12 Sewing Hacks Every Crafty Person Should Know (But Probably Don‘t)

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Sewing is an amazing hobby to have. First of all, it‘s very relaxing and works almost like therapy; second, it‘s rewarding as it‘s not only cheaper alternative but also very personal; and third, it‘s a great way to express yourself and your creativity.

If you want to improve your sewing game and make your DIY projects that much easier, you need to learn these tips and hacks. They will make sewing fast, efficient, and more fun, so you can become 

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Needle Threading Secret

Found from Real Simple

Threading a needle can be a pain! However, this simple trick using hairspray is borderline genius. If this product can make your locks harder, it can do the same for a thread! This way inserting it through the hole of the needle gets way easier.

Gather the Easy Way

Found from Rae Gun Ramblings

Traditional gathering techniques can be pretty annoying – threads snapping, uneven gathers, etc. This little trick will save you so much time and frustration.

How to Make the Waist Bigger on Jeans

Found from eHow

Whether you gained some weight or your booty got a little bigger from all the squats you’ve been doing at the gym, this hack comes to the rescue! It will help you easily adjust your jeans size, so you can still wear your favorite pair.

Save Money on Thread

Found from Andrea’s Notebook

Being practical is how we roll. Using a thread stand or a mug will allow you to use larger cones rather than the small spools.

Hem the Easy Way

Found from Martha Stewart

These hemming tips will get your project completed and looking perfect!

Learn to Use Elastic Thread

Found from Ruffles and Stuff

Shirring is sewing with elastic thread in the bobbin of your sewing machine to create a “smocked” appearance on your fabric. It adds a huge wow factor and has endless possibilities of use! All you need is fabric, thread to match your fabric, and elastic thread!

Keep Your Scissors Sharp

Found from Andrea’s Notebook

Dull scissors are truly frustrating and bad tools can keep you from enjoying sewing! Learn how to sharpen scissors and other sewing tools following these instructions.

How to make a sewing pattern larger or smaller

Found from Melly Sews

If you found a sewing pattern that you love but it doesn‘t fit your size, no problem! These pattern grading instructions have your back!

Use Muslin in Cutting Slippery Fabric

Found from Tessuti

If you’ve ever cut slippery fabrics, you know it can be a little tricky since there is little to no traction between your scissors and fabric. To solve this issue, place a layer of muslin under it. Pin the layers together to make cutting easier.

Press Buttons Using Hair Straightener

Found from Listotic

If iron is too big for small hems, shirt straps or in between buttons, use a hair straightener!

Use Binder Clips in Applying Your Binding

Found from the Sewing Loft Blog

If you need an extra hand when binding your quilt, these school supplies come in handy!

Keeping Your Needles and Pins in Order

Watch the video on Nifty’s Facebook

Isn’t it annoying (and unsafe!) when you misplace your needles and pins? To keep them in order, make a magnetic pin dish out of a pretty old plate from a thrift store.

Whether sewing is something you do once in a blue moon or daily, these smart hacks will help you save time, make the process easier and less frustrating, and simply make yourself enjoy the process.

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