Your Foodie Mexico Guide: 17 Places for THE BEST Food 👌 🌮


Grace Moser

A photo of people enjoying a foodie Mexican experience. There are many ingredients on a table for a traditional tostada dinner.

If you’re wanting a really good foodie Mexico experience, then it’s not going to be hard to get. This country has so many great spots for amazing food!

Now I’ve lived in Mexico for over a year of my life, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I never knew I could love a place so much.

The people are incredible, it’s beautiful, there are so many fun things to do, and the Mexican food is so good. 👌

And based off of my experiences, the advice I’ve been given by my friends in Mexico, and a bit of research, I decided to write a foodie Mexico guide.

I want you to be able to have the best experience possible when it comes to trying the best food in Mexico.

Their cuisine is so much more than what you get in other countries. The flavors are so much more rich and diverse. The ingredients are so much more fresh and delicious.

And if you’re wanting to try new things, and have incredible experiences, then this foodie guide is here to be your best friend. 😊

Oh, and one last thing before we get started, I also created an actually authentic Mexican food bucket list, all with amazing recipes, so you might want to check that out!

17 Best Places for a Great Foodie Experience in Mexico

An amazing foodie Mexico experience with large grilled fish, fried plantains, and other sides.

I’m all about helping you level up in nearly every part of your life.

And that’s just one of the reasons why I made this list of foodie Mexico ideas.

I believe that you deserve to have the best possible time trying new foods, and exploring new locations like a pro.

So, after talking to my friends in Mexico, experiencing the food myself, and a bit of research (to make sure I’m not missing anything), this guide should be exactly what you need.

So let’s get you trying all of that amazing food in Mexico!

1. Oaxaca

A beautiful old building in Oaxaca, a place in Mexico well known for it's foodie culture.
Photo by Ale Cisneros via Unsplash

I know a lot of other sites talk about this foodie location, but let me just tell you about my experience.

It honestly is the Mecca of Mexican food (in my opinion).

I remember when I was living in Santiago de Queretaro, I tried out a Oaxacan restaurant that a friend recommended.

It was called Zandunga, and while the place didn’t stand out from the street, the food was incredible.

We had gotten dishes like Oaxacan mole chilaquiles, and Oaxacan hot chocolate.

The food was so rich and good, I really was glad I had listened to my friend’s suggestion.

Cute mug holding Oaxacan hot chocolate which is a great foodie experience in Mexico.

Oh, and when we mentioned this restaurant experience to our friends, and told them that it was Oaxacan food, they simply leaned back and went, “Ah… Oaxacan food…” 😂

But beyond my experience, it really is a good place to dive into Mexican cuisine.

Here are some of the foods Oaxaca is best known for:

  • Moles: Rich flavorful sauces, some made with chocolate. Also, Oaxaca has been called “the land of the seven moles,” so just know that you’re gonna have a lot of fun trying out the different variations.
  • Chocolate: Whether it’s used in hot chocolate, mole, or candy, it’s something that should be on your list. 👌🍫
  • Oaxacan Cheese: Oaxacan cheese is famous in Mexico and for a good reason. It’s a creamy mild cheese that can be paired with so much, but I especially love it in quesadillas.
  • Tlayuda: My husband had this and really liked it. It’s a thin crispy fried tortilla, topped with ingredients like beans, cheese, veggies, and even mole.
  • Tamales: I tried their mole tamales and it was so good! Definitely recommend! 10/10!
  • Huitlacoche Tacos: Huitlacoche is a blue corn fungus and it tastes SO good. I would make tacos with it all the time. Oh also, I’ve been told that it was a Mexican delicacy, but when I asked my friends in Mexico about it, they were like, “What? Delicacy?! You can get that at the store for cheap.” 😂 So don’t let some fancy restaurant try to charge you big prices because they tell you it’s a delicacy.
  • Oaxacan Hot Chocolate: Rich, foaming, creamy, delicious, it’s worth trying. I love having it myself, and they do it so right! Also, they have a spicy hot chocolate, so you might want to try that as well!
  • Memelas: These are small slightly thick corn tortillas topped with beans, meats, cheese, and other ingredients.
  • Chapulines: Fried grasshoppers! I didn’t try them (because I’m weak), but our friend in Mexico, Louise, gave it to my husband. Apparently not bad, just tasted like the lime and spices that were put on top. 🤷‍♀️
  • Tasajo: A flattened and oxidized steak that’s cooked over coals. It can also be stewed or fried.
  • Oaxacan Enfrijoladas: Corn tortillas covered in a bean sauce and topped with cheese and other ingredients.
  • Tejate: A pre-Hispanic non-alcoholic drink made up of cacao and maize.

Alright, I’ve talked enough about Oaxaca.

And if you’re headed there, let me know what your experience was like; I’d love to hear all about it!

2. Puebla

A colorful market in Puebla, Mexico, one of the main foodie locations.
Photo by Roberto Carlos Rom谩n Don via Unsplash

I was talking to a friend in Mexico about what she thought was one of the best places for Mexican food.

And she answered Puebla, her home town.

It’s a beautiful location, with a centro hist贸rico (historic center) which is a UNESCO World Heritage site (Mexico has a lot of those and for a good reason!).

Also, from what I’ve seen, it’s a beautiful location, so I’m kind of kicking myself that I haven’t been there yet. 😅

Oh, and when it comes to the food, there’s a story that goes with it. The nuns from the Santa Rosa and Santa Monica convents, took new and old world ingredients, and made dishes that Puebla is now famous for.

Dishes like their mole which apparently has over 30 ingredients. I don’t think I’ve EVER made something that complex.

I mean, I have made mole with a friend in Mexico, and it was definitely a big process, but this recipe has us beat!

Here are foods Puebla is best known for:

A plate of the foodie Mexican dish, chicken mole.
  • Mole Poblano: I’ve had plenty of chocolatey deliciously rich Mexican moles before, so I don’t doubt I’ve had this one!
  • Chile en Nogada: Remember how I told you I was kicking myself for not having gone to Puebla? Yeah, this is one of the reasons why. It’s a poblano pepper, stuffed with picadillo (a yummy looking meat mixture), and topped with a creamy walnut-based sauce. I’ve had walnut sauces before and they are so good, but putting all of these ingredients together just sounds like an explosion of flavor!
  • Cemitas: Puebla’s own tortas (sandwich). Filled with cheese, meat (sometimes breaded fillets), avocado, and other tasty ingredients, it sounds like it’s worth trying!
  • Tacos 脕rabe: Translating out as Arabic tacos, it’s pita bread stuffed with cumin-spiced pork.
  • Chanclas: Another type of sandwich, but this one has been dipped in a delicious looking sauce, and and stuffed with ingredients like chorizo, avocado, and/or beef. Can’t wait to try this one!
  • Chalupas: Thicker corn tortillas fried and topped with sauce, shredded meat, and onion.
  • Camotes: A sweet made up of sweet potato, essence of either orange or lemon, and sugar.

Important Note: Puebla has a spot called, la calle de los dulces, which translates directly out as, “the street of sweets.”

So you know, if that sounds interesting to you (like how it does to me), then that might be a place to put on your list!

3. Santiago de Queretaro

An old street in Queretaro, one of the main foodie Mexico destinations.

My favorite place in Mexico!

This city has ballooned in size over the years because a lot of people from Mexico City moved there after experiencing earthquakes.

But also, there are people from places like France or Switzerland who will visit and decide to live here because they love it!

Also, it’s just super safe and beautiful.

I mean look at how gorgeous this city is! ♥️

An old street in Queretaro, Mexico, with flowers growing on the side of the building.

The old town center is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it is SO fun to explore. There really is so much do to in Queretaro. 馃檪

And on top of that, the food scene here is great, and it keeps on getting better every year!

Now with that said, here are the top foods to look out for in Queretaro:

A to-go plate with three street tacos, which is a great dish to get in Mexico.
  • Gorditas: Basically, they’re very thick corn tortillas, which can be made with yellow or blue corn, and topped with ingredients like refried beans, meat, and cheese. They’re super satisfying and delicious!
  • Gorditas de Migajas: This is a special gordita that has pork rind crumbs.
  • Bu帽uelos: I had this in my last trip to Mexico and I can’t believe I didn’t have it sooner! It’s essentially deep fried dough that’s made to be flat and comes out flaky and bubbly after being fried. Then you top it with a delicious sugary syrup. The ones we had on the street had syrup made with passion fruit and other ingredients. It’s incredible!
  • Pambazos Queretanos: Also had this one on the street! The bread of the sandwich is dipped in a tasty red sauce, grilled, and then stuffed with ingredients like meat, potatoes, and even cream cheese (or at least the one I had was). I so recommend it!
  • Tacos de Canasta: I has this SO many times in Queretaro. They’re corn tortillas which have a red sauce on them, stuffed with things like potatoes and chorizo, beef, eggs, or other ingredients, then put in a hot basket, making them a bit steamed. So tender and delicious!
  • Street Tacos: I know you can get street tacos around a lot of parts of Mexico, but I am very partial to Queretaro’s. You can see and smell them all around the city and the meat is always so delicious and tender. It was one of the funnest things to get!
  • Enchiladas Queretanas: A local tasty enchilada stuffed with chicken and covered in a red sauce. It’s can also be served with cheese, stewed potatoes, and other veggies.

I honestly can’t recommend this city enough, which seems obvious, so if you ever go, then let me know what you think!

4. Mexico City

An old building in Mexico City, one of the main foodie locations in Mexico.

I loved the food in Mexico City!

It’s so rich and diverse and definitely worth exploring!

My husband had taken me there a few times and we loved staying in the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico. It’s a historic hotel that’s incredibly beautiful, and even a James Bond movie was filmed there!

This isn’t a promotion, I just liked it. 😂 I mean look at how pretty it is!

Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico; a great place to stay if you want to explore the food in Mexico City.

Also, it’s right by the Z贸calo in their historic center. And if you’re going to be exploring Mexican cuisine, then the center is a good place to be!

So, if you’re headed through this big city, then here are the foods in Mexico City to put on your list:

Tacos al pastor, in Mexico City, one of the foodie destinations.
  • Pambazos: Just like the pambazos in Queretaro, these are soaked in a red sauce (guajillo sauce), fried and crisped on a grill, then stuffed with ingredients like potatoes, chorizo, refried beans, and more. You don’t want to miss it!
  • Tacos al Pastor: Marinated and thinly sliced tender pieces of pork put onto hot and freshly grilled corn tortillas. Top it with some lime and salsa and you’re all set!
  • Elotes: I love elotes! It’s corn on the cob, smothered in mayo, and then sprinkled with cotija and chili powder. You can also squeeze some lime on top as well. It honestly is a great combination of flavors!
  • Tortas de Tamales: A tasty looking sandwich stuffed with a tamale.
  • Barbacoa: A goat or lamb, marinated, then wrapped in agave or banana leaves and slow cooked in an earthen oven.
  • Tlacoyos: Thick corn tortillas, shaped almost like a boat, and stuffed with beans. You can also put different toppings on as well!
  • Cochinita Pibil: A Yucat谩n-style barbecued pork.
  • Chapulines: Fried grasshoppers.
  • Chicharrones: These are fried pork rinds, eaten like chips, and sometimes with hot sauce.
  • Huitlacoche Quesadillas: If you didn’t see me talking about huitlacoche above, it’s essentially a blue fungus that grows on corn and you can get it all a round Mexico. I love making tacos with them, they have this delicious deep flavor that is completely unique!
  • Cochinita Pibil: Marinated and barbecued pork which you can get with tacos.
  • Camote: A sweet street food of steamed sweet potatoes drizzled in condensed milk.
  • Pescado a la Talle: A creamy spicy grilled fish.
  • Mango snacks covered in chili.

There are so many great places to explore in Mexico City, so many beautiful neighborhoods, and so many wonderful restaurants; I can’t wait for you to see it all!

5. Mazatlan

One of the main streets for the foodie location, Mazatlan.

If you’re wanting good seafood, then Mazatlan is one of the best places to go!

Being a port city, and lined with beautiful beaches, Mazatlan is a great place to get fresh delicious fish dishes.

Also, one other thing that’s worth mentioning is the chorizo. Chorizo Sinaloense is a special type of chorizo made in the state of Sinaloa, which is where Mazatlan is.

So if you want some good chorizo to go with your breakfast, or on your tacos, then this city is a great place to visit!

And on top of the food, it has a very cute old town filled with fun eateries, pretty squares, and a covered market that’s fun to explore.

We stayed there for a couple of months back in 2016, and made some very good memories!

Pro Tip: Try the sushi restaurants there! Because they have fresh fish, they also have amazingly delicious sushi. 馃檪

Foods to Try in Mazatlan:

Tacos Gobernador, which is one of the foodie dishes you can get in Mazatlan, Mexico.
Photo by Jeremy Poland via Getty Images Signature
  • Ceviche de Sierra: Prepared with fresh mackerel, veggies, lime, chiles, and other ingredients, I honestly think would be a great refreshing meal to have during the heat of the day!
  • Chorizo Sinaloense: Savory and wonderfully seasoned, I loved having it with the breakfast dishes at Allegro Coffee and Bistro, in Mazatlan.
  • Chorreadas: A thicker corn tortillas topped with meat, cheese, and other savory ingredients! You can get these on the street for a quick tasty dinner.
  • Tacos Gobernador: If you’re craving fresh and hot shrimp tacos, then this is a great one to grab! It honestly looks so flavorful and good! Can’t wait to try it the next time I go back to Mazatlan.
  • Chilorio: Slow-cooked pork fried in chili sauce, it looks so flavorful and juicy. I don’t know how I missed this when I was there!
  • Papas Locas: Translating out as “crazy potato,” it’s a bag or a cup filled with potato chips, with a lot of tasty sauce and a TON of different ingredients. Like it looks so good, and it’s just a fun way to eat potato chips. 🤷‍♀️ Here’s a video of a woman papas locas; I had no idea so much went into it!
  • Fresh Fruit Stands: There are stands in different parts of Mazatlan that have tons of cups filled with freshly cut fruit. It’s a great way to refresh yourself in the heat!
  • Augachiles: Fresh shrimp topped with lemon, chiles, cucumber, and other delicious ingredients.

If you ever decide to go to Mazatlan, then you might want to visit during March. It’s supposed to be a very nice time of the year to go!

We went during the hot summer and wished we had done some research beforehand. 😂

6. San Miguel de Allende

A wall covered in vines and blue flowers in San Miguel de Allende, one of the best foodie locations in Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende is one of my favorite places to visit!

It’s a beautiful city with a gorgeous old center, and plenty of great food!

Also, it’s home to wonderful hot springs, which I highly recommend.

And whether you’re looking for traditional Mexican food, or different ethnic cuisines, you will get an incredible foodie experience!

Foods to Try in San Miguel de Allende

Baked breakfast with a poached egg on top, from a good foodie restaurant in San Miguel de Allende.
  • Enchiladas Mineras: Translated out as mining enchiladas, they’re corn tortillas filled with stewed potatoes and carrots, cheese, and onions. They’re then baked and served with grilled chicken and other tasty sides!
  • Cebadina: Refreshing beetroot water.
  • Colonche: A sweet fizzy drink made from the fruit of nopal (a type of cactus).
  • Pacholas: Famous local cold cuts.
  • Tumbagones: A sweet made with cinnamon, orange, and other tasty ingredients and then sprinkled in powdered sugar.
  • Celaya: A delicious caramel sauce made up of sweetened caramelised goat’s milk.
  • Rabo de Zorra: A hot beef broth soup made with chilis, fried eggs, and cheese.

7. Monterrey

Old beautiful colorful building in Monterrey, Mexico.

Photo by elijah.lovkoff via Canva

Located in the northeastern part of Mexico, Monterrey is a city that’s known for its amazing culinary traditions.

It’s basically a melting pot of flavors influenced by a diverse population, and the United States, which isn’t that far away.

Monterrey’s foodie scene is characterized by very hearty dishes, and super bold flavors.

One of the iconic local dishes is cabrito, which is a roasted young goat. This dish is marinated with spices, and slow-cooked until tender, which honestly sounds SO amazing!

Also, another try-worthy dish is machaca, a dried and shredded beef that’s normally served with scrambled eggs, or in tacos.

Oh, and being famous for its meat cuts, such as arrachera (skirt steak), and carne asada (grilled beef), they apparently grill them to perfection, and serve with different tasty salsas.

But all of these tasty sounding meat dishes make sense with Monterray’s history. I’m going to assume that because of its cattle ranching past, the city developed a strong tradition of these types of recipes.

And as a meat lover, I’m kind of totally excited to visit Monterrey now! 😂

Foods to Try in Monterrey:

A plate with Mexican Machaca, refried beans, cheese, and some tortilla chips.
Photo by carlosrojas20 via Getty Images
  1. Cabrito: Slow-roasted young goat, seasoned with a blend of spices.
  2. Machaca: Dried and shredded beef, commonly served with eggs or in tacos.
  3. Arrachera: Flavorful skirt steak, grilled and often served with salsa and tortillas.
  4. Carne Asada: Grilled beef, typically marinated and served with different salsas.
  5. Trompo Tacos: Tacos al pastor-style, which just means that it’s tasty marinated pork, cooked on a vertical spit.
  6. Cabrito Tacos: Tacos filled with tender roasted goat meat.

8. Valle de Guadalupe

A beautiful view from up high, over a nice town in Valle de Guadalupe, a foodie location.
 Photo by StreetFlash via Getty Images

Located in Baja California, the Valle de Guadalupe sounds like a great foodie Mexico experience.

This beautiful valley is known for its olive groves, and farm-to-table gastronomy, all of which sound amazing!

The Valle de Guadalupe’s soil, and Mediterranean climate, create great conditions for growing grapes, olives, and other fresh produce.

So if you like local ingredients, artisanal products, and cool culinary techniques, then this should probably be on your list. 👌

And when you do go to the Valle de Guadalupe, you’ll want to try their seafood dishes. You’ll be close to the ocean, which means fresh catches and tasty dishes.

Foods to Try in Valle de Guadalupe:

Fresh seafood and other foodie Mexican dishes.
Photo by Matthew Suarez via Getty Images
  1. Baja Med Cuisine: A cool fusion of Mexican, Mediterranean, and Asian flavors, often incorporating local ingredients like olive oil and fresh seafood.
  2. Ensenada-Style Fish Tacos: Fresh fish, typically battered and fried, served in warm tortillas with cabbage, salsa, and a nice squeeze of lime.
  3. Olive Oil: Valle de Guadalupe produces high-quality olive oil, perfect for drizzling over salads, bread, or grilled meats.
  4. Artisanal Cheeses: This region is known for its handcrafted cheeses, and that sounds so amazing!
  5. Fresh Produce: The local farmer’s markets are a great place to try out all of their fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown in the valley.
  6. Charred octopus and nopalitos topped risotto: I love risotto, and charred octopus with nopalitos (cactus) sounds really good! The combination of flavors sounds like so much fun!
  7. Marinated and slow-cooked short ribs: I love meat, so I’m not gonna complain if I get to try another regions version of short ribs!
  8. Quail: Depending on the season, you can get some tasty dishes with quail.

9. Puerto Vallarta

A beautiful view of the coastline of Puerto Vallarta; another one of the locations in Mexico for a good foodie experience.
Photo by ferrantraite via Getty Images Signature

Right on the Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta is a beachside destination, which has some great natural beauty, and apparently, a great culinary scene.

Being a coastal city, and having a rich cultural heritage, this is a great location for foodies wanting

  • Fresh seafood
  • Traditional Mexican flavors
  • And international ingredients

Puerto Vallarta also has quite a few ways to dine, so you’re covered if you want street food, or upscale restaurants.

And when you come, you’ll be looking at yummy Todos Santos, grilled fish, and shrimp prepared with a tasty combination of spices.

Oh, and if you like seafood tacos, then this is a good place to be!

Foods to Try in Puerto Vallarta:

A plate full of aguachile, a good looking foodie Mexico experience.
Photo by Rodrigo Lucentini via Getty Images
  1. Fresh Seafood: This one is a given, but it of course needs to be on the list! So if you want fish tacos, ceviche, or other yummy fish dishes, then Puerto Vallarta, is a great place to be!
  2. Zarandeado: Apparently, it’s this really cool 500-year-old method for grilling fish. You split it open from the head to the tail, and then it’s grilled over hot coals in an oven.
  3. Tacos al Pastor: Marinated pork cooked on a vertical spit, and then served on warm tortillas, with pineapple and salsa. 👌
  4. Birria Tacos: Slow-cooked meat, usually goat or beef, in a rich and flavorful broth, served in delicious tortillas.
  5. Pozole: A nice comforting soup made with hominy and meat (usually pork or chicken), and then garnished with shredded cabbage, radishes, and lime.
  6. Tamales: Different fillings, like meat, cheese, or veggies, wrapped in steamed corn dough.
  7. Chilaquiles: One of my favorites! Tortilla chips topped with a salsa, creama, queso fresco, eggs, and other toppings!
  8. Churros: Fried dough coated in cinnamon and sugar. They’re usually served with a side of warm chocolate sauce for dipping.
  9. Aguachile: A spicy and refreshing sounding dish made with raw shrimp, marinated in lime juice, chili peppers, and cilantro.
  10. Tortas Ahogadas: Yummy sounding sandwiches filled chiles and pork.
  11. Pescado Embarazado: If grilled fish on some skewers sounds good to you (like how it does for me), then definitely put this one on your list!

10. Merida

Street vendors at night, in the old part of Merida, Mexico.
Photo by S. Greg Panosian via Getty Images Signature

In the Yucatan Peninsula, Merida is a beautiful colonial city with some really cool Mayan heritage, and apparently, a great culinary tradition.

The city’s cuisine has a very cool fusion of indigenous Mayan flavors, European ingredients, and some Middle Eastern (Lebanese) flavors. So as you can tell, it’s pretty unique.

One iconic dish is cochinita pibil, a slow-roasted marinated pork dish. It’s traditionally cooked underground in banana leaves, and the results get you this tender, flavorful meat.

Another dish to try is papadzules; rolled tortillas filled with hard-boiled eggs, and covered in a pumpkin seed sauce.

Oh also, Merida seems to have a great street food scene. So when you’re walking through the food stalls, you’ll find vendors selling antojitos, which are small snacks, great for tasting different delicious flavors.

Foods to Try in Merida:

A thick sandwich stuffed with cochinita pibil, which looks like an amazing dish to get in Mexico.
Photo by Robert Patrick Briggs via Getty Images
  1. Cochinita Pibil: Slow-roasted marinated pork, that can be served with pickled onions and tortillas.
  2. Papadzules: Rolled tortillas filled with hard-boiled eggs, and topped with a pumpkin seed sauce.
  3. Salbutes: Fried tortillas topped with shredded turkey and veggies.
  4. Panuchos: Fried tortillas topped with black beans, shredded meat, and other tasty toppings.
  5. Salbutes Yucatan: Tostadas which are topped with some nice veggies and turkey.
  6. Sopa de Lima: A yummy sounding chicken and lime soup.
  7. Poc Chuc: Grilled citrus marinated pork.
  8. Marquesitas: Crispy rolled crepes that are filled with cheese and a chocolate spread.
  9. Relleno Negro: Turkey served in a black sauce made from chillies, and boiled eggs.
  10. Queso Relleno: Yummy meat stuffed with gouda cheese!
  11. Horchata: A cinnamon, rice, and almond drink that’s super refreshing!

11. San Cristobal

A high up view of the foodie Mexico location, San Cristobal, with pretty white, red, and green banners hung across the street.
Photo by THP Creative via Canva

In Chiapas, San Cristobal is a charming colonial town known for its indigenous cultures, fun markets, and tasty cuisine.

The region’s dishes are basically a reflection of its diverse indigenous communities, some Spanish influences, and unique local ingredients. And honestly, that all sounds really good!

Oh, and apparently, San Cristobal’s central market, Mercado de Santo Domingo, is a great place for foodies. 👌

Foods to Try in San Cristobal:

A street vendor making and selling Mexican molotes.
Photo by Rebecca Aldama via Getty Images
  1. Tamales Chiapanecos: A super unique tamale that apparently has a many different ingredients that a lot of people wouldn’t expect. So you might find olives, prunes, and plantain. But it also has common ingredients like chicken too.
  2. Pozole: A pork and hominy stew.
  3. Cochito Horneado: Slow-roasted pork marinated with achiote paste and tasty spices.
  4. Cazueleja: An egg, cheese, and cinnamon stuffed roll. That honeslty sounds so unique and tasty!
  5. Molotes: A corn-based pastry filled with different ingredients and fried.
  6. Tasajo: Salt-cured slices of beef, served in a sauce of garlic, chillies, pumpkin seeds, and other tasty ingredients.
  7. Chandana: A tripe stew local to the area. I like tripe, so open to trying this one!
  8. Queso de Bola: A ball-shaped cheese.
  9. Hot Chocolate: I love Mexican hot chocolate, so I’m always up for trying it in other regions and seeing the differences. Oh, and apparently, there’s comes with different styles like the Mayan style which has seven different chiles. I’ll be trying that!
  10. Birria: A red soup with goat.
  11. Pozol: A traditional corn-based beverage made from fermented corn dough, often served with cocoa and sugar.
  12. Sopa de Pan: A comforting chicken broth bread soup.
  13. Saffron Flavored Tamales: I think saffron has such a unique flavor, so I would definitely be down for trying this!
  14. Sweet Tamarind Drinks: Tamarind gives this wonderful tangy flavor that pairs well with a sugary drink. Definitely worth trying!
  15. Coffee: Apparently they grow coffee and it’s worth trying when you visit!

12. Baja California

A beautiful old white church in Baja California, Mexico.
Photo by Vipersniper via Getty Images

I know that I’ve already covered a region from Baja California, but I think it’s worth going over it in general.

I mean, if you’re going to visit Baja California, and visit all or many of the different areas, then I think it’s good to cover it as a foodie location, and understand what to look out for.

And being a beautiful region located on the Baja California Peninsula, here’s why it’s a great foodie Mexico destination:

  • You get beautiful coastline and tasty seafood
  • Mediterranean influences
  • Amazing fresh and artisanal foods like cheese
  • Amazing fun and experimental restaurants

Here’s a list of different dishes to try in Baja California and its cities:

Machaca de Mantarraya tacos, with shredded cabbage and onion on top. A truly good looking foodie dish in Mexico.
Photo by Robert Patrick Briggs via Getty Images
  1. Almejas Chocolatas Tatemadas (Chocolate Clams): Clams with dark brown shells, grilled or smoked to a tasty perfection. It sounds like you’re gonna get this nice smoky flavor, and you pair it with yummy salsas!
  2. Tacos de Pescado (Fish Tacos): The iconic crispy battered and fried fish topped on warm tortillas. Just add a bit of crisp cabbage, salsa, a squeeze of lime, and it’s perfect. 👌
  3. Machaca de Mantarraya (Stingray): Dried and shredded stingray meat simmered in spices and topped on tortillas. Honestly, that just sounds good.
  4. Comida de Pobres: A simple but delicious seafood soup with beans, rice, veggies and tortillas. I’d be down for trying this. 👍
  5. Jaibas Rellenas: Stuffed or roasted crab. I’ve never had stuffed crab before, and that sounds really good!
  6. Chilorio de Abulon o Calamar: Tender abalone or squid cooked in a ton of amazing spices.
  7. Beef Machaca Burritos: A burrito common in the north, filled with beef that’s been sun-dried, and cooked with some tasty savory ingredients. This is definitely on my list!
  8. Lion Claw Clam Ceviche: A clam that’s apparently much sought after because of it’s great texture and flavor.
  9. Dates Bread: Tasty and sweet bread made from locally grown dates; sounds like something nice to pair with coffee!
  10. Ramonetti Cheese: You can get some locally made cheeses in this region of Mexico, and from the sound of it, Ramonetti Cheese is a great one to try!

13. Hermosillo

An old white church in Hermosillo, another foodie Mexico location.
Photo by abalcazar via Getty Images Signature

The state of Sonora holds a special place in my heart when it comes to incredible memories, but also incredible food!

And in this state, the capital Hermosillo, apparently has an amazing foodie Mexico experience.

One of the highlights of exploring Hermosillo’s food scene is diving into the world of Sonoran cuisine.

The region’s signature dish, carne asada, should be on everyone’s list when visiting. You’re gonna get amazing cuts of marinated beef that are grilled and served with warm flour tortillas, amazing salsas, and fresh toppings.

Also, pair it with a glass of agua fresca, and you basically have the perfect meal.

But Hermosillo doesn’t stop at carne asada. The city also has some great seafood! Being close to the Gulf of California, the local ceviche looks very tasty!

Hermosillo should definitely be on your radar when visiting Mexico.

Foods to Try in Hermosillo:

Three Mexican Carne Asada Tacos with pickled onions.
Photo by Joshua Resnick via Canva
  • Burro Percher贸n: A thin but giant flour tortilla filled with juicy carne asada, avocado, cheese, and other tasty ingredients. It’s a Hermosillo specialty. 👌
  • Tacos al Carbon: Smoky, grilled, and charred meat, served in warm tortillas with fresh salsa and a squeeze of lime. You can’t go wrong!
  • Caldo de Queso: You get this rich and creamy cheese soup that’s packed with flavors of chilies, cheese, potatoes and more. This is definitely on my list to try!
  • Coyotas: These traditional Hermosillo cookies, filled with piloncillo (unrefined Mexican sugar) and wrapped in a tasty flour crust, sounds like the perfect thing to have after dinner!
  • Carne Asada Tacos: With this type of marinated meat being a specialty in this area, carne asada tacos sound like something you should not leave off your list!
  • Ceviche: A refreshing dish with marinated seafood like shrimp or fish, that’s paired with lime and other fresh ingredients.
  • Cahuamanta: A rich and flavorful soup that combines tender manta ray meat, different spices, and veggies. That honestly sounds so good!

14. Guadalajara

Pretty old street in Guadalajara, Mexico, with colorful buildings, and umbrellas hung over the walkway.
Photo by elijah.lovkoff via Canva

This city has a lot to offer when it comes to amazing dishes.

Let’s start with birria, an amazing local recipe.

It’s a slow-cooked stew, made with steamed goat or mutton, and I’ve heard that the taste is incredible!

Also, you can wrap it in warm tortillas, top with fresh cilantro, and squeeze some lime. It sounds like the perfect meal.

You can get it elsewhere in Mexico, but I think it’s a great idea to try it in the location it came from. I’m going to assume they do it best. 🤷‍♀️

Oh, and they’re known for their tortas ahogadas, or “drowned sandwiches.”

So basically, just picture amazing bread stuffed with juicy pork, and generously smothered in a yummy red salsa. Sounds amazing.

Foods to Try in Guadalajara

A foodie Mexican dish with a large tortas ahogadas, and a person squeezing lime over it.
Photo by Fabi谩n Monta帽o via Fabian Monta帽o
  • Birria: A slow-cooked Mexican stew of goat or mutton and amazing spices. Eat it as a stew or wrap it up in some nice tortillas!
  • Tortas Ahogadas: Messy yummy bread rolls, filled with tasty pork, and then drowned in a tangy delicious salsa.
  • Carne En Su Jugo: Yummy beef cooked in its own juices, and served with beans, bacon, and other fresh ingredients.
  • Gusanos: If you want something different on your trip, then try this dish made with deep-fried worms in a tortilla.
  • Pozole: A traditional Mexican soup of tender pork or chicken, hominy, and a rich broth. You can garnish it for more flavor and it comes in three styles: rojo (red), blanco, (white), and verde (green).
  • Lonche: A tasty Mexican sandwich packed with a variety of fillings. So with meat, cheese, and other good ingredients, you’ll have a nice meal on the go. 👌

15. Veracruz

The older area of Veracruz, Mexico, with pretty colorful old buildings, and palm trees.
Photo by MattGush via Getty Images

This coastal city has some great flavors that come these three influences:

  1. Spain
  2. Afro-Caribbean
  3. Indigenous communities.

The seafood in Veracruz probably needs to be the first thing on your list of foods to try.

With its close proximity to the ocean, the city has a lot of fresh catches, prepped in some amazing ways.

One dish that sounds really good is Huachinango a la Veracruzana, which has red snapper cooked in a tangy sauce made with tomatoes, olives, capers, and peppers.

But beyond the seafood, Veracruz is also known for its street food scene.

When you go by the different vendors, you might want to sample the delicious bocoles and gorditas.

These stuffed masa cakes filled with savory meat, and other tasty toppings, are probably going to have some incredible flavors!

Also, when trying the different foods in Veracruz, you might be able to experience son jarocho performances (local folk music). You’ll be sitting at at table, and some people will come up and start playing their music for you.

Basically, you can listen to some amazing local music, while enjoying their great food!

Foods to Try in Veracruz:

A big bowl of Mexican Arroz a la Tumbada on a table with other dishes.
Photo by Robert Patrick Briggs via Getty Images
  • Bocoles: Stuffed hot masa cakes, filled with savory meats, beans, and fresh toppings. Sounds so satisfying!
  • Gorditas: One of my favorites! Thick and fluffy pockets of masa, generously filled with delicious ingredients like tender meats, beans, salsas, and other good ingredients. They can also be like a thick tortillas with toppings.
  • Huachinango a la Veracruzana: Red snapper cooked in a soup and savory sauce of tomatoes, olives, capers, and peppers.
  • Zacahuil: A huge tamale made for sharing during meals like breakfast or even special occasions. It’s filled with meat and other tasty ingredients, then wrapped in banana leaves and cooked.
  • Tesmole: A tasty stew made up of masa dumplings (sounds so good!) meat, and veggies.
  • Ostiones a la Diabla: Translating out as “Devil’s Oysters,” since it’s made with plenty of tasty but spicy ingredients. Also, it’s served with bacon and cheese which sounds great.
  • Arroz a la Tumbada: A delicious spicy red soup made up of shrimp and crab, tomatoes, garlic, and other tasty ingredients. Also, it’s served with rice, so this sounds like a very hearty dinner!

16. Hidalgo

A large indoor market in Hidalgo, Mexico, a foodie location.
Photo by Kaori Adachi via Getty Images

Located in the central highlands, it honestly sounds like it’s gonna be a great place for people who want to try out new, and tasty dishes in Mexico.

And one of the highlights of Hidalgo’s cuisine are pastes.

These savory tasty pastries came from Cornish miners, who had come over to work in the mines of the area.

They have a nice flaky crust, and fillings such as different meats and potatoes.

Also, Hidalgo has a great street food scene, and their tianguis (traditional markets) sound like they’d be a great place to go!

Foods to Try in Hidalgo:

A black plate of the Mexican foodie dish, Tlacoyos.
Photo by Marcos Elihu Castillo Ramirez via Getty Images
  • Pastes: A nice blend of Mexican and British cuisine, these flaky pastries have some wonderful fillings like flavorful potatoes or meat. Sounds great for when you want to eat and explore at the same time.
  • Tlacoyos: A hearty sounding oval-shaped masa cake that’s filled with different things like, beans, cheese, mushrooms, chicharr贸n (pork crackling), and other yummy ingredients.
  • Barbacoa: Lamb or goat that’s been marinated and then slow-cooked in an underground pit. Great for tacos!
  • Mixiotes: Different meats like rabbit, beef, or chicken marinated and wrapped in a film called “mixiotes” that’s been taken from the maguey pulqero crop. Then it’s steamed and can be served on red rice.
  • Rabbit Mole: One of the more famous moles in this region, you’ll find it being served with pine nuts and walnuts.
  • Ximb贸: This barbecue is made with a mixture of different meats like pork skin and chicken, and wrapped in maguey leaves.
  • Guajolotes: A tasty sounding sandwich stuffed with ingredients like enchiladas and refried beans.

17. Todos Santos

Papel Picado Street in the foodie Mexico destination, Todos Santos.
Photo by Kat Stokes via Studio Mexico

It’s not a large city, but a small town that has my curiosity!

Also, it’s been recommended as a place with a great food scene as well. 👍

Located right on the ocean, you’re of course going to get plenty of fresh seafood, and be able to enjoy the views on the beach.

From the sounds of it, it has some great diversity of traditional Mexican dishes, plus international cuisine. So if you’re craving Italian or French, then they apparently have some great restaurants!

But if you want to keep it local, then their chile relleno, and seafood tacos, are probably going to be a great go-to.

It also looks like it has a lot of cute and fun boutiquey restaurants, shops, and hotels. So if you like this type of vibe, then this might be a great vacation spot!

Now as for a list of foods, I don’t feel super comfortable giving one. The reason being that since it’s a smaller location, Todos Santos doesn’t seem to have special dishes that are specific to its location.

So I don’t want to just give an inaccurate list.

And since I haven’t personally been yet, I can’t recommend any specific restaurants. But I do want to put it on your radar, since it’s been recommended as a good foodie Mexico location by the ocean.

Other Foodie Mexican Dishes as Recommended by a Local

Two Mexican tostadas, an amazing foodie experience.

We also have a friend in Mexico who gave us a fun list of things to try, so if you’re up for it, then you might want to check these out on your trip!

  • Gorditas with huitlacoche.
  • Jericaya: It’s like a toasted flan.
  • Fruit tamales.
  • Venison in Sonora.
  • Caldo de camaron.
  • Escamol: Ant eggs that taste like butter.
  • Tuetano, or bone marrow.
  • Chinicuiles: Worms cooked to be crunchy and put on tacos.
  • Tongue tacos: According to him, the best ones are in Mexico City at the restaurant, El Borrego Viudo.
  • Menonita: A Mexican cheese.
  • Barbacoa de hoyo: Pit roasted sheep or goat.
  • Garambullo: A sweet fruit local to Queretaro.

Foodie Mexico FAQ’s

A plate of Mexican cheeses, different meats, and other sides.

Now to finish things off, I wanted to answer three of the most frequently asked questions about food in Mexico.

And if I don’t answer your question down below, let me know, I’d be happy to help you out!

What state in Mexico has the best food?

I and so many others say it, Oaxaca.
So many rich and deep flavors, it really is a great place to explore when it comes to the the foodie scene.

Which state in Mexico has the best seafood?

Some say Nayarit and some say Sinaloa.
But to be honest, it’s going to be up to you and your palate.
However, if you are from Mexico, or you’ve lived in Mexico, then what do you think is the best state for seafood?

What is the #1 most popular food in Mexico?

This one is a bit difficult since Mexico is a big country and foods vary from region to region.
But if I had to guess, I would say tacos.
There are so many different versions of it from all the different states. So many varieties with different and delicious ingredients.
But if I got it wrong, then let me know! I’m up for correcting my answer. 😊

I hope you enjoyed reading this foodie Mexico guide and I’m hoping it helped you plan your trip.

Mexico is an amazing country, so if you’re going at some point in the future, then enjoy your time there! You’re going to love it! ♥️

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