8 Fall Decor Ideas You Need to Try if You're on a Budget

Written by Grace & Silas

Fall has almost arrived and it doesn’t feel right to let this season pass without honoring it with some cute décor. When days get gloomy, these decorations will brighten up your space and keep things looking fun and festive. So check out these ideas and let us know what you think! They’re all pretty easy to do.

1. Orange accents: We all have cushions lying around in our house, be it in the living room or our bedrooms. And for a change, you can get new covers to make them pop. And to match the theme of Fall, change the covers to your favorite shade of orange. It’s a very cute way of celebrating the season you’re in.
2. Mason jar lights: Almost all of us seem to have some spare mason jars that we should probably utilize. And all you have to do with them is stick some old brown maple leaves on the outside and place fairy lights inside it. And there you go; a cute little fall lamp!
3. Centerpiece with feathers: Make your own centerpiece by taking a white vase and putting some pheasant feathers along with other foliage. Then put some pinecones around on the table. It’s a great way to get the rustic feel for your home.
4. Light up with lanterns: This has to be the easiest idea. Just hang some empty vintage lanterns around and give them a battery-operated fairy-light inside. It really is a great way to make your home feel cozy.
5. Bring out your chunky knits: It’s the perfect time to layer up your bed with some chunky knits and feel cozy. Seriously, what better way to drink hot chocolate?
6. Decorate a chalkboard: Have some fun and look up some cute Fall chalkboard designs with cute quotes and illustrations. It’s a great way to make your home look festive!
7. Pinecone door hanging: With this super easy idea, you will be dressing up your entrance. Just use a deep wine-colored ribbon to attach to the pinecones. Then tie all the ends into a bow and hang it on your door.
8. Leaves on a string: Collect some old maple leaves or the ones lying around on the ground and hang them on a string using clips.

All these ideas are worth trying out since they are affordable and super easy to work with. They can also make your home feel very festive and fun in a simple way. So give them a try and let us know what you think!


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