What's Your Favorite Place to Travel to in the US?

Written by Grace & Silas

Ok, so I have a question for you all.

Where do you like to travel to in the US (or if you’re not from the US, where do you like to travel to in your own country 🙂)?

For me, it was Arizona (among other locations).

I never really thought I would like the state; it just looked like a dry dull place to visit. Gosh, was I wrong!

There were mountainous green spaces and desert land that was anything but boring. With the different colors and otherworldly landscaping and cliff dwellings, there was so much to see.

I also loved just driving and watching a random patch of clouds off in the distance letting out a downpour while lightning struck the ground.

Oh, and the Grand Canyon. It’s one of those wonders of the world where you see a TON of photos of it and go, “Yeah, I guess it’s cool. I might visit it someday.” And then when you actually go, you’re in awe. The view was more than I could describe and I’m so glad I made the trip.

It was like having an experience where you’re annoyed at all the people who can’t shut up about a specific movie or book and you wonder, “What’s the big deal about this story?” And then you go see it yourself and you COMPLETELY understand.

That’s Arizona. You should definitely go. 🙂

PS – A village that made me feel like I was in a movie, and how I learned to dress when living in Europe. Also, hot spring you might wanna check out south of the border


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