8 Things to Make and Sell for Money on the Side

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If you’re not crazy about your work, or you feel that you could be making more (but don’t want to leave the job you have now), then there are always great ways to make money on the side!

And thankfully, they don’t just have to be small tasks (like doing reviews online) for a small amount of money. They can actually be quite lucrative! So check these ideas out and let us know what you think!

Confectionery: Almost everyone loves sweets and you can actually make good income baking and cooking. You can begin by making sweets for children and cakes for adults, which will help in diversifying your customers. You can also sell your goods at farmers markets, post images on Facebook, and hand out business cards for people who might want you to bake for them.

You can also save yourself the time of going to the store and get some of the basic ingredients below:


Baking Powder

Decór & Art: This is my favorite. Nearly everyone enjoys art in their living room or office. Art has a way of taking us to another place and capturing the imagination, and this can be shown in your own art pieces, pottery, or other DIY projects. And a good place to sell might be on Etsy or Society6.

Candles: You can also begin making candles of different colors, scents, and shapes. You can sell them on Etsy or Ebay and make some good money.

Sewing: You can produce a whole lot of items by just sewing from quilts to clothes. And again, Etsy is a great place to sell, and so is Shopify!

Designer cutlery and flatware: If you’re a good painter, then this is just for you. You can use your skills to paint china plates, cups, wooden kitchen utensils, and vases.

Making Soap: This has become quite popular over the last decade because customers have specific products that meet their health needs and desires. You can make soap in different colors, texture, and scents.

Jewelry: Homemade jewelry has become quite unique in the past decades and has been in high demand from, beaded bracelets to necklaces.

Writing Books: Well you may find this strange and might be asking yourself, ” Who would want to read my book when they can just go to the book store?” Well everyone loves to read, I mean, you took your time to read this article right? So find a need and fill it, practice your writing, and you’ll start making some sales on your stories.

Not all of us are crazy about our jobs and are looking for something new. And many of us might like our job but feel that it doesn’t pay enough.

But whatever your case is, there is always a way to make more money on the side and get ahead financially. There’s no need to stay in a job you don’t like or get behind on finances when you can make money from home.


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