9 Travel Destinations for People on a Budget

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While you can find plenty of resources on budget travel, knowing some of the best budget-friendly destinations can make a big difference. By simply discovering the cheapest places to visit, you can get the most out of your money, especially if you’re doing it smart.

And having said that, here are some places that are all practical and affordable to visit. They offer so much from endless site seeing, to cheap authentic cuisines, up to there amazing culture and traditions. So check them out and let me know what you think!

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Istanbul, Turkey

Whether you’re classifying Turkey as European or Asian, this grand city will totally impress you. It has a lot of history and stunning architecture that needs to be on your Instagram.

For more Istanbul facts, check out my post on 12 Seriously Fun Things You Can Do When Visiting Istanbul here!

Porto, Portugal

Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal. With its affordable local food, accommodations, and inexpensive museums and tours, it is a trending budget destination in Europe nowadays.

Krakow, Poland

Poland is a wonderful blend of beaches, lakes, forests, mountains, and interesting cities with lots of history. And the accommodation and activities are a great bargain. So definitely check out this city the next time you travel!

PS. Did you know that Poland also has the largest castle in the world? Might be worth going to check that out too!

Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re looking for a vacation that will give you true value for your money, South Africa is the best option. Whether you’re traveling with your family or by yourself, be sure to catch a glimpse of the wildlife. It’ll definitely make your trip rememberable.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain and also one of its most popular tourist destinations. You can get free public transportation and all sorts of discounts at museums, nightclubs, entertainment facilities, shops, and tourist restaurants using there Barcelona Card (which is also super cheap).

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a more vintage and retro version of Vienna, but it’s definitely cheaper to visit. You can find a lot of fascinating architecture, murals, great food, and awesome history.

Try checking out the Central Market for some epic food tours. They’re bursting with different flavors and are super budget-friendly.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a must-visit for foodies, travelers interested in history, and art enthusiasts. Surrounding the city are incredible Aztec ruins and volcanoes that are waiting for you to explore. And what you’ll love most about this city is that it offers great food at affordable prices.

Boracay Island, Philippines

The Boracay Islands in the Philippines have been a longtime favorite of travelers because of its white sand beaches, clear blue waters, and budget-friendly activities.

Snorkeling is a must-do activity for spotting marine life. Try parasailing as well if you’re adventurous and don’t miss out on the scenic sunsets.

Siem Reap Cambodia

Cambodia has long been an iconic Southeast Asian backpacking destination. And with the amazing temple complex of Angkor Wat and the stunning Tonle Sap Lake, it is a must-see destination.

Don’t worry about the accommodations, it’s extremely affordable along with the food.

Who says you can’t travel while on a budget when there are plenty of budget-friendly destinations you can visit.  And these ten destinations from the list above will definitely make your vacation memorable and exciting. So try one or more of them out the next time you travel, have fun, and let me know what you think!

Now, if there are some budget-friendly destinations you know, comment down below. I might just add them to the list!

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