10 Things You Need to Pack in Your Carry-on

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One part of traveling many don’t particularly like is the packing stage. The excitement or planning for a trip can sometimes fade away once the packing has to start. But this post may make a few things easier by giving you an easy to follow of important things you need to bring on your vacation.

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1. Daily medication

People that are on medication need to remember to first fill the necessary prescriptions then set aside. A trip can be disastrous when you realize your tablets and vitamins are missing.

2. Important documents

Being away from home means there is a need to think about all the necessary documents you may need to pack. The trip may be for business or leisure purposes, but either one requires somethings in the case of any eventualities. Documents such as your passport, travel itinerary, and driver’s license are must-haves.

3. Toiletries

We all want to remain comfortable and refreshed on any trip, therefore it’s important to pack travel size kits that include toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, mouthwash, soap, for ladies a few tampons, cups or sanitary napkins in case of any emergencies. This listing will vary based on the length and purpose of your trip.

4. A change of clothes

You may never know what delays can be caused on a flight, as such ensure you have at least a change of underwear in your carry-on. For those that can make the space why not pack a full change of clothes.

5. Phone and charger

Next on the list, do not forget to pack your phone along with its charger. You don’t want to imagine the panic and chaos you’d have if there was an emergency and you have no way to communicate. So, make sure to have your device and that it’s fully charged and the charger is tucked away.

6. Valuables

If you need to travel with anything you may consider valuable, add those to your carry-on list. It would be unfortunate if things went missing from your check on luggage or worse, got damaged. Things such as jewelry, cameras, computers and tablets are good examples of valuables you need to keep close.

7. Snacks

Do not depend on food that may be offered on a flight; pack your own filling snacks as long as there are no liquids.

8. Money

Don’t depend on only credit or debit cards as a source of money. Keep some cash in that piece of carry-on luggage that will be able to cover your expenses for at least a day.

9. Notepad

For taking notes, scribbling down ideas or more importantly storing important information will require packing a notepad or journal.

10. Tablet or Computer

For reading purposes, work purposes or for general entertainment, include one of these devices along with your phone.

Especially since you don’t know how careful the airport employees will be with handling your electronics.

A carry-on may be small, but it is a very important part of every trip. So make your list, prioritize and double check before you embark on your journey. An important item missing can ruin an entire trip. Have fun packing!

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