7 Habits of Expert Sewers That You Need to Know

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Sewing is a very interesting form of art. It involves a great deal of coordination and understanding to get the perfect garment stitched.

So here are some expert tips that you should follow!

1. Choose an Appropriate Fabric for Your Garment

How your dress will look mostly depends on the kind of fabric you’ve chosen. The wrong fabric is capable of ruining your whole plan and making it harder to sew a very simple design.

2. Always Buy the Best Quality Materials and Tools

This should go without saying, but a good purchase goes a long way. They may cost you a little more, but if you make it your habit to always invest in quality, your garments will always last longer and look better.

3. Fit as You Go

When you wait till the end to see if a garment fits, you are making a huge mistake. You must try your garment through different stages of its making to make sure it’s a perfect fit.

4. Always Pre-Wash Fabrics

A lot of fabrics shrink and change a little after washing and it makes a big difference to the fitting and overall look of the garment. So it’s one of the most important things to get done before you start sewing.

Many things need a pre-wash and this includes the zipper, ribbon, decorative braid and trim, lace, and interfacing. Also, make sure to hand-washed and drip-dried.

5. Add Piping and Trims

The easiest way to bring out your design and make your garment more noticeable is to add some trendy piping and trims. Its absence may not be felt, but the presence of good piping can definitely make the difference.

Trims can be hand sewn or made on a machine. This easy and quick hack will give a very chic and trendy look to your outfit.

6. Read Directions Thoroughly

No matter how much expertise you might have in this department, reading instructions is always mandatory and may even help you avoid some mistakes you didn’t know you were making for awhile.

7. Add Underlining

The underlining is very important to almost all clothes because it adds more strength to the garment. The underlining fulfills its job backstage while your outfit gets to look beautiful and last longer.

Lastly, value your talent and sewing time and give yourself a space to work in.

Have a proper work station for yourself, just as your husband’s work desk has a place in the house you should have yours too!

This will bring you happiness and fulfillment and you will always enjoy sewing.

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  1. Hi, I think you mean seamstresses. ‘Sewers’ are for garbage. Your points are well taken, but I would change the entry. Thanks

  2. I would also like to add that sewing gives you a tremendous boost of ego and confidence. Never sew two seams together until you have ironed them. First iron closed then iron the seams open.


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