11 Brilliant Things in Ireland You Can Do for Free

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The Emerald Isle is like no other place in the world. Full of friendly people, tasty beverages and some of the most beautifully stunning scenery you could ever wish to see. This is a country rich in cultural heritage and can offer you pretty much whatever type of activity or adventure you desire.

Vacations can be an expensive luxury but don’t worry! Here are 11 brilliant things you can do in Ireland that will keep you busy and entertained on a budget

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The Natural History Museum of Ireland

If you’re in Dublin and want to look back through the ages then perhaps the National History Museum is the place for you. Known by some as the “Dead Zoo”, this particular museum is in fact more fascinating than sinister and a fantastic, family friendly way to spend a day without spending your money.

Dublin Street Art

If you’re staying in the fine city of Dublin for the moment and in the mood for a stroll (and if you know where to look) you are in for a treat. Like a lot of cities, Dublin is becoming increasingly well known for its street art. There are walking tours available but with a little bit of research, you can discover a whole range of stunning works for nothing.

Causeway Coast Walk

If there is one thing that can provide endless surprises and tons of fun, it’s a good walk in a new environment. Ireland is famed for its rugged coastline and this particular walk is something special. It’s quite a long one, weighing in at 33 miles, but is well worth the hike. Taking in the stunning crescendo of Giant’s Causeway, remember to pack your camera/phone!

Galway Street Performers

There is so much more to this bohemian city than an Ed Sheeran lyric. Known as “Ireland’s cultural heart” or Croí Cultúrtha na hÉireann, if you’re confident with the lingo. Galway is a bustling fun vibe kind of place. The street performers here are, to put it simply, awesome!

Lismore Castle

If you love beautiful castle grounds and ponds, then definitely explore Lismore Castle. You’ll experience gorgeous views of the castle over a pond, gardens, and other attractions and feel as though you walked back in time. It really is a great place to spend the day and relax.

PS. If you love castles in general, check out these 16 best castles around the world you should visit.

Go Monster Spotting in County Clare

If you happen to find yourself near the beautiful coastal town of Kilkee, in County Clare. you could do worse than to spend an hour or two trying to spot the Irish version of the Loch Ness Monster. The horse-shoe bay of this picturesque seaside resort was the location of a reported monster spotting and is a beautiful place to be even if you can’t find it. 😉

Visit the Titanic Pier in County Cobh

Everybody knows about the Titanic and its tragic story, but to stand on the pier where the last passengers boarded the liner is a truly poignant and evocative experience. Nicknamed the “Heartbreak Pier” by locals, this is more of a quiet reflective experience, but very moving and worthwhile.

Footprints Older than Dinosaurs

Ireland is a land of stunning beauty and has been formed over many years by all sorts of geology and forces of nature. In fact, should you be on the Kerry coast (Valentia Island) you may even find yourself walking in prehistoric footprints!

Dublin Double-Decker Bus

Let’s go back to Dublin…

So, perhaps you don’t feel like walking around this enchanting and diverse city, but still want to explore it and absorb its wonderful ambience. Then you should definitely hop on a bus and experience it from the second floor of a double-decker bus.

Or a Bike…

Dublin has a fantastic scheme that enables you to “rent” a bike, FREE of charge for up to thirty minutes at a time. This is a brilliant way of getting around town and if you download the app (also for free), you can keep track of your time to make sure you don’t go over. Well worth it for the tourist on a budget.


Saint Patrick

The cathedral of Downpatrick is said to be the place where Saint Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland is buried. The story of Saint Patrick is inherently important to the Irish and this imposing and ornate cathedral is as much about history as it is legend.

So, there you have it. If you find yourself on this beautiful gem of land and you feel that you need to give your wallet a little bit of a rest, then hopefully you’ll find some inspiration from these fun ideas.

Have a good time! Or as they say in Ireland;

Bain sult!

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