10 Tips for Visiting Europe on a Budget

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Many of us dream of a European vacation but the cost can make the opportunity seem impossible. Fortunately, there are tips to cutting costs when planning your getaway that can make the possibility into a reality.

So if you’ve been wanting to go to Paris or Dubrovnik for awhile, then check out these tips before your next trip.

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Consider a Hostel

While it may not be the most luxurious option, staying at a hostel in Europe can reduce living costs by hundreds of dollars, leaving more money for rich meals and cultural experiences.

Most hostels range in price from $15-45 depending on the destination city.

Try AirBnb

If a hostel is not the European experience you are hoping for, consider trying an AirBnb or similar property sharing websites. Often you can rent an apartment for less than the cost of a hotel and have the luxury of feeling right at home in the middle of a city. 

If you’re a bit uncomfortable or unsure about whether to use AirBnb or not, check out this post.

Travel Off-Season

The off-season for European vacations is usually October through April and will allow for cheaper airfare and room rates. This also means that many traditional tourist destinations like museums and restaurants will be less crowded as well.

Use a Rail Pass

If you are planning to travel extensively within a country or visit multiple countries in Europe, a rail pass can get you around riding the train. And depending on the type of pass you buy, you can use your rail pass for multiple days and between multiple countries without worry. 

Travel Off the Beaten Path

When many of us think of Europe we think of Paris, Rome, or London, however many destination cities in other countries (like Budapest and Bled) offer a unique European experience at a fraction of the cost. 

If you’re looking for some underrated European destinations, check out the 6 most underrated European countries here.

Research Cheap Airfare

One of the most expensive aspects of a European vacation is the airfare necessary to get to Europe. And various sites, like Skyscanner or Kayak, can offer you deals depending on where you are hoping to fly into, which countries you would like to fly between in Europe, and what dates you would like to travel. The earlier you can book in advance the more likely you are to get the best deal. 

Stay in a Smaller City

Smaller cities just outside your destination city can save you a lot between food and lodging. Then you can easily take a bus or train into your destination city to spend the day without breaking the bank on accommodations.

Avoid Taxis

Taxis can be expensive all throughout Europe and hailing a cab can cost you twice as much as calling one in advance. So take advantage of each city’s public transportation whenever possible.

Take a Sleeper Train

If you are traveling between countries, travel at night and take a sleeper train. This way you won’t be wasting valuable daytime stuck on a train, and a sleeper car will be much less expensive than a hotel for the evening.

Eat Fresh

Instead of extravagant restaurant meals, consider buying ingredients from local markets and grocery stores and cooking them yourself. Having a quick breakfast of fruit and yogurt combined with a picnic lunch in a park will save you money to splurge on local cuisine for dinner.

Traveling to Europe does not have to be extravagant and expensive for the knowledgeable and thrifty tourist, and these tips will help you have an amazing cultural experience without breaking the bank.

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