9 Expensive Looking Easy DIY Gifts

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So everytime I take a look at someone’s list of expensive looking inexpensive DIY gifts, I always have the same reaction: “I would never gift that… or that.. or that.” Now don’t get me wrong, the DIY projects look beautiful, but why would anyone want to get a cake stand or napkin holders? I don’t care if you made it out of driftwood you found on the beach in India, I probably won’t be using it that much.

So, I decided to make my own list of awesome expensive looking DIY gifts that are beyond easy. And whether it’s for Christmas or someone’s birthday, I hope you find one that work great for your friend or significant other.

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DIY Scented Candle (Free Printables Labels)


Found from Fall for DIY: See Source Below

Candles are awesome, they help you relax and make your home smell amazing. But what’s better than a handmade candle? There’s something so cool and authentic about creating it yourself.

House Shaped Coffee Mug Shelf


Found from A Beautiful Mess: See Source Below

For the coffee addicts.. I mean lovers in your friend group or family, this is a fun and easy DIY that’ll definitely impress. Seriously, how creative is this?

Make-It Wall Planters


Found from Design Love Fest: See Source Below

Now for the nature and plant lovers in your group, this is a super cute and fun DIY gift that’ll dress up their home in an adorable way. And whether you gift it with or without the succulents, I’m sure it’ll put a smile on their face.

5-Minute DIY Gold Dipped Coffee Mugs


Found from Poppytalk: See Source Below

This looks pretty awesome right? Well whether your friend drinks coffee or tea, they’ll probably feel kinda fancy as they sip from their gold dipped mug.

State Memo Board


Found from Brit + Co: See Source Below

Alright, so this is probably for the friend or significant other that you’ve done plenty with. How creative and awesome is this? Seriously, if someone made me this, I’d feel pretty darn touched and cared for.

DIY Wire Felt Necklace


Found from Monster Circus: See Source Below

If your friend is into hipster-like jewelry, then I’d definitely try my hand with this one. It looks pretty fancy right?

Gold Dipped Jewelry Trays


Found from A Fabulous Fete: See Source Below

For that awesome necklace you just made, now you can also make a gold dipped jewlery tray to go with it. Or if you just have a friend who has a ton of jewelry, then you can forget about the necklace I suppose.

Marbled Clay Ring Dish


Found from A Beautiful Mess: See Source Below

Now if your friend loves to wear things that sparkle, then this is also a great idea for an expensive looking gift. Seriously, this is so pretty isn’t it?

DIY Japanese Printed Bowls


Found from The Lovely Drawer: See Source Below

For the friend that loves Asian inspired things, this is a beautiful and super easy gift idea. Seriously, how charming and simple could it get?

Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s the holidays or someone’s birthday (or anniversary?), any of these gifts will be sure to put a smile on your close one’s face. Plus, homemade gifts that come from the heart are the best; they show your loved ones that you care and you’re really thinking of them.

Now if you have any ideas on expensive looking DIY gift ideas yourself, then let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to hear about them!


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DIY Japanese Printed Bowls: The Lovely Drawer

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