What’s Your Favorite Place to Travel to in the US?


Silas & Grace

Ok, so I have a question for you all.

Where do you like to travel to in the US (or if you’re not from the US, where do you like to travel to in your own country 🙂)?

For me, it was Arizona (among other locations).

I never really thought I would like the state; it just looked like a dry dull place to visit. Gosh, was I wrong!

There were mountainous green spaces and desert land that was anything but boring. With the different colors and otherworldly landscaping and cliff dwellings, there was so much to see.

I also loved just driving and watching a random patch of clouds off in the distance letting out a downpour while lightning struck the ground.

Oh, and the Grand Canyon. It’s one of those wonders of the world where you see a TON of photos of it and go, “Yeah, I guess it’s cool. I might visit it someday.” And then when you actually go, you’re in awe. The view was more than I could describe and I’m so glad I made the trip.

It was like having an experience where you’re annoyed at all the people who can’t shut up about a specific movie or book and you wonder, “What’s the big deal about this story?” And then you go see it yourself and you COMPLETELY understand.

That’s Arizona. You should definitely go. 🙂

PS – A village that made me feel like I was in a movie, and how I learned to dress when living in Europe. Also, hot spring you might wanna check out south of the border

Chasing Foxes was started in 2016 as a way for Grace and her husband, Silas, to start traveling. However, they started to realize that they had a passion for improving themselves, and wanted to help others level up their lives as well. So whether it's with cooking, travel, or staying healthy, they want to help you better your life bit by bit, as they do the same.

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Silas & Grace

Chasing Foxes was started in 2016 as a way for Grace and her husband, Silas, to start traveling. However, they started to realize that they had a passion for improving themselves, and wanted to help others level up their lives as well. So whether it's with cooking, travel, or staying healthy, they want to help you better your life bit by bit, as they do the same.

19 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Place to Travel to in the US?”

  1. Throughout traveling many different places Hawaii is my absolute favorite! The Big Island is something you have to experience and is just an amazing place. (Especially Waipio Valley) Maui is the best of everyone’s world with a perfect blend of everything! Check out my blog posts on visiting those 2 islands! https://www.simpleandjoyful.com/

  2. We loved visiting the “Pickle Barrel Trading Post”, which we had us going through the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. There are Copper mines surrounding that area, so many artisans used copper to make their wares; they are beautiful! There are 5 sections to the trading post and it looks like they put 5 smaller buildings together. Outside they have flowers, cars, trucks (like larger toys), insects, etc.all made out of metal and painted in gorgeous colors. They had candy like Cactus Pear licorice; so many more flavors, handmade moccasins & clothing (beaded), wood signs, T-shirts, just chock full of amazing goods. We did a lot of Christmas shopping there!
    We explore Pinal Country (yummy Walnut Shrimp in the Chinese Restaurant), Gold Canyon, Mesa. When we travel that way again, we will still have many places, including Tucson.
    We traveled through to Yuma, with huge sand formations. It looked liked ants crawling up and down the dunes, but people were driving their dune buggies. RV’s were parked everywhere as they just pulled off the road (boon docking). We were invited to join them; alas, we do not own a dune buggy…maybe next time we are down there!
    We were driving through the mountains, all 58 feet of us with the trailer carrying our car, in our older model Fleet wood Bounder we named Skippy (it has a kangaroo hopping over the brand name). Our destination was San Diego in the 1st week of December to celebrate our son’s birthday and to explore their new home. Santee Lakes RV Park was where we parked the rig for the month and enjoyed celebrating Christmas (a 3 day event) and New Year’s Eve with our son and his gorgeous wife. We loved exploring the “World Market” buying the Christmas gifts from there. My husband & I separately went shopping with our son, then with his amazing wife (well, they are both amazing, but I am not biased or anything…) We did a lot of walking and sightseeing (The Zoo, Sea World, and around the village of Santee).
    Then we were off to Pismo Beach where we met up with hubby’s cousin and his gorgeous wife. Since they live in the bay area, we did not know his wife very well. We had a blast. Visited Hearst Castle after climbing up in a bus on a narrow road at least 1000 feet up. Spent the day going through the castle and grounds…wow! We also stopped on the way to the castle at the beach where the Elephant seals were resting. A baby seal had been born the day before. The size of the male…certainly elephant sized…with scars ringing his neck. He did show off for us or maybe he was trying to scare us away. We love Pismo beach. We were parked high up on the sand dunes in “Pacific Dunes RV Park” with all the big rigs. It was quite a walk in beautiful sand, barefoot to see the ocean and sunrise/sunsets were spectacular. The staff there were laid back, friendly and very helpful, which we really appreciated!
    We also loved San Antonio, visiting with friends. Their two boys are like nephews and the call us Auntie Sheila and Grampa Grant…we have other friends children that call us auntie and grampa, though we are not related. Being with a 3 and 5 year old kept us busy as we explore the San Antonio Zoo, Sea World, “Doseum”, the Dinosaur Museum, The Train Park and anywhere those two little monkeys took us!
    All in all, we had a blast. Met up with friends and family vacationing in Arizona. We also toured the Aviation museum with all the old war plane, a Constellation and two Air Force One’s (The Pima Air and Space Museum out side of Phoenix). We got a guided tour with retired pilots who could point out the plane they flew in the wars. Hubby is a War historian.
    We went around Los Angeles in rush hour traffic…twice. We have landed in LAX flying to and from Winnipeg to Melbourne, AU numerous times, but have not yet explored that city. Gotta say that we love California for the beaches (I am a water baby living on the prairies), not really a city girl but do love sightseeing anywhere.)

  3. I really enjoy going on a vacation but I dont like to fly so I drive wherever I go. I have a friend who has family in Terrence Bay in Nova Scotia, so the last few years we go there and stay with family. We drive for 1 day and then stop and stay at a hotel and the next day we arrive there. We get to visit his family and friends. It always such a good time and we enjoy doing that.

  4. I really liked exploring Los Angeles; it has a lot of cool neighborhoods and fun places to eat and shop. And a lot of cool date locations!

  5. I think mine would be going to Napa Valley and in the fall! There are so many beautiful colors and cute towns. I would recommend anyone to go!

  6. I really liked going to New York last Christmas. It was really cool going to the Dominique Ansel Bakery and seeing all the Christmas decorations and the snowfall. Pretty cold, but I would do it again!

  7. I loved my trip to Hawaii! I went with my parents when I was young and for the first time, I got to experience beaches with incredible shades of blue and sealife. I can’t wait to go again. 🙂


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