Blog

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without these creepy skeletons. And this skeleton hand wreath will definitely scare and wow your guest.

All you need is some strong glue, 9 plastic skeleton hands, a circular chalkboard, fine chalk marker, and some spray paint!

To learn how to make this, click here.

86. Cardboard Tombstone

Three cardboard tombstones on a front lawn.
Found from E How

Looking for a little way to add a big scare to your Halloween decor? Consider making this DIY project. These tombstones will turn your space into a scary graveyard.

Using everyday items such as newspaper, cardboard, sand/bricks, stencils, and a few more, these are pretty simple to make too!

To learn how to make these tombstones, click here.

87. Skull Candle Holder

Black skulls stuck together vertically with a spider-decoration candle on top.
Found from Endlessly Inspired

The dollar store sells a lot of plastic skeletons during Halloween. So take advantage of it and create this useful candle holder.

All you’ll need is a hot glue gun, black spray paint, terra cotta saucers, and (of course) a candle!

To check out how to make this, click here.

88. Hanging Foam Bats

Three paper black bats with googly eyes hanging on a tree outside.
Found from HGTV

Now, if you want more ideas to decorate your yard, then try this spooky bat DIY project!

You’ll need some scissors, a pencil, craft glue, black craft foam, googly eyes, and a fishing line.

To read the full tutorial, click here.

89. Vintage Folk Art Pumpkin

Decorated foam balls designed to be a cat and a pumpkin with a face.
Found from Craft Berry Bush

With just a little effort, who would think that you could create awesome Halloween decorations from foam balls. It’ll totally look like you bought them in a specialty store.

With foam balls, foam cutters, and some specialty paint you’ll be on your way to making these in no time!

To learn how to make these decorative foam balls, click here.

90. Cheesecloth Ghost

A cheesecloth draped over to form a smiling ghost figure.
Found from One Good Thing By Jillee

This decoration is really cheap and a fun way to decorate for Halloween. Make 2 or 3 of them and this can totally give your home a cute and not so spooky feel.

All you need is some cheesecloth, starch, and a few other essentials you probably already have at home!

Learn how to make this here.

91. Deranged Halloween Centerpiece

A flower and vase decorated with lots of plastic critters swarming around and inside it.
Found from Martha Stewart

Using faux critters and snakes from the dollar store, this bunch of white roses makes a scary and funny centerpiece.

Making this requires some skill in parts, but it’s mostly just gluing on critters!

Check out more info on how to make it here.


92. “Thankful” Paper Bunting

A bunting hanging across a fireplace spelling out the word “Thankful”.
Found from A Thoughtful Place Blog

This paper bunting project is so easy to make and is such a great addition to any room. It also reminds us to be thankful—could it get any better?

To make it, it requires some brown lunch bags, black ribbon, and black markers.

Learn how to make it by clicking here.

93. Door Greeting Wreath

A chalkboard with the words “Welcome to our Home” on it with leaves and berries around the outside of it.
Found from Country Living

Welcome your guests with this charming alternative Fall wreath.

It’s so simple to make—all you need to do is add some chalkboard paint to the inside of an old tray and finish it with some autumn leaves and berries around the edges.

94. DIY Paper Napkin Rings

Four decorative napkins tied up individually with cardboard rings with the words “Give Thanks” written on it.
Found from Aka Design

Pair your utensil holders with this personalized DIY project. It really looks adorable and is perfect for your dinner table.

You’ll need some kraft paper, scissors, clear scotch tape, and a computer and printer.

Learn how to make these DIY napkin rings here.

95. DIY Give Thanks Pillow Cover

A yellow DIY pillow with the words “give THANKS” written on it.
Found from Kiki Comin

Add warmth and charm to your home with this easy fall decoration idea.

All it takes to make this pillow is a pillow cover from the dollar store and iron-on vinyl.

In a little time, you’ll have a cozy Thanksgiving throw pillow.

To learn how to make this DIY pillow cover, click here.

96. Cinnamon Sticks Candle

A lit candle wrapped in cinnamon sticks and tied together with string.
Found from Garden Therapy

Welcome the Fall season with this DIY cinnamon candle. It’s easy to do and makes a great decorative fall centerpiece. This will definitely make your house smell amazing without taking much effort.

Using twine, tie cinnamon sticks around a candle. And you’re done!

97. Metallic Pumpkin Runner

A table runner featuring golden pumpkins, candles and pinecones.
Found from BHG

The dollar store offers a lot of great paints but I highly recommend trying gold. Not only is it trendy, but it also gives a stylish, chic, and elegant look without spending much.

Add some gold to pumpkins, pinecones, and branches. Then, to finish the look, let them all sit on a burlap runner underneath.

98. DIY Faux Pumpkin Vase

A white hollowed out pumpkin holding a floral arrangement in the middle.
Found from A Pumpkin and a Princess

Why spend so much on your table centerpiece when you can have a lovely one without splurging?

This crafty idea for plastic pumpkins with a touch of gold spray paint is such a smart project. It really looks elegant and impressive.

You’ll need hot glue, fall stems, a styrofoam block, and a faux pumpkin.

This tutorial will help you learn how to make it.

99. DIY Confetti Stuffed Turkey

A paper bag fashioned to look like a turkey with confetti around it.
Found from Studio DIY

Having kids over on your Thanksgiving day feast? Surprise them with this cute and fun confetti stuffed turkey!

You’ll need lots of confetti, a lunch bag, treat bags, tissue paper, scissors, and hot glue.

Learn how to make it here.

100. Wheat Bundle Centerpiece

A bundle of wheat wrapped around in a bow sat on a table runner.
Found from Uncommon Designs Online

Burlap ribbon from the dollar store makes this wheat bundle perfect for your Thanksgiving table. This really brings an Autumnal vibe without spending too much time and money.

You’ll need floral wire, ribbon, scissors, a 4-inch wide burlap ribbon, a sliced wood piece, and dried wheat (2 bunches) to achieve this exact look.

You can check out the tutorial for it by clicking here.

101. Customizable Utensil Holder

A spoon, fork and knife wrapped in a cardboard cutout with the words “thankful for CHARLOTTE” written on it.
Found from Bloom Designs Online

Alright alright, so this particular product is not from the dollar store (it’s actually from Etsy), but it’s still a budget-friendly DIY project! And it’s super cute.

However, you could pretty easily make these yourself using some card from the dollar store and making the design yourself on PicMonkey. You’d just then print your design onto the card strips using a printer.

Either way, whether you buy it or make it yourself, these “thankful for” customizable place cards will be appreciated at your next dinner party!

You can purchase the customizable PDF file for it from Etsy here.


102. DIY Mason Jar Globes

Four water-filled mason jars upside with faux garlands inside.
Found from Make + Haus

Now this is a beautiful way to add some color to your room. With just a few supplies, you can make these amazing centerpieces.

To make this, you’ll need some assorted mason jars, hot glue, distilled water, liquid glycerin, snow confetti (or glitter), and some plastic ornaments or faux garland.

For the full tutorial, click here.

103. DIY Embossed Foil Leaf Wreath

A DIY golden leaf wreath attached to a wall with three lit candles underneath it.
Found from eHow

If you want a holiday decor idea that really stands out, then I’d suggest trying this easy bright foil wreath. Definitely an eye-catcher!

You’ll need a few items such as a foil baking sheet/oven liner, scissors, a hot glue gun, a wooden embroidery hoop, golden spray paint, and either a cutting mat or foam board.

To read the tutorial for this, click here.

104. Gem Icicle Ornaments

A string of faux gemstones hung to branches in order to look like icicles.
Found from Mad in Crafts

These dollar store icicle ornaments are a great way to make your tree or certain centerpieces stand out.

To make these icicles you’ll need gems from the dollar store, craft glue, and floral wire, and snips.

To read the full tutorial, click here.

105. Duster Christmas Wreath

Dusters round together to form a duster wreath attached to a door with a ribbon attached.
Found from Craftberry Bush

Now I think this is somewhere between a boho and farmhouse holiday decoration. At least, that’s the best way I can describe this super cute Christmas wreath.

It’s easy to make too! All you’ll need are 4 or more microfiber dusters and some white pipe cleaners.

To know how to create this look, click here.

106. DIY Botanical Ornament

Found from The Crafted Life

I love this adorable and pretty botanical ornament. It’s super simple and elegant as well.

All you’ll need is ribbon, a clear ornament, and dried plants. Yay for simple dollar store decorating hacks!

To read the full tutorial, click here.

107. Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

Pine attached to mason jars covered in Snow-Tex with a lit candle inside the mason jars.
Found from Crafts by Amanda

Candles are always a great way to make your home feel warm and cozy. And these DIY candle decorations are a magical way to make it feel like the holidays.

To make these candles exactly as you see in the picture, you’ll need 2 pinecones, a glass jar, twine, lace, a hot glue gun, a candle, Epsom salt, and some Snow-Tex.

To learn how to make these candle jars, click here.

108. Iced Branches

Diamond vase filler and glass glitter glued to branches to make iced branches.
Found from Make them Wonder

I’ve always been a fan of iced branches; they make for a great wall or table decoration. And now you don’t have to pay $25 for a set; you can make it yourself!

To make them you’ll need tree branches, tacky glue, some diamond vase filler, and glass glitter.

To learn how to make these iced branches, click here.

109. Mini Stocking Silverware Holders

Mini Christmas stockings holding knives, spoons and forks on a table.
I think this might just be the cutest dollar store idea yet. There isn’t much work you have to do and it’s a great way to decorate the table on a budget.

So if you can find some small stockings at your local dollar store, you know what to do!

110. Christmas Tree Napkins

A napkin followed in the shape of a Christmas tree sat on a plate.
Found from Social Apps

Now if you really want to get creative, then definitely have a try making these adorable Christmas tree napkins. It’s not too much work and it’ll definitely impress the family!

All you need are some green napkins, cinnamon sticks, and paper stars.

Check here to see the instructions on how to make these.

111. Paper Evergreens

DIY green paper evergreens sat on a mantelpiece.
Found from Martha Stewart

These paper evergreens are a great way to dress up your living room. Whether you place them above the fireplace or on a side table, it’s an awesome way to get into the Christmas spirit!

You’ll need some green card, wooden bamboo skewers, wooden spools, a hot glue gun, scissors, a bone folder, an X-Acto knife, and gold beads.

To learn how to make these, click here. (Video is included.)

Dollar Store Hacks for Parents

Here are some dollar store hacks for kids that’ll make parenting just that teensy bit easier!

112. Bucket Storage for Kids

Four dollar store buckets hanging on rail attached to the wall.
Found from There Was a Crooked House

A great way to keep your children’s art supplies organized and picked up are these DIY storage buckets from the dollar store. Definitely something to try if your kids are the crafty kind.

Simply attach a rail with matching hooks to the wall and hang your buckets!

You can read more about this simple DIY project here.

113. Store Kids Toys with Dollar Store Baskets

Three dollar store baskets sat on consecutive stair steps.
Found from Mama With Ideas

Toys can seem to get everywhere, making a mess, and hurting our feet when we accidentally stand on them. These dollar store baskets will make sure that never happens again.

Four dollar store buckets sat on consecutive stair steps.
Found from Remarkable HomeSite not reachable; link gone.

These buckets from the dollar store even came with names on them! Perfect to help your kids know where to put their toys after they’ve finished playing.

114. Hamper to Keep Kids Toys Together

A hamper filled with kids toys.
Found from Parents

Another easy way to ensure all of your kids’ toys are organized and off the floor is to store them in a hamper.

115. Plastic Cereal Container as a Trash Bin for Messes

A plastic cereal container on the floor next to the front seat of a car.
Found from BHG

The car is an infamous place for kid’s messes and crumbs getting everywhere. But with just a simple plastic cereal container and a plastic bag, you can easily keep things tidy.

Be sure to check out more car cleaning hacks here!

116. Dollar Store Baskets to Hold Car Food

A green dollar store basket holding fast food in a car.l
Found from Lookie What I DidBlog no longer available.

Another car cleaning hack for you!

I used to be a live-in nanny (not for someone faint of heart), and I would get just a bit stressed out when the car became a wreck after feeding them. I wish I’d thought of this dollar store hack!

Simply buy an organized storage basket from the dollar store similar to the one in this photo and you’ll be good to go.

117. Frozen Sponges as Ice Packets

Frozen colorful sponges wrapped in plastic.
Found from The Kitchn

A super simple and cool way to keep your kids cooled down as things warm-up (or to keep their food cool in their lunch boxes) is to use a frozen sponge.

Simply soak your sponges (bought from the dollar store, of course!) in water and then freeze in zip-top bags.

118. Family Organization Boards

A board attached to a wall with a calendar, notes, and a pot filled with pens.
Found from Girl Loves Glam

A great way to keep your family organized is with an awesome planner for everyone to see. Not only will it help you stay on top of things, but it helps reminds your whole family of what’s going on.

This particular family organization command center uses frames bought from the dollar store:

  • Two 8.5″ by 11″ document picture frames
  • Two 5″ by 7″ picture frames
Check out the whole tutorial here.

119. Nursery Drawer Organizer

Dollar store organizers filled with baby clothes.
Found from My So Called Home

Baby outfits are super small and can get disheveled so easily. So try using dollar store organizers for your drawers. This will definitely help keep everything together.

120. Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

Pool noodles stuck in a lawn with a toddler playing soccer.
Found from Developing The Whole Child

I’m pretty sure this DIY obstacle course for kids would have kept me busy for weeks on end during the summer.

Create an obstacle course using pool noodles stuck into the ground with bamboo BBQ skewers. They can kick the ball through the pool noodles and also crawl through them, so it’s great for kids of many ages.

Check out the tutorial here on how to make one.

121. Hula Hoop Croquet

Hula hoops stuck in grass with two toddlers playing croquet.
Found from The Crafting Chicks

A bit different from the one above it, this one uses hula hoops, dowel rods to keep the hoops in the ground, and DIY croquet balls.

Easy to set up, you can watch your kids have fun all day long (especially if you make it a competition on who can get the balls through all the hoops fastest!)

You can read the tutorial here.

122. Hoola Hoop Hideout

Two hula hoops attached to a tree branch with hanging linen to create hideouts for three toddlers.
Found from Alanna George

A summer day camp is an excellent way to keep your kids busy. Children just love hideouts and spending time in nature. They’ll be even more excited if you get them involved in making it.

All you need is a hula hoop, safety pins, twine or rope, tulle and/or ribbon, sheets, scissors, cushions, and blankets.

Check out this tutorial here to make your own hideout!

123. Giant Dry Erase Mat

Found from I Heart Arts N Crafts

Kids that love to draw will love this! And better yet, when a rainy day comes and you can’t go outside, this dollar store hack still comes in handy.

You’ll need washable non-toxic dry erase markers and a clear vinyl shower curtain liner as your canvas, which you can find for only $1 at a local dollar store.

124. DIY Color Mixing Station

A toddler mixing paint on a circular tray outside.
Found from No Twiddle Twaddle

Mixing colors with cornstarch water (sometimes referred to as “oobleck”) is one of those perfect kids’ activities that keeps kids busy for hours.

It’s important to note that play clothes are essential for this messy play idea, however, the mess of the cornstarch water does easily wash away.

125. DIY Ice Cream Bar

Napkins, straws and spoons in a green wire mesh sat on a party table.
Found from Hi Sugar Plum

Dollar stores sell all kinds of things that can be used for parties. Items such as popcorn buckets, shaker jars, straws, tablecloths, napkins, cups, cutlery, balloons and so much more!

This particular idea uses some items from the dollar store to make an ice cream bar. It’s better seen than described, so I’m just going to link to the post here.

126. Backyard Tic Tac Toe

A Tic Tac Toe blanket spread out on a lawn with three colorful frisbees next to it.
Found from A Turtles Life For Me

Make a Tic Tac Toe grid using a shower curtain and cheap tape from a dollar shop. Then set 6 frisbees out, so the kids can stand behind a line and see who has the best aim!

127. Make Giant Bubbles

A young boy stood in the middle of a giant bubble.
Found from Dollar Store Crafts

Building a bubble station will not only make your kids excited but also wow your guests (perfect for the kids’ parties!)

This activity is a homemade “super bubble” that party guests can stand inside of!

All you need are items that you can (mostly) find in dollar stores:

  • 5 gallons / 19 liters of distilled water
  • 10 cups / 2.5 liters of Dawn non-antibacterial dish soap
  • 5 cups / 1.2 liters of Glycerol — optional
  • A hula hoop
  • A child-size hard plastic swimming pool
You can read the tutorial here.

128. Window Art With Glue & Food Coloring

Children squirting paint from bottles onto transparent picture frames.
Found from Still Parenting

Now this is a great way to keep your kids busy! You can even find pictures for them to replicate.

Save some of their creations for when they’re older and these window art projects will be a great memory for them to look back on.

129. Disney Brave Party: Arrows & Paint

Five paint buckets with arrows plonked in them.
Found from All Things Thrifty

I’m pretty sure one of the things kids like most is to make a huge mess with paint.

So what better way to do it than with arrows and targets? Seriously, this looks like so much fun (even for adults!)

If you’re feeling brave, you can check out the tutorial here.

Things to Buy at the Dollar Store

If you’re looking to save money and want to know which items you should get from the dollar store, this list of 25 dollar store items to pick up is for you!

1. Vintage Music Records

Even the best bargains at your favorite music shop can’t compete with the price of vintage music records in dollar stores.

2. Greeting Cards

Compared with other retail stores, you’ll be saving $2 to $3 per card if you buy from the dollar store. Buy in bulk and stock up for those upcoming events, birthdays, and anniversaries.

3. Betty Crocker’s Storage Containers

Betty Crocker tubs in a dollar store.
Found from How Does She

Many stores sell storage containers at expensive prices, but you can easily get brands like Betty Crocker on the cheap.

4. Gain Dryer Sheets

Gain dryer sheets for sale in a dollar store.
Found from Passion for Savings

You can get many of your laundry supplies at the dollar store, which is handy since it tends to be so expensive at other places.

5. Party Supplies

Plastical tablecloths, cups, plates, cutlery, streamers, and balloons; they’re all cheaper at the dollar store compared to your local party supply store.

6. Little Gifts

Whether it’s little birthday gifts for kids, souvenirs for visiting guests, tokens at an old school reunion or a family get-together, dollar stores keep a massive stock of gifts for every occasion.

Small toys, delicious candies, card games, goodie bags with chocolates, health and beauty supplies are some of the inexpensive gift items in their repertoire.

7. Gift Wrapping

Don’t blow your budget on making your gift look presentable when you can get gift boxes, bags, wrapping paper, and multicolored bows for peanuts at the dollar store.

8. Glad

Glad® storage bags being sold in a dollar store.
Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Glad seems to be a brand we all know and use, so why get it at a local supermarket?

9. Hefty Storage Bags

Hefty storage bags being sold in a dollar store.
Found from Frugally Blonde

If you’re someone that loves prepping your lunches for work, saving those leftovers, or cutting up fruit and freezing them for smoothies, you can get Hefty for way less at dollar stores.

These storage bags are also great for organizing other things in your drawers and cabinets.

10. Kitchen Utensils

I get a lot of my kitchen supplies from the dollar store because it literally makes no difference. They look just as good as the more expensive brands (and no one’s gonna know unless they shop there too.)

Purchase frying pans and mixing bowls, to containers and long-lasting crockery items from the dollar store and enjoy the savings.

11. Winter Clothing

From woolen socks to knitted hats, dollar stores are a mini boutique for cheap winter accessories starting as low as $1.

12. Clorox Bleach

Clorox® bleach being sold in a dollar store.
Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Who’d have thought you could make a saving buying Clorox from the dollar store?

13. Cleaning Products

Get kitchen, bathroom and toilet cleaners, as well as tile washing detergents, all for cheap at the dollar store. You may even notice some well-known brands too.

14. Dish Soap

Palmolive dish soap being sold in a dollar store.
Found from Frugally Blonde

You can get name brand dish soap like Palmolive or Dawn instead of paying top dollar at your local Meijer or Albertsons.

15. Dental Care

Keeping an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash in your bathroom will save you money and time so you’re not running to the store the next time you run out.

16. Medications Like Qlear Vicks

Vicks QlearQuil™ being sold in a dollar store.
Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you’re suffering from a cold or some other ailment, then definitely make sure you’re checking the dollar store for Vick’s and other meds.

17. School & Office Supplies

From pencils to sharpeners, to scotch tape, and even staplers, you can find a lot of great prices for these items. So take advantage of this and stock up on your school and office supplies.

18. Hair Accessories

The dollar store offers bargain prices for all their hair ties, bobby pins, headbands, and anything you can find for hair accessories.

19. Batteries

An eight-pack of AA batteries typically costs around $5 from home depot, but sometimes you can find them in dollar stores for just $1.

20. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

Lysol disinfecting wipes being sold in a dollar store.
Found from Passion for Savings

Having kids can be messy, so carrying some disinfecting wipes can be pretty handy!

21. Dishware

You can find a great selection of dishware at the Dollar store. They may not always look chic, but they’re perfect if you need to replace something that broke.

22. Picture Frames

Another great thing that you can find at the dollar store that’s super cheap is picture frames. Get a bunch, paint them if need be, and they’ll make a great addition to your room.

23. Bisquick Pancake Mix

Bisquick baking mix being sold in a dollar store.
Found from Frugally Blonde

If you’re someone that loves having big Saturday morning breakfasts, then grab a big bag of Bisquick at the dollar store and save yourself some money.

24. Snacks

Did you know that you can save a lot of money on snacks at the dollar store? Choose from a huge selection of cookies, candy, gummies, chips, and boxed chocolates.

25. Oroweat

Oroweat® bread being sold in a dollar store.
Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

You can get fresh bread at the dollar store every day! No need to pay extra for something you could get cheaper right?

Phew, that was a long list! Well done if you’ve made it this far!

DIY projects are pretty fun, especially when they’re super simple and cost you hardly any money. And it’s also nice to know that you can get household items pretty cheap at the dollar store.

(No need to spend $10 on a potato peeler…seriously, no need!)

Now if you have any awesome dollar tree hacks, dollar store decorating hacks, ideas, projects, or even tips on what to buy at the dollar store to save money, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Chasing Foxes was started in 2016 as a way for Grace and her husband, Silas, to start traveling. However, they started to realize that they had a passion for improving themselves, and wanted to help others level up their lives as well. So whether it's with cooking, travel, or staying healthy, they want to help you better your life bit by bit, as they do the same.

82 thoughts on “100+ Dollar Store Hacks That Are SO Clever”

  1. Wow. These are so clever and affordable! I think I am going to get started on the DIY spice labels today, as my family is always making fun of me for confusing them haha.

  2. I loved the ideas and the organized way you passed the information. The kitchen tips were very practical, they won my heart. thanks!

  3. Our church has a wonderful small group of women who meet once a month to do crafts together! I love crafting, so I often find a craft to do with them or teach them. I almost always get the supplies from Dollar Tree and put together kits for the ladies. Usually they pay for them, so I try to keep the cost down around $10 and Dollar Tree makes that possible. We even have a room in the church dedicated as just our craft room and have been donated several things to use for our crafting! We have made some really lovely things and have become quite good friends!

  4. I’m determined to cook a delicious turkey this year for Thanksgiving. The last few years have been a real disappointment. For some reason I just can’t get the bird to turn out moist and soft. Wish me luck!

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  7. I was challenged with an autistic son who was defiant as all get out so I bought a colored tote (no see through) and purchased books, toys, etc to fill it up with. I explained that when he did as expected, he could pick a reward out of the tote. I then was challenged with twins so I just started doing it for all the kids.

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  12. I love the dollar tree! I’ve been shopping there for 10 years now and still keep having “aha” moments on what I could buy there to save money! Love these ideas!

  13. We have used the Dollar Tree for just about every aspect of my daughter’s wedding from the centerpieces to the menu board and lots in between. I t has really been a budget saver. All it takes is a little imagination and pinterest!!

  14. Love Dollar Tree for these items that buy there often: large, padded mailing envelopes, small plastic and glass jars with lids for organizing everything — from nails and screws to pantry items. Also, WHY would I spend $5 on pretty gift bag when they are only $1 there!? Often buy drinking glasses, placemats and household cleaners. Also love all the plastic bins for storage, etc.

  15. In line with your artsy focus, there’s a project I’d like to try (again…failed with the initial attempt). The project resembles eclectic Anthropologie candle stick holders. For the materials, you gather all kinds of small porcelain pieces like animal salt and pepper shakers, teacups, maybe small plates, figurines, etc. You then stack and glue them to a tall height with a candle stick holder on top. As I recall, hot glue did not work. The idea may have even come off of Pinterest. Looked cool in the photo….like your popsicle stick wall. Thanks for that idea.

  16. Teachers love the Dollar Tree. Last year I had a carnival theme for my classroom decor. I was able to get great student gifts like boxes of animal crackers and those large, round rainbow swirl suckers. They had great bulletin board boarders and posters that went with my theme. My favorite item (and the one I had the most comments on) was the large, plastic popcorn containers which I used to store my leveled reading books. Rows of those fun containers definitely added to the theme look and made organizing so easy. Each year, I find many of my theme decor “starters.” Then, what I can’t get at the Dollar Tree, I go to the teacher store to purchase. However, by starting at the Dollar Tree, I literally save well over a hundred dollars!

  17. I love being able to take my grandkids on an “adventure” outing and still be able to have $ for little treats that they picked out themselves. We all have a great time and they have learned to look all the aisles over before making their choices.

  18. I like to buy nuts, dried fruits and seeds there and make trail mix for my family. So much cheaper than buying premade. Its the best place to buy items for missions too!! And for the preppers…cheapest place to pack your bug out bag!!

  19. We travel to Azrizona in Feb and stay for a month. We rented a house that was totally furnished, then the house was sold. We found a condo to rent but no housewares and etc. I went to dollar store and challenged myself how inexpensive I could stock the condo. My husband was stunned by my thriftyness! I bought silverware, plates, glasses, etc. The bathroom was my best savings, for ten dollars, towels, washcloths, rug, stool cover, shower curtain shower liner and toothbrush holder. Plus when we departed for home items donated to help someone else!

  20. College kids need a little help, right? Every so often I pack my granddaughter a “goodie box” packed full of Dollar Tree items – office supplies such as pencils, tape, paper clips, pens, etc.; laundry detergent & dryer sheets; kitchen supplies – aluminum foil sheets, aluminum pans, detergent, etc.; she loves those Whales crackers and other snackies; toothpaste and a new tooth brush; batteries; candles, the list is endless. Needless to say, she is thrilled. They are going to “share” so why pay a lot more for the same quality you can get at dollar stores?

  21. I am there all the time too. I have even blogged about it. I love the way you’ve pulled all of these together. Great job. I am going to have to venture out to Dollar Stores outside of my neighborhood because I know different buyers stock different items. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I love all their color, project books for children. Also school supplies and colorful pattern folders. Put them all together to make a Welcome package for any new children that come to our Kidz Club class at church! They children have a fun package to work on and remember our class!

  23. I get bread, tortillas, 18 count eggs, hair ties, zippy bags, school supplies, calendars, and snacks for the kids for school (cheese sticks, cereal bars, cheese crackers, etc).

  24. Being a senior citizen and alone, I like to snack, so the littler packages are great. Peanut butter filled
    Pretzels, love them. I get in the mood for them then don’t want a lot left over. They have a rubber
    Thing to remove oil filter. Well I bought one just like it that is a jar opener for way more than a dollar. I try not to go to often it’s hard to pass up great deals. Lol

  25. I love DOLLAR TREE!! Ours is located right next to one of those big name “party” stores with all the decorations and plates, etc. BUT, why pay those prices when you can go right next door to the dollar store and get the EXACT same plates, same company and all, for a buck? AND, I make soap so, other than lye, I can get pretty much a whole batch of soap ingredients there for about 5 bucks!!

  26. Get cheap wire wisks. Fill them with seasonal candy. Tie a bow where the handle and wires meet. This makes inexpensive door prizes or small gifts (example, teacher gifts) , or shower/party favours.

  27. I’ve bought lovely white dinner plates and matching bowls which are deep enough to for pasta and soup. I buy my aluminum cake tins, organizing items, covered shoe bins, white rain shampoo and conditioner, cards, etc etc. I even buy food. Love dollar tree for my craft projects also.

  28. Actually a couple of months ago, I was shopping at the dollar store and found Pepperidge Farm breads on the shelf. Turns out every Tuesday & Thursdays, they get a delivery from the company just like the grocery stores do, only smaller quantity. Loaves of bread that easily cost $3.99 each in any grocery store I can get for a dollar. Whoopie!!!

  29. Ask if they can special order a particular item in bulk…This helped me save a few hundred $$ for my wedding..I fell in love with some cute picture frames that I wanted to give to our guests that also paired with their table seating. I got about 400 frames for about $200. Bought a silver pen wrote our names and the date on the frame and printed out the guests name and table number and inserted it. AND I had plenty extra just in case I messed up.

  30. I spent a total of 9 dollars on 8×10 mirrors they had to make a “wall of mirrors” well, a half wall, behind my coffee corner 🙂 I love it!

    • I buy eggs, angus steak, burrito, porchop, frozen veggies, breakfast food, bread, milk, yummy ice cream pie and etc from the dollar store. I couldn’t ask for more, very pocket friendly. I buy and make my own seasonal wreath and decor from them, love all the kids coloring books and other arts supplies. Also, you can buy aluminum balloon for a dollar which sells for $5 from other stores.

  31. This is a great roundup! I’ve been shopping at the Dollar Tree since I was a little kid. Some of my favorite items: organization supplies like stackable little baskets, cleaning supplies, kitchen items, notebooks and other school supplies, and snacks.

    • I’m so sorry Tai for the late reply! My husband and I have been so busy of late! Also, thanks for the awesome tips! I’m so glad you’ve been able to find great stuff at the Dollar Tree! 🙂

  32. Nice share! We can find many great items on Dollar Stores. I often go there to buy the holiday cards, bathroom supply, and kids’ books, balloons. There are some items that I can’t believe I can get it for a dollar.

  33. I have one for all of you. I found watch batteries at the DOLLAR Tree. I also found invisible deodorant. The kind that doesn’t leave white marks underarm s on black marks. I also got antihistamines pills when I got stung by the bee’s. They’re cortisone cream and bandaid and triple antibiotics. They also have 5 X mirrors. And Great hair brushes.


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